Once Upon a Time Review: Chilling Consequences

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In this two-hour season finale event, Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 22 sent Emma on a journey that changed the past, present and future.

And the consequences were chilling.

Her Baby Brother

We'll start with the Charmings, who decide to hold their baby's coronation ceremony as a pot luck at Granny's Diner. I think the announcement of their son's name made everyone smile.

As we were reminded several times in this story, Neal died a hero and the little prince will carry on his name. Although I'll admit, Prince Baelfire would have been cooler.

I'll also admit that reliving so much of Snow and Charming's past bored me in places, but the action kept a good enough pace that it usually wasn't for long. 

The drama and fun came from seeing it all unfold through Hook and Emma's eyes. I love it when Emma makes pop culture references that Hook never gets, such as Marty McFly and Princess Leia. But it is there banter that I'll never get enough of as in this Once Upon a Time quote

Hook: What the hell are you doing? You're depriving me of a dashing rescue.
Emma: Sorry. The only one who saves me is me.

Watching Snow get burned at the stake was quite an emotional moment, but finally Emma came to the same conclusion I had: Why hadn't she disappeared the moment Snow died? What did Emma still exist? Simple, because Snow was still alive. 

When trolls get turned into bugs, they are cockroaches but when Snow becomes an insect, it's a cute little ladybug. 

The moment Emma helped the woman in the cell next to her escape, I knew it would lead to disaster - then again, how do you look that woman in the eye and say, So sorry. Good luck to you? It's simply not in Emma Swan's nature. 

For a moment, I wondered if Rumpelstiltskin was going to hold Emma back and next season would be about getting her back to Storybrooke. I'm glad it didn't play out that way and Rumpel's reaction after taking the memory potion was delightfully comical.

Back in Storybrooke, there were quite a few happy endings.  Hook finally got the girl when Emma realized all that he'd gone through to save her and her family.  I loved the smiles on both their faces during their make out session at the table.

Rumpel and Belle tied the knot and although it was a sweet and touching ceremony that reminded us of all they'd been through, there is still the dark scepter of that dagger looming over them. Will Rumpel be able to keep Belle when she finds out that he not only deceived her but also murdered Zelena? The one thing she specifically asked him not to do?

The moment I saw Robin, Roland and Regina looking every bit the picture of a happy family, I knew exactly who Emma had brought back to town. And it broke my heart almost as much as it did Regina's. 

You're just like your mother. Never thinking of consequences.


Regina's got every right to be furious. First, Snow unwittingly destroys her first true love and now Emma has managed to bring back Robin's wife and the mother of his son from the dead. How can Regina possibly compete against that?

I really hate it because I was looking forward to watching Regina and Robin's relationship develop almost as much as with Hook and Emma.

So much for destiny.

When Regina sneered that she hoped Emma hadn't brought anything else back through that portal, I knew we weren't done yet and what came next truly shocked me. As many possibilities as had run though my head, this one never made the list.

But that looked an awful lot like Queen Elsa from Frozen. 

They got me. I never saw that one coming and as a big fan of the movie I'm even more excited for Once Upon a Time Season 4.

OK, TV Fanatics, who was your favorite couple of Once Upon a Time season 3?


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People seem to forget that all of the Disney movies are based on fairytales that are hundreds of years old. There are Cinderella tales in almost every culture for example. Frozen is based on The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson (hence why three of the characters are named Hans, Kristoff, and Anna). But like others have said, it's a smart move on their part to bring in Elsa and the gang from Frozen. I'm actually pretty excited to see a real life version of Anna; she's so spunky and different from all of the other characters on the show. However, I wish they had done The Princess and The Frog/Tiana, The Princess and the Pea, or even The 12 Dancing Princesses before Frozen. The advertisements for the episode were a little misleading with their "You'll never guess where we go next." You went back in time and I agree, it was a little boring. It was cute seeing Emma as a princess but that was about it. I was kind of hoping they'd go to another world like Agrabah since they touched on that (but not Aladdin or Jasmine) in Wonderland or maybe even Narnia since they went to Oz. For a second I thought it was the White Witch forming from the blue goo stuff.

@ Serenity

I like the analogy with the names for the Frozen characters... Nice !


First I thought that the woman on the end was the IceQueen(and evel person from an old story that is pretty known here in north Europe and it's also popular). Ofcourse I soon realized it couln't be her since she's not disney so it got me thinking and there's no other persen than Elsa in disney world that looks like that and can do what she did. IceQueen is like that and she would make a great enemy but like I said she is not Disney so it can't be - 2 bad really. Love the movie Frozen - Elsa and Olaf were my favorits - so it might be great to have her in. I'm looking 4ward 2 see whats gonna happen with Elsa and regina/robin.

@ fenix

Elsa is the Ice Queen by Andersen. Actually Frozen story is an adaptation for children. <3


Okay, so since I'm part of the 0.7% of those who voted in the other category, I'll actually put my favorite coupe of season 3, Emma, and Neal. I loved how it was Neal who forced Rumple to send Emma the memory potion, how he died trying to get back to her and Henry, how he died a hero for his family, and the flash backs in the finale - how he taught Emma how to pick a lock which, in the end, saved her from Regina's dungeon. I hate that he died this season, or at all actually. I feel so bad for Henry who couldn't even remember his father when Neal died.


I was in downright AWE of this finale. They wrapped up and circled back to SO many things, I couldn't believe it. Literally every word uttered at some point had consequences later (it's all about the tumblers). My heart soared when they named the baby Neal. I shouted FINALLY at the Captain Swan kiss
I shouted NOOOO! at Marian (my husband figured that one out, right before the reveal, he paused it and said "it's Robon Hood's wife" - I was surprised by it). DAMMIT why can't Regina catch a break! I understand her blaming Emma, and I REALLY wish Emma showed more remorse - could have short circuited Regina's anger. Instead of "not my fault, sorry!", a little empathy for what Regina would be facing. I hope that somehow Robin Hood still chooses Regina after some time, but for her it's the next day - for him it's how many years now, 30+ (Emma was 28 at season 1)? That alone should make it weird now. I too thought I'd be a little bored at the rehash of Snow and Charming, but I like how they did it - some subtle changes made it fun to watch for what was different but still had the same end result. I'm not a fan of Elsa as the next baddie. I too didn't consider her a villain in Frozen (just saw it this weekend) so it actually was a disappointment to me. MAYBE it's someone else, but I doubt it. They made it pretty identical to the movie (the footsteps, etc.). *sigh* But, the writers don't usually disappoint, so hopefully they put a good twist on it.

@ TiffanyO

She's not evil they aren't going to make her evil


Oh my god! Oh my god! I can't stop saying that. Just oh my god! That was such an amazing episode like one of the best I've seen in a long time. They did a whole seasons worth of flashbacks in 2 hours and a little more. I knew that Emma and Hook got sent back in time but I didn't think it would happen that fast for some reason. Them being sucked back in time and trying so hard not to change anything but ending up changing pretty much everything and having to fix it was great. I loved Emma making out past Hook and then present Hook knocking him out and saying he deserved it. One of my favorite moments was when Rumple drank the potion and afterwards didn't remember a thing that happened and he picked up his dagger and said "What the hell am I doing in here?" I just thought that was so funny. When Hook told Emma that he gave up his ship for her I thought it was so romantic. I wanted her to kiss him so bad and she did and it was just amazing. I've been waiting for that moment since last season. I had no idea who the girl they brought back was and I knew she would be significant I just didn't expect her to be Robins wife I thought she might end up being the new big bad but her being Robins wife is very cool and going to create a lot of drama with Regina. My favorite part was the ending. When I saw the water forming someone I was wondering who it was then when we saw the ice, her hand, and her outfit I knew instantly it was Elsa. I started freaking out because it's freaking Elsa! I absolutely love Frozen and I never expected her to show up on the show because the movie is just so new. I am freaking out because I am so happy that she's going to be part of the show. I can not express how happy I am about her being on the show. I am so excited for season 4 probably 100 times more than I would have been before. The one thing I'm wondering is if she'll be a good guy or a bad guy because the show hasn't been known to follow the actual story like we saw with Peter Pan but I hope she's good because in the movie she's good everyone just thinks she's evil because she's very powerful and doesn't know how to control it but then they all find out she's good. We know have Elsa now we just need Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf but manly Olaf. I'm not sure if we'll see any of them or not but it would be really cool if we did. If we do see them I would especially want to see Olaf because he was my favorite in the movie. I can't wait till season 4. I can't wait to see how they do Elsa's character and what happens with her. Oh my god! I still can't stop saying that. Oh my theory as to why she was in the bottle is because she was in Rumples vault and he said earlier he only kept the most powerful and uncontrollable magic there and that pretty much sums up Elsa she's powerful and can't control her powers so that's why I think she was in that bottle.

@ marissa

Good point about Peter Pan, but Elsa is such a new character that if they did put it on its head like they did with Pan, I feel fans would find that uncomfortable/awkward. We JUST met her and have a fondness for her. Pan we have always known but it's not a "fresh" attachment. I dunno. Weird!


loved the Finale and loved when Hook got jealous of Hook !!!

@ jo

i did too that part was so funny

Drea xoxo

SIGHHHHHHHHHH What is with this season 3 curse with new american programmes!!! everytime loosing the plot!!! why couldn't regina have her ending!!? why hype us up then


I really loved parts of this season finale. Hook and Emma make out session, YES! Finally knowing the name of the new prince and the name itself, YES. Robin and Marian being reunited, NO!!!. It needs to be Robin and Regina. I also loved Elsa at the end. I hoping season 4 brings the death of Marian, even though that will make Robin go through it all again, so that Regina can finally and truly fall in love for good.


Captain Swan yeah baby!!!


Loved this finale! One of the best finale's I have ever seen! Hook has seriously became my favorite character! Not only because he is hot but I love how his faith in Emma and his support has been never ending! All throughout the episode we were shown how wonderful of a person he has become. Just the little lines he had in some parts were so powerful like when they were watching her parents and he said it's ok not everyone gets to see this. He is just a rock and I wish i had someone like that in my life lol. I am so happy she finally admitted her feelings for him. I just wish she would have groveled a little bit more or said how she felt out loud. I loved how emma reacted to seeing everyone back in the EF too especially Rumple and how the humor was kept up just as much as the action. Just all in all an excellent job for an excellent show and I will be sad all summer. BTW I love Regina and the person she has become but very few people would have left marian in the cell. Come on, it's not like she knew who she was and like someone said before, you can't be like have fun tomorrow best of luck? LOL :)

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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

Hook: What the hell are you doing? You're depriving me of a dashing rescue.
Emma: Sorry. The only one who saves me is me.

It's how you know you really got a home. When you leave it there's this feeling you can't shake. You just miss it.