Once Upon a Time Review: Chilling Consequences

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In this two-hour season finale event, Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 22 sent Emma on a journey that changed the past, present and future.

And the consequences were chilling.

Her Baby Brother

We'll start with the Charmings, who decide to hold their baby's coronation ceremony as a pot luck at Granny's Diner. I think the announcement of their son's name made everyone smile.

As we were reminded several times in this story, Neal died a hero and the little prince will carry on his name. Although I'll admit, Prince Baelfire would have been cooler.

I'll also admit that reliving so much of Snow and Charming's past bored me in places, but the action kept a good enough pace that it usually wasn't for long. 

The drama and fun came from seeing it all unfold through Hook and Emma's eyes. I love it when Emma makes pop culture references that Hook never gets, such as Marty McFly and Princess Leia. But it is there banter that I'll never get enough of as in this Once Upon a Time quote

Hook: What the hell are you doing? You're depriving me of a dashing rescue.
Emma: Sorry. The only one who saves me is me.

Watching Snow get burned at the stake was quite an emotional moment, but finally Emma came to the same conclusion I had: Why hadn't she disappeared the moment Snow died? What did Emma still exist? Simple, because Snow was still alive. 

When trolls get turned into bugs, they are cockroaches but when Snow becomes an insect, it's a cute little ladybug. 

The moment Emma helped the woman in the cell next to her escape, I knew it would lead to disaster - then again, how do you look that woman in the eye and say, So sorry. Good luck to you? It's simply not in Emma Swan's nature. 

For a moment, I wondered if Rumpelstiltskin was going to hold Emma back and next season would be about getting her back to Storybrooke. I'm glad it didn't play out that way and Rumpel's reaction after taking the memory potion was delightfully comical.

Back in Storybrooke, there were quite a few happy endings.  Hook finally got the girl when Emma realized all that he'd gone through to save her and her family.  I loved the smiles on both their faces during their make out session at the table.

Rumpel and Belle tied the knot and although it was a sweet and touching ceremony that reminded us of all they'd been through, there is still the dark scepter of that dagger looming over them. Will Rumpel be able to keep Belle when she finds out that he not only deceived her but also murdered Zelena? The one thing she specifically asked him not to do?

The moment I saw Robin, Roland and Regina looking every bit the picture of a happy family, I knew exactly who Emma had brought back to town. And it broke my heart almost as much as it did Regina's. 

You're just like your mother. Never thinking of consequences.


Regina's got every right to be furious. First, Snow unwittingly destroys her first true love and now Emma has managed to bring back Robin's wife and the mother of his son from the dead. How can Regina possibly compete against that?

I really hate it because I was looking forward to watching Regina and Robin's relationship develop almost as much as with Hook and Emma.

So much for destiny.

When Regina sneered that she hoped Emma hadn't brought anything else back through that portal, I knew we weren't done yet and what came next truly shocked me. As many possibilities as had run though my head, this one never made the list.

But that looked an awful lot like Queen Elsa from Frozen. 

They got me. I never saw that one coming and as a big fan of the movie I'm even more excited for Once Upon a Time Season 4.

OK, TV Fanatics, who was your favorite couple of Once Upon a Time season 3?


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i am glad frozen is comming to story brook.
please let marion being here is only short trem. regina has the right to be happy!!!!!!!!!!!! she almost had it all her son was back he knows who she is, she and emma could work some thing out
so want her and robin and the boys be an family


BEST FINALE EVER! I really enjoy the banters between emma and hook! The chemistry between those two is really undeniable!


Not sure how I feel about Elsa. I don't think of her as a villain. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Hate the ending for Regina.


I must be the only person in the World that has not seen the movie Frozen or even knows the premise of it. So this Elsa was a true mystery to me and for me not someone or something I think of when one utters the words Once Upon a Time. Knew that Emma bringing chickie back as not going to end well and not happy that once again Regina is thwarted or left out just when she thinks there is a chance that doing good and trying brings her naught. Best part for me though was the Rumple interaction he is just the most fun character while at times devious and I love him. The Evil Queens ensembles are a close second though.
Finally hope the next season holds me as they almost lost me with the endless it seemed Lost Boy stuff and what came next but time will tell .


Okay so I have a thought.... did we ever actually see Robin's face in that tavern when Regina didn't go in? Because her "destiny" is all about that tattoo. What if he isn't the only one with it? Regina/Robin shippers don't throw stuff... ;-) I'm a fan of them too. I'm just seriously wondering, did we actually see him in that tavern or was it just the tattoo? I can't remember. LOVED Captain Swan moments through the whole damn episode. I know Emma screwed up but I can't hold that against Captain Swan, just Swan. I knew the second they brought her back that it would be a huge issue but this development does suck. I was really liking the new softer side of Regina. And seriously? How can anyone think the blue dress woman at the end is anyone other than Elsa? They had the dress, hair, and her magic shooting out of her hand...which was ice. Seriously. It's Elsa from Frozen.

@ tvdfan

We did see his face in the tavern :-)


I'm not sure the woman at the end is Elsa. She looked kind of like the fairy from Pinocchio. Just my opinion.

@ islandgirl

the fairy from Pinocchio has been a major character on the show since season 1 !! have you been looking at the show, shes mother superior, and yes its Elsa

@ islandgirl

You should look up OUAT official twitter they. Posted a picture titled with Frozen is coming.

@ islandgirl

Can't agree at all with you. Have you seen Frozen? I mean the chick even shot ice out of her hand. It's Elsa.

Steve james

Its a shame Natalie Dormer is on game of thrones (who am i kidding she is great in it) as she would be perfect playing elsa

@ Steve James

YYYEEESSSSS!!!! I see it! I Totally see it!! She would be perfection


OH BOY !!!! Marian is back and Regina is screwed... Well in the EF she killed her, her true love's wife and mother of his son. Yeah, that relationship is over. It sucks x1000000 !!! I was so excited to see them together s she finally told him who he was to her... EMMA !!!!!! Like mother like daughter for sure ! The hate relationship between Emma and Regina is back ! She'll never forgive her for that. Sure Emma didn't know but come on ! Hook warned her many times. Fair enough she could not have let Marian died, but bringing her to the future ! So stupid.
Now, so many things cracked me up in that episode. Leroy's baby flying-monkey for Aurora, which a few of us thought of, Hook and Emma in the EF, PRICELESS, the jokes, the teasing, beautiful. And Rumple when he took the potion. Loved it all.
Favorite couple of the season would definitely be Regina and Hood. Favorite couple of the finale, Hook and Emma !!! Finally !
Loved to see Snow and Charming in the EF again. It was nice for Emma to see her parents fall in love. Now, the naming of the baby, very nice touch, though I agree, Prince Baelfire would have been even better.
Rumple and belle's wedding was sweet BUT the darkness is still there. He hasn't changed... When Belle realizes that, what will she do ?
I'm sorry, who's coming to Storybrooke ? ELSA !!!!!!!!! I swear someone said it in the comments before, that they wanted Elsa . Sure the writers provided ! Exciting times !!!!


im really happy with all captain swan but does this show/producers hate regina or something because she cant seem to catch a break or happiness for long ...to the point its getting quite sad to watch

@ sam

Honestly Regina is having it good. Yes she is a changed person but she slaughtered so many people just out of spite. I Love her character and her evolution from the Evil Queen but life isn't just walking on the beach. I see this as Regina's Ulitimate temptation on her road to become a hero.

@ sam

Usually not, they seem to love Regina (Lana) the most, but I knew when her relationship with Robin was on the fast track that something was going to happen.

@ sam

It is . And I could not feel 100% happy for Captain Swan as I was really hating Emma for what she did...


1)finally capitan swan, so happy !!!l i like this time travel story it was fun and sweet seen emma missing their parents and storybrook 2) OMG to marion, but if you think about it ,emma kind of saves regina from murdering (without knowing) the wife of his love which it would ruin this romance 3) when i saw the blue thing coming out i thought it was gonna be the genie fom aladin, but it seems to be pretty obvios that its elsa from frozen i dont know if i like this because at least for me its seems to soon to play this story having others important fairytales villains ( ursula from little mermaid, jafar from aladin, hades from hercules,madam mim or merlin, etc)

@ Domi

Regina and Robin would've never known she killed Marian. How could they? The Evil Queen obviously never learnt Marian's name and Robin never knew where or why Marian died - otherwise he could never have fallen in love with Regina in the first place.

@ San

Completely agree with you. Neither knew their slight entanglement. And they might have never known.

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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

Hook: What the hell are you doing? You're depriving me of a dashing rescue.
Emma: Sorry. The only one who saves me is me.

It's how you know you really got a home. When you leave it there's this feeling you can't shake. You just miss it.