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In the spirit of complete, total honesty, I was shocked at the announcement that Revenge season 4 was given a green light considering the horror of season 2 and the uneven nature of season 3. 

HOWEVER: If all of the episodes of Revenge season 3 had been as dark and story-driving and fantastic as Revenge Season 3 Episode 22, there never would have been a doubt in my mind that the series would be renewed for a fourth season. 

The Revenge season 3 finale had everything a good finale should have: closure and cliffhangers with a healthy dose of shocking twists thrown in for good measure. Consider me officially jazzed to find out what's going to happen to Emily Thorne when this series returns in the fall.

We've all been kicking around the knowledge that someone important would die on the Revenge season 3 finale, with many, if not most, of us speculating it would be Aiden thanks to Barry Sloane's new series The Whispers

Well, we were correct. RIP Aiden Mathis!

It was clear from the beginning that it would be Aiden who died. He and Emily were just too happy together, savoring their shared victory in the Conrad Grayson takedown and devising a joint plan to eliminate Victoria Grayson that involved Aiden paying a visit to Michelle Banks, the therapist who convinced an 8-year old Amanda Clarke that her father was a terrorist and murderer.

As the last remaining person who could testify to and prove Victoria's connection to the David Clarke scandal, Aiden and Emily needed her on their team. But Victoria got there first and laid in wait after having the good doctor poison Aiden with a paralytic.

After explaining why she was killing him, Victoria suffocated Aiden with a pillow, seeing his death as payback for Emily's role in Pascal's demise. Victoria Grayson totally got her hands dirty with that one. Part of me is shocked that she murdered him herself but then part of me is completely not shocked that she would do something like that.

Patrick had to get his ability to kill from somewhere, right?

(Sidenote: I'm glad the writers didn't have Emily run to Jack after Aiden's death and instead allowed her to channel her grief into the Victoria-takedown. Having her seek comfort from Jack would've been too much.)

While Emily lost the man she called the "love of her life," she did manage to clear her father's name. 

Her plan to avenge Aiden's death was straight bad ass and just a little crazy, and once again, Emily played Charlotte like a fiddle.

After being attacked in the cabin that turned out to belong to David Clarke and realizing that Victoria had been behind the letters Charlotte had received, Emily encouraged Charlotte to have David Clarke's body moved, not because she wanted Charlotte to go through with it but because she needed Victoria to show up at the cemetery.

Victoria certainly did only to find Emily digging up FauxManda's grave instead of David's all so she could have Victoria committed to a psychiatric facility for her obsession with Emily Thorne and Amanda Clarke.

GENIUS! Emily Thorne strikes again! I may have let out a good ol' fist pump in my living room as Emily sauntered down the hospital hallway and casually threw on her overcoat. (I totally did.)

Do I think Victoria will be forever kept in the mental institution? Not at all. But she's there for now and for now is good.

Just like I don't think Conrad Grayson is actually dead after being stabbed by...DAVID CLARKE!

This is the revelation we should've been expecting for three seasons, but which was almost too predictable so we thought surely the writers wouldn't go there, right? (Did you follow that?) 

The suddenly undead character is a TV trope well-used in dramas and soap operas which many of us probably expected to happen sooner or later with David Clarke. But then it almost seemed like maybe he would be dead and the writers wouldn't have him reappear having been in hiding for all these years, but they did and we weren't expecting it. Or at least I wasn't expecting it. 

It's an excellent cliffhanger for next season. As excellent as Charlotte having Jack arrested because she knows that he's the one who released her when she was kidnapped, thanks to a tell-tale thumbstroke when he put his hand on her shoulder just before almost telling her the truth about Emily Thorne and Amanda Clarke. 

He was right there on the verge of spilling the secret when she seized up and bolted from The Stowaway, and hey, we can't blame her for being skiddish. She was kidnapped and her parents are abhorrent nightmares of people. To find out that the one person she trusted was involved in her kidnapping would be quite unsettling. 

Jack will probably be able to untangle himself from that snare more easily than Daniel Grayson will from his. 

Gideon LeMarchal is brand new on the scene and already I like him, aside from that letting a girl overdose on cocaine and doing nothing to stop it thing, I mean. He just swooped in with a plan to unseat Daniel Grayson and any enemy of Daniel's is a friend of mine. 

You can stay, Gideon. You can stay. At least for the first part of Revenge season 4.

What did you think of Revenge Season 3 Episode 22? Were you shocked that Aiden died? How long will Victoria stay in the hospital? Is Conrad Grayson really dead? Grade the Revenge Season 3 finale.


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i knew aiden had to die because JACK and EMILY/AMANDA belonged together.... i also knew that victoria was gonna be checked in a mental institution...based on what she let happened to amanda when she was 8....i wasnt looking for a season 4...i was hoping they had concluded everything in episode 21 n 22


I hope Conrad's not dead! I know he's slime, but he's such a stylish villain, I'd miss him if he is really gone. Yeah, no one is surprised about Aiden, but I'm still bummed. So far, the prospect of Jack and Emily still bore me. Anyway, I am glad Revenge will be around for another season.


I'll take Revenge over Scandal any day! Scandal lost me and Revenge gained me back!

@ GeekyDiorGirl

amen to that!!!!


Conrad is beyond DEAD, if you can't figure that out you need help


I am surprised that Revenge got picked up for a fourth season, given the unevenness of seasons 2 and 3. But these last couple episodes were excellent! The dead-hooker-in-the-bed trick was a little over the top for a new character. But I suppose this Gideon dude needs to be ruthless like his Dad. I wouldn't be surprised if he literally fed his sister, Margeaux, to the wolves. As for David Clarke being alive...enough to kill Conrad...that one, to me, seems like it'll turn out to be a dream. Conrad will wake up in prison in the same sitch with the same tormenters. David Clarke will still be exceedingly dead, but exonerated. Victoria will spend perhaps a day or two in the loony bin before she is freed somehow. The ol' shovel to the head!! I was hoping Emily would bury her alive in Fauxmanda's grave with her... The death of Aiden was pretty much expected. Oh well, I guess that leaves Jack, who will no doubt be a free man soon.


OH MY GOD! David clarke's alive?!?! Now thet's ehat I call a finale, people! Emily vancamp is so awesome!


Aiden is dead .. sorry but am nit watching this show any more thats it


Mmmmm... so , david is now inocent,thats why he is out ? That why he killed conrand or how he knew he was going to scape? He killed him because conrand would always scape for rhe law? will DC go after victoria to make her pay or will he fall for her ,after all she,s done to emily? Was victoria beging david's new life, as the white hair guy? Or just he managed to scape by his own without telling anyone??? so many questions now and i will have to wait till next season ...deamn

Drea xoxo

I said from day one he was alive (check my previous posts!!) it was obvious from when we never saw the body!! who's to say em and dad haven't been plotting this whole time together....


Okay, sooooo, that was AWESOME !!!!! Don't get me wrong, the big reveal of David Clark not being dead at first had me excited, then VERY disappointed ! I mean, the whole point of the show was Ems avenging her father's demise and death. If he was alive, being the loving father we were shown, would he really have let his daughter do the things she did ?? It was all for not ! Many times this season I started wondering, what if DC was still alive. I would have the writers rather not go there. Now, REVENGE means nothing. IF he is still alive, of course. Emily will never forgive him... That was the cruelest thing, worse than what Victoria and Conrad did.
Which brings me to my next point. Conrad walking out ? Not a surprise. Conrad dead ? REALLY ? Killed by David Clark ? Ridiculous.
Another bad point, FOR ME, was Aiden dying. We knew it was coming, but it still didn't make it any easier. Victoria reached a whole new level. Then, displaying his corpse for Ems to find and the look of horror on Aiden's face, pure evil. I am glad the writers allowed Ems to cry and get depressed.
The good now. Victoria in a mental institution !! AWESOME !! Now THAT was brilliant ! The whole thing. For a second I thought Ems was gonna kill that psychiatrist. But nope, she used her instead. Please let Victoria stay there a little while. The satisfaction... and the way Ems walked out of there... so cool...
The exoneration of David Clark was great until the big reveal.
Now the weird. Gideon and Nolan ? Now how is that gonna work ? Don't get me wrong, I hate Daniel, and cannot wait for him to get his share. But letting that girl die and all. Yup, weird.
Margaux and Daniel I don't get. Sure their history would make it seem as if it would work, but can't she see anything ? She can't act as if everything is fine while he can. He told her what their parents did and he embraces it all ! Gosh this is annoying.
Charlotte calling the cops on Jack was interesting. I knew the way he touched her shoulder would come back to hit him in the behind. She freaked out and realized he freed her. But Jack in jail ? Nah, he'll be out. Though it does remind me of s2 finale when Nolan got arrested.
Miranda, I too was surprised that Revenge was renewed. I honestly thought they'd finish it or do a half season or something. Season 3 has been crap, season 2 in between. Oh well, we will see...

@ Emy

Totally agree about it not really working, having David Clarke alive all along.

@ Renee

I would think it to be a dream... Would make more sense.

@ Emy

I think I had heart palpitations by the time the finale was over - OMG !! So many surprises!! I can't even imagine what next season will be like with so many killed off!!

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Revenge Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

Victoria: I hope you know how much I love you, Charlotte.
Charlotte: Oh, like you loved David Clarke?

I love you, Aiden.