Revenge Review: The King's Folly

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Finally, the moment we've waited three seasons to see arrived on Revenge.

Emily took down Conrad Grayson.

Whether this takedown will stay remains to be seen, but for now - spoiler alert! - Conrad Grayson is behind bars and wishing Emily all of the luck he can muster for her Victoria Grayson-takedown.

If for no other reason than the way everything came together in Revenge Season 3 Episode 21, this was an excellent penultimate installment.

After three seasons, Emily finally made a permanent play for Conrad Grayson, using Charlotte to put him in checkmate. We watched as Charlotte Grayson was abducted in the closing scene of Revenge Season 3 Episode 20, thinking her captor was the David Clarke obsessed person in the cabin, but as it turned out, Charlotte's abduction was a clever way to force a confession out of Conrad.

No one but Emily knew it would come in quite the manner in which it did.

That's Emily, though. Always thinking ahead.

By showing Charlotte the truth behind Conrad Grayson and his lies, she ensured that Charlotte would return home and confront her father about his murderous methods of covering up his messes. And because she knows Conrad and how he reacts, she knew the confession would be explosive.

It certainly didn't hurt that Nolan Ross was parked right outside ready to hijack some video feeds and broadcast Conrad's secret confession all over the news, right? 

To be honest, I didn't think the confession would stick,and maybe it still won't. Conrad is the oiliest beast ever, so part of me wonders if this jail time will be short-lived or if we'll actually see Conrad Grayson paying for the crimes he committed. Regardless, it's nice to see him paying for something now. Finally.

Victoria, however, remains at-large, and a nemesis for Emily.

To quell her own suspicions, she swiped a DNA sample from Baby Carl and plans to use that information as her get out of jail free card with Emily. How Victoria figured out that Emily was the person who had kidnapped Charlotte simply by discovering that there was no DNA link between Charlotte and Fauxmanda is sort of out there, but Queen V is sort of good at Revenging without even trying.

The showdown between Emily and Victoria is the one we're all really waiting for, and with Conrad's blessing, and perhaps even his help, Emily's going for it. THAT is exciting.

Also exciting for those who love a good love triangle is the Jack-Emily-Aiden story. 

While I would love it if this ended with Emily donning the name Amanda Clarke once again and riding off into the sunset with Nolan so the two could just travel the world being fabulously dressed together--no romantic interests allowed--that's probably not what's going to happen.

It's hard to be completely sure what's going on there after tonight. Jack has been told twice now, by his mother and by Aiden, that he has feelings for Emily that go beyond just wanting her to finish her Revengenda. But Aiden telling him was something different.

Aiden told Jack that he and Emily won't work out. That he has to let her go. But then he told Emily that they're meant to be together and she agreed, and he seemed to believe the words he spoke to her very much.

It's hard to tell if Aiden knows that he and Emily won't be together when this is done and is trying to convince himself that they can stay together or if he only told Jack that he and Emily are a bad fit so that Jack would help them with Charlotte. 

So let's go with option C:

Emily has chosen Aiden but he won't make it through the finale and she'll take down Victoria and become Amanda Clarke again and run to Jack.

That's just a prediction, but it's definitely what I see happening. There were moments tonight when Nolan and Emily kept talking about what she'll do when this is all over, who she'll be. Emily admitted that she hasn't really let herself think about that and that Emily Thorne is an unfeeling automaton who gets things done.

Amanda Clarke, however, is buried deep inside her somewhere, right? She has to be.

What did you think of Revenge Season 3 Episode 21? Were you shocked that Emily was the kidnapper? Is this it for Conrad Grayson? Will he be staying in jail?

Here is your first look at Revenge Season 3 Episode 22, "Execution."


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wait, how did this episode get a four star by the reviewer? she must not like what she must be horrible to watch tv shows all day. i know we are supposed to comment on the actual show/episode but i couldn't help but notice this! i think the only critics whose review could be way off from the viewers would be people like siskel and ebert, not a reviewer for an internet review site! need a new reviewer for this show or another website to tune in to after each episode, help!


Okay, I stopped watching the show as it just wasn't interesting anymore. HOWEVER, the last 2 have been great ! The soap opera thing was getting on my nerves, the plot deviating from the revenge was boring. But right now, I am actually looking forward to the finale. Though I will say this : Either they finish everything this season or make a half season a wrap it up. Sorry, but this masquerade of a show has lasted too long. Revenge used to be so much better ! It took them that long to make episodes that actually make sense and are good.
Please kill Daniel. Conrad is a snake he may not stay in jail long enough. I cannot believe Victoria's nerves ! She put the Clarke family is this situation and yet wants to take down Emily ?
I loved that it was Ems who abducted Charlotte. Sure a sister relationship for these 2 will never be, but it had to be done. Aiden's reaction surprised me and at the same time didn't. Loved Conrad's take down. The way he flipped on Charlotte, WOW ! The man is evil !
Daniel telling Margaux the "truth" ! LOL. Which one ! I hope she realizes that Jack was trying to protect her from it and ask him to explain himself. Though, they are not talking, so I don't see how that will happen.
Am I then only one who thought that detective was weird. Hot, but strange, as introducing someone new now, means something... Oh well, we'll see.


what about Margaux...??? I wonder what the Snake told her, which side of the story...
I didn't get Aiden and what he told Jack and then Emily...I am kind of confused... all in all, not bad, ah! I am so looking forward to Victoria takedown, although Ems will suffer for sure....Evil Queen V!!!


Just want to know and I know many people have said this before but why is Miranda still reviewing revenge, she clearly does not like the show. How can this episode have been better? perhaps she can create a better show and produce a better episode. What needed to be different in order for this episode to be up to your standards? This was a solid episode but obviously isn't up to par for Miranda. Stop reviewing revenge!!!

@ diya

It needed to be an episode of Scandal, she will give that show a perfect five every time even if Olivia Pope decides to be an astronaut. She is the worst reviewer on the site and that is why less and less Revenge fans are commenting. Everyone is going to the other sites.

@ gio85

I totally agree!! I've noticed that the viewers reviews for Scandal are at least one to stars lower than hers, they never match! I thought this would be a fun and unbiased site to come to but i guess not. Any suggestions for other review sites?

@ sandra

Go to av club or tv line both great sites for all shows eps Revenge, which gets over 200 comments and the weekly reviews are well written, critical and fair.


W-O-W!!! Last night's episode was superb!!!!! What an outstanding performance by Henry Czerny & the others, too--kudos!!!! Can't wait for next week and next season!


i just want to know what will happen next season, what victoria will,do after telling emily she is amanda,what will be daniels place ,margoux, and charlotte next season, and of course who will die,if aiden is the one,it means jack willmbe the one for amanda? Probably but he has a lot to come to peace with her


One behind bars and two to go to meet their demise and yes I'm referring to Victoria and Daniel - As for Conrad I'm hoping for that he will be prison raped Daily.
Although I will just be grateful if Daniel would just die a slow painful death and maybe spare Victoria for the next season? If this show will be renewed for the next season that is.
Also hoping for Aiden to just go away ASAP, I can't stand his voice and the same goes for Daniel's smug face - Just make them both vanish!
Oh and Miranda, this was a solid "5"- It was a brilliant set up from Emily

@ Jonas

Pretty clear Aiden dies next week,Barry Sloane has a new gig...but they gave Karine Vanasse an option for next season so we'll have her complicating things!

@ Louis E.

Amen for that brother - Well to the Aiden part anyway ;-)


the f*cking best moment to date when Conrad lost it and confessed on live tv, what an idiot...I literally jumped through the roof of being overjoyed...I literally could feel the relief Emily had in her eyes watching how Conrad was taken down...just a pity that Victoria and Daniel are still free from being brought to I said before Emily will never be Amanda clark again...she can only find peace to move forward with her future once she has completely buried the past by taking down the Grayson clan once and for all...


Miranda.....why do you even write the reviews for this show. Your bias against the show overpowers anything you say. This episode was a solid 5 stars.....I would love for Emily, Aiden and Nolan to travel the world and have fantastic adventures. I would definitely watch that. However, I do think Aiden will meet his demise on the next episode. Barry Sloane is off to new and better things next season. That will be fun to watch.


Oh COME ON!! Only a 4?!
That episode is a 5+ !!!

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Revenge Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

Sleep can wait, Daniel. I have vermin to stalk.


Seized, confined, captive. Six years of my youth were spent that way. In juvenile detention, many lost hope. For me, being locked away was an impetus for revenge and for the vow that once I got out, I would punish those who took my freedom.