Rookie Blue Season 5 Premiere Promo: Diner Danger

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Those lucky Canadians.

Our neighbors up north get to watch the Rookie Blue Season 5 premiere tonight on Global TV, while U.S. viewers must wait until June 19 for the return of Swarek and company.

But at least Global has now offered up a look at Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 1, "Blink," which will find Andy and Dov encountering a serious problem at a diner.

Elsewhere, officers will struggle under a new supervisor, while one will actually go rogue.

Go watch Rookie Blue online if you need to catch up and check out the Canadian trailer here:

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I have watched from the beginning and I used to be a McSwarek fan, they undeniable have great chemistry and passion but that is all they have. There is no trust and no honesty. All happy healthy and long term relationships are built on these 2 very important things. I feel the writers failed to convince me that Andy was in a place to give Sam another chance. In fact I saw the exact opposite where she was realizing what she really wanted/needed in a relationship and what kind of person/police officer she wanted to be. None of which she was when she was with Sam. Which is why the writers had to create an emotionally charged life or death situation for Andy to look back in Sam's direction.
The writer have boxed themselves into a creative corner by publically and prematurely stating that Andy/Sam are endgame. The McCollins storyline was rushed and not given a chance to be fully explored to see if something different was what Andy truly needed.


Why Sam?? I was so hoping Andy picks Nick, now no longer interested in watching the rest of the season


Yes! Full season Rookie Blue watching time!

Sarah silva

I live in Canada and can not wait for tonight!

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