Salem Review: Lack of Evidence

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Did we just see Mary give away her last get of jail free card?

On Salem Season 1 Episode 3. the seer tells Magistrate Hale that Isaac and someone else were the witnesses to the witches ritual in the woods. Years of isolation and ridicule have given Isaac an incredible fortitude and nothing was going to get him to reveal John as his companion.

Until Mary did her "float above the bed" thing and went to him as Abby, his fellow fornicator of whom he thinks of still. To her image he told it was John Alden. 

Mary had no intention of letting any harm come to John. She does still have a heart. Magistrate Hale, however, decided his death by hanging would give them one less idiot in town and one more body toward achieving the Grand Rite. 

Since Mary couldn't otherwise reason with him, she used that voodoo doll to give Anne a malady of some sort.

John was being beaten at Hales request for interfering with Isaac and Cotton had just let Isaac out of his cell to help John when word of Anne's illness came to him. He realized he was being taught a lesson and begged for Mary to stop.

Isaac was set free and Mary told John if he stayed in town she could no longer protect him.

For the first time since branded a fornicator, Isaac learned what it meant to have a friend. He was at a loss for words. I loved that he paid it forward and took flowers to the whores for wrecking their place of business as he ran about screaming that he was the fornicator and generally breaking all of their stuff. They smiled kindly upon him as they accepted the flowers.

Cotton promised his own whore that he could protect her, a promise he cannot keep on his own. He told her he believes in the evidence, and it was lacking against Isaac. The most interesting part about their interaction was when she told him his father would be proud of the work he was doing there. He was genuinely taken aback at the comment. 

Mary has demanded that she be the only person who decides who lives and who dies, but if that's the case I have to wonder why she cannot protect John going forward. She holds all the cards and has the ultimate power. There must be someone to whom she answers, as well. The demon?

The biggest question of the night was how George got one of Mary's knitting needles to stab himself in the leg. He didn't get it himself. Did Tituba give it to him? If she did, is it her purpose to try to rein Mary in and make her realize she has other things to attend to instead of John Alden?

There wasn't a lot going on during this installment, which is odd as the hour still flew by. It seemed as though there was just enough information released by some people to cast doubt and change their relationships going forward. It will be interesting to see what it all means. The previews point toward all hell breaking loose in Salem.

If you're wandering by, drop a thought in the comments. It's more fun when I'm not talking to myself. What's interesting to you? Be sure to watch Salem online to catch up if you're behind!

Did you miss the shock factor moments this week?


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Just wanted to say it's the Grand RITE (not 'right') ;)

@ zzzz

Whoops! That's what happens at 3am. On it!


I give up. I tried to like this show, I really did. I know I complained about the gory and messy parts and they were missing from this episode. I should be happy right? I'm not. The problem is that this show fails to captivate me. I don't care about the characters, I don't care about the story. I dislike the lovestory between Mary and John and I know that Mary is suppose to be a conflicted person but all she does is irritate me.
This is just my opinion and I hope that other people will enjoy the show, but this was my last episode.


I've seen a few saying this is better than AHS: coven, but I strongly disagree. while coven certainly was the worst out of the 3 seasons of AHS, it still created strong compelling characters (esp in the early half of s3). Salem's characters are just meh. the plot is avg too.

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