Star-Crossed Review: The End

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It's genuinely too bad that Star-Crossed didn't make it on to the CW renewal card.

I really did enjoy the show and, unfortunately, Star-Crossed Season 1 Episode 13 left a lot of unfinished business.

Had the writers and producers known earlier that they weren't getting a renewal, I'm sure they would've closed things out differently. But such is life, so we'll just have to review this last one the way it aired/

Star-Crossed Season 1 Episode 12 ended with Roman's life in peril. Emery would have done anything to save his life and that meant putting her trust in Teri.

I said last week that I felt like when Roman told Teri that she was better than Castor that it probably really sunk in with her. We've spent the season wondering where her alliances were and how she truly felt and in the end she proved herself a good person by turning Vega in to Gloria.

And of course saving Roman's life.

Roman: Fighting for my people nearly cost us both our lives.
Emery: Yet here we are.

In the end, they all gave it their best effort. With two seconds left on the clock, Roman thought he disarmed the Suvek, but there was a back up plan. After the blast went off, Roman and Drake realized that everyone seemed more knocked out than dead.

Well, except for maybe Grayson...

The blast, as it turns out, was a signal to the other Atrians to come for them. That likely would have been the premise for season 2: the aftermath of the blast and the arrival of Atrian warships.

This episode gave us a lot: everyone working together, one last horrible effort from Zoe, the takedown of the Trags, a Romery sex scene, Draylor planning for baby, Gloria showing us the future of Atrian/Human famiies, and a reappearance by Roman's half brother.

Also there was an awesome conversation between Julia and Eric that I feel should be noted.

You don't know this, but I've come pretty close to death before and I learned you have to believe you're gonna make it or it's like you've already lost.

Julia [to Eric]

So, what did everyone think of the last episode of Star-Crossed? Did it do the series justice? Vote below and sound off in the comments!


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It has so much potential and yet they cancelled it! Bring it back! We have to know what atrians will do to the humans! And what will Taylor do! She's stuck in the car! So much floating questions!!!! CW you should continue it!


I have to admit this show was a snooze at first and I can see why it put people off. I was also about to give up on it until Draylor came along. Then I watched for them. I'm so bummed I won't get to see their story develop any further. I still could care less for Romery they are boring and I think that is what doomed this show . DRAYLOR 4ever!!!!!!!!!!


This was the best episode of the season. Maybe all the younger people that were expected to watch the show were turned off by too much 'adult' interaction--was almost as much focus on the adults in the series as on the kids.


The show is great.. Moves along at a good speed... Lots of excitement and you just never know what is going to happen next! Love Matt Lanter and Aimee Teagarden and the rest of the cast ... So much potential there... It should have been on with Reign.. What a great combo that would have been... The two are filled with action, romance, and just plain good shows... To bad Star Crossed was given the short end of the stick by being put on Monday... A near impossible night for a new show to get off the ground.... CW.. Please rethink this... It's ever networks prerogative to change its mind!!


The finale was great I loved it but the show got cancelled so I figured the show would leave on a giant cliffhanger and I was right and it's to bad we'll never know what would have happened next because it would have been interesting you know with all the humans unconscious and a bunch of alien warships coming plus there's the part where Taylor's car got flipped over and is on fire so we don't know if she'll live or die also Grayson was show so we wouldn't know if he lives or dies. Julia and Eric are so cute together especially with them at the end. I also liked that Roman and Emery finally slept together even though their friends were calling them because they had to stop the bomb from being set off which actually turned out not to be a bomb but a signal to a bunch of Atrian warships. It sucks that the show didn't get renewed I really liked it and it was really good. I'll miss it.


If you want this show to make to Season 2: LETS DO IT !!!


I was 'on the fence' about this show most of the season but I stuck it out till the end. Now I am sorry that it got cancelled. Season 2 has a lot of potential. I agree with 'david' that there was too much 'fluff' in Season 1 - some epis were downright boring! But I was really getting into 'Draylor'. Drake stepped up nicely and turned out to be a decent Atrian...I also think he is smokin' hot. Like him better than Roman. Well, there went my Monday night, with The Tomorrow People also being cancelled. That's another show that started out slow but finished, I thought, on a much stronger note.


If they cut out all the crap they could have fitted this season in 6 episodes, giving up 6 more episodes to have fleet in earth orbit and all the problems that will cause, Of cause the humans have had 10 years to prepare for an alien invasion, I doubt we will go down easily. An I got a feeling Roman's dad been preparing earth to fight an atrian fleet anyway. Along with the atrians that live in the swamp.


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Star-Crossed Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Roman: Fighting for my people nearly cost us both our lives.
Emery: Yet here we are.

Taylor: No baby of mine is living inside a jail.
Drake: That jail is my home.