Supernatural Round Table: "Do You Believe in Miracles?"

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The final fight with Metatron. Dean's changes with the Mark of Cain. And that shocking ending!

There's a lot to talk about regarding the Supernatural season finale with and the set up for Supernatural Season 10, as our Round Table panelists Carissa Pavlica, Sean McKenna and Alice from the Winchester Family Business dive right in.

Come and discuss Supernatural Season 9 Episode 23 with the latest Supernatural Round Table...


What was your favorite scene?

Carissa: Outside the two classic rock montages, it would be Crowley's scene with Dean at the end. I believe him when he says he never expected this outcome, but I also think he can't help but be excited at having a Winchester that he cares about and that he has watched play for the "other side" for years now stand beside him. It makes sense that Cas teamed up with Sam because we needed that dynamic to feel comfortable going into the next season.

Alice: It’s a tie, but since Carissa already went with one of them (I LOVED that closing scene with Crowley) I’ll go with my other.  I love brotherly death scenes. I can’t get enough of them because Jensen and Jared are so brilliant that they make it look like it’s the first time Sam or Dean have died.  It’s season nine!  I’m not supposed to get teary at this stage over Dean’s final words being “I’m proud of us” before collapsing and dying in Sam’s arms. I’m not supposed to get teary over Sam griping onto this dead brother tight and weeping. Then why am I bawling my eyes out? They got me again. 

Sean: It is funny that after nine seasons, there is a certain predictably in some of the ultimate outcomes. And yet that closing was a good one. And let’s be honest, when it comes to death its not really the same impact on the show, but still, Dean’s death for me, especially with Sam managed to hit home. It’s tragic and great to see that despite all their fights, those two are true brothers who care about each other.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

Was Metatron's defeat all you hoped it would be?

Carissa: Not at all. Preferably he would have died, in a scene similar to that of King Horick on Vikings. He deserved it, and the honorable thing to do would have been to accept it. His continued breath only means he can possibly pop back up again like a bad habit.

Alice: No, I figured he’d be taking a dip in the death pool with the other tons of souls that have died on this show.  However, him not dying actually gives Castiel some character redemption since he vowed no bloodshed, so I like how it played out. 

Sean: I wasn’t as impressed as I would have liked. Did it fit with Castiel? Sure, and it was good to see him not end up killing him. But I don’t want to see him come back, mostly because I think he had his chance as the big bad. It’s time for a new one, and hopefully one that can feel reminiscent of Lucifer.

Did you expect Gadreel to die?

Carissa: Yes. I've expected him to die for a long time, but I liked the twist that used Metatron's trick against him to blast Castiel free and prove to the other angel that he wasn't playing.

Alice: Hell yes! The shocker would have been if Gadreel didn’t die. I know this show. However, I do like that he died taking his own life in an act of sacrifice for the cause rather than an angry and vengeful Metatron sticking a blade through him. He earned that redemption and clearing of his name that he craved for thousands of years. It was actually a happy ending.  Weird, huh?

Sean: It was so obvious it was going to happen, but at least it was that self-sacrifice for the “good” cause. He got his redemption, but we all saw it coming miles away.

So... is Castiel the leader of the angels now?

Carissa: No. I think it will be more of a democracy until God decides to come back. At some point they actually have to address that, right? Where in the hell is God? He's not all that impressive, from this perspective. It's time to step the hell up. Yes, I'm using hell a lot to prove a point -- it's pretty bad that the King of Hell is more interested in the survival of the angels and the Winchesters for all they've done for humanity than God.

Alice: No, he’ll give that job to Hannah. And then next season she’ll screw it up, there will be chaos and he’ll have to get involved again, swearing he’s not a leader even though everyone turns to him because they need a leader. He should just stop resisting, suck it up and tell these angels what to do. Maybe he could implement “Taco Tuesday” or something like that in Heaven, just to keep things fun. 

Sean: I don’t think so? In all honesty, as much as I’ve liked the angels, I’d be OK if things just settled down in Heaven. We’ve had chaos up there multiple times, so it’d be nice to switch it up and see something else. But, it’s Castiel, so I’m sure he’ll somehow get caught up in it all again. I’m curious where his path will go.

What did you think of Sam and Dean's brotherly reconciliation?

Carissa: It doesn't really count. Deathbed testimonials are too trite. It merely proved that they were fighting over nothing all that time because their love for each other never faded.

Alice: I loved it, I was thrilled to see it, I even laughed over Sam’s “I lied” line when he tried to find help for his dying brother, even though he swore earlier in the season he wouldn’t, but honestly, a season’s worth of strife resolved by a two minute conversation in a trailer park? I realize that Sam needed some time to come around but geez, did he just wake up a decide, “Yep, I’m good.” 

Sean: I was glad, even if it was an entire season that dwelled on the issue. But I guess at the true heart of it all is the brother’s do care. And that’s a good thing. But I am curious how their relationship will go from here, especially with Dean as a demon. It looks like it might be a bit before we get back to (if we do) of the brothers being their fun loving, monster hunting selves. There’s always going to be some drama involved, and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next.

Were you surprised Dean became a demon?

Carissa: No. It's his turn. Die, die, die, demon, demon. Crowley is right; it's all becoming a bit expected. What will work for me is if Dean remains a demon forever, until the two sides somehow unite and the series fades to black. As we've seen with Sam in the past and with Crowley always, being dark doesn't mean losing feelings, emotions or a lot of who he was. We'll just have to see if he is a special demon or just a thug. Like The Vampire Diaries, death without consequences is losing it's punch. Let's allow this one to stick, but with the demon caveat. That will be the true testament to the power of brotherly love.

Alice: Yes, and no. Once Dean died, that was really the only way to bring him back, wasn’t it? After all, Cain was a demon. They never said how Cain became a demon, but the Mark of Cain came first.  So it makes sense, Cain took his own life and became a demon because the Mark wouldn’t let go.  It’s natural the same thing would happen to Dean. Except, I never believed TPTB would actually go there. OMG, THEY WENT THERE!  Holy crap! What’s Sam going to do? Yep, that will be my exercise all summer.  Pure, unadulterated, mindless and totally wrong speculation. 

Sean: I was surprised they went there and that last shot was fantastic. There’s always been something so cool and eerie in watching those black eyes flick open. But as Crowley began his final speech I kept wondering if the show was really going to do it. It’s such a new dynamic and there’s so many interesting possibilities that can come from it. And if season 10 is the last (who knows?), how will they get Dean back if they can on that final road. Let’s hope this next stage in the saga is a good one. Is it fall yet?

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I really, really don't want Dean to remain a demon. It goes against everything he has fought for his whole life. I want my snarky Dean back the way he used to be.


Sam is ok character but Dean is the interesting one.. So I don't mind Sam getting pushed back. Anyway Dean and Crowley are more exciting team to watch. Let Sam team up with Castiel.


Really Sam fan? I don't even think we watch the same show here. Sam is not pushed into the background....ever. From where I sit and watch every week it is and always has been a 2 brother show. Both of them front and center every week. Sure Sam has treaded on the darkside but that doesn't make it his shtick. Sam wants redemption for all his guilt and now since "touched by an angel" has become "bitchslapped by Satan" Sam has a chance to be he rescuer instead of the reccuee and get it.


All this gushing about demon Dean and Crowley is precisely why I already hate the storyline. Just another reason to once again push Sam into the background. Plus we never ever got full on evil Sam (even though we were told that drinking the demon blood would change him forever). All we ever got was a brief flash of his eyes going black when he killed Lilith. But then he was magically cured. So I'm not understanding this attitude that it was Dean's turn when Sam has never been evil. Possession by Meg, Lucifer and Gadreel don't count. And according to SPN, soulless Sam wasn't really Sam, was he? So nice of the writers to take Sam's shtick and give it to Dean while actually allowing it to come to the proper conclusion. Not.

@ Sam Fan

I have to agree with most of SAMs girl. Except that this year will of course bring Sam back upfront to help Dean! The mark of Cain was never truly told to Dean he was so pumped up with anger to Kill Abbadon. He would do anything to get her & I also thought Dean trusted Crowley way too much I honestly thought he was going to get this mark to help kill the larger Demon not thinking of ever dying. Without getting Dean back, this show will slowly lose it's viewership! Of course people will turn in to watch as will I, hoping the writers will do their due diligence & save Dean somehow! The true ESSENCE of this show are the two brothers right from the very beginning. & I don't want to be dragged thru another year without this storyline being finished. Someone more powerful than Crowley will have to help Dean lose that Mark of Cain. Crowley was afraid of Cain. Now please it's just my opinion & I keep telling myself it's just a tv show but I've invested 9 years & every finale I couldn't wait till the next one. Not this one they (the writers) kept killing off people dear to our hearts. But Dean they went way too far. & I ask from the bottom of my heart that they recover & make redemption for Dean Winchester! Cuz this fan has truly lost a lot of respect. I wish Eric Kripke would do something to help out!

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