The Good Wife Review: Faithful to Whom?

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It was time for a transitional period and The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 20 didn't really move any stories forward.

Instead, it featured a cut from real life case at Lockhart/Gardner and it followed Alicia as she struggled to fill a day on her own without work.

Eli was interested in getting Finn Polmar on the record with regard to his candidacy now that Peter has thrown his weight behind him. Therefore, he set up a television interview. 

Finn was in and out as he was integral in the case with Diane at Lockhart/Gardner, but the main portion of his story was sharing a bit of himself through the interview. Had anyone shared before that Will was making an attempt to stop Jeffrey Grant when he was shot? It seems weird that someone would paint Finn as the hero when that would clearly have been Will. I suppose because he survived.

What struck me about Finn is how extremely unemotional he is about everything. When we were originally introduced to his character, he seemed more lively. Did the shooting and the subsequent shove under the bus by his boss take such a toll on him that he's changing? He seems like he may still be on pain killers.

Diane was saddled with a case because Canning set it up for her without asking. He and David Lee have been intercepting calls and generally being backhanded in their dealings with her. To top it off, they used the "Canning is dying" card to try to hide their posturing. 

That his death is a foregone conclusion makes what they're doing even worse. He's a cad to the very end of his days. What a horrible way to live. I'm interested to see how he and Lee are trying to screw her and I really hope she screws them first.

The case about the deep web and Silk Road was all, essentially, true. Not the players of course, but there is an actual Silk Road selling illicit drugs and the person responsible was ultimately jailed, but someone else took over his online moniker and it's back online and selling more than ever.

I'm kind of surprised they were permitted to use the same name, considering it's a real entity. I guess since it's an illegal business and the authorities would like to shut it down again there are no real boundaries. In all honesty, I didn't follow why Diane recused herself from the case, although I suppose as long as you are not a court appointed attorney you don't have to do anything you don't want to do unless a judge forces you.

Alicia's day off was interesting. It was enjoyable seeing Veronica again (and the hot young thing she's dating) and her allowing her daughter to cry on lap with some wine giving her some much needed comfort.

At jury duty, she met a handsome, apparently unmarried guy and yet she still didn't want to have drinks with him. Well, she did, but she was too uncomfortable to go through with it. She's obviously still grieving over Will, but their affair was over long ago, as was her marriage. 

But we have to wonder, just like Alicia did -- exactly who is she being faithful to? That's essentially the question at the heart of The Good Wife in the wake of Will's death and as she pushed herself further away from Peter. 

What's Alicia's next move? She's still a young, vibrant and loving woman. She's not going to want to be alone for the rest of her life and she obviously cannot maneuver the electronics to have a satisfying single life of movies and TV (like some people I know). Where will that leave her?

Perhaps Finn's emotional shift going to take him away from his family next season and closer to Alicia. If that does happen, it won't be healthy for either of them because Will will be hanging in between them for all eternity. It would never work. It makes sense why they both might be interested, but it's a bad idea all around.

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Should Alicia have had wine with Daniel?


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Are we already for season 6 ? Its going to be a blast (Will is cold and moving on) Can't wait for the finale it will blow off everyones socks.


I'm a little late to the party here but.................. Another great review Carissa.......... I am one that IS NOT for Alicia being paired with Finn. And just for the very reason Carissa stated. Alicia is not over Will and probably won't be for some time yet to come. That in and of itself is why she didn't have drinks with Nestor Carbonell's character........ Alicia KNOWS her marriage to Peter is over and done, however, she just doesn't know what to do next. I don't get why some here REFUSE to see that Alicia and Peter are done and they are only staying together for business. Sure, there's plenty of couples out there that are together for years and years and years........kudos to them. But, when you cheat that bond and that trust is broken and it's hard to repair that. IMO, I just don't think most people are wired to stay together forever........people change, things is just too short........ Diane/David/Canning: will be interesting to see what takes place here. Diane has Kalinda on top of it and I hope she's able to counter what ever it is David Lee and Canning have up their sleezy sleeve.


I never thought Finn was brought on as a potential love interest for Alicia. I like the Finn and Alicia friendship. I am also loving the Finn storyline in general. I think the reason he seems so cold is because he never really wanted any of "this". By " this" I mean the states attorney position. He only ran because Alicia encouraged him since his "friend" the current states attorney was trying to scapegoat him in the Jeffery Grant shooting. I think he felt bad using the whole shooting incident and Will being the heroe as a way to get votes. He is not cut out for politics. I'm thinking he is going to end up dropping out of the running.

@ Maria+

I agree that he didn't sign up for any of the political scheming. I also hope that's why he continues to run. People like him are what's need in politics because they don't have a personal agenda -- they really want what's best for the system. It would be a really cool twist if by Peter throwing his weight behind him he actually got a good candidate and one who would hold him accountable.


This episode DID move story. It is bringing us one step closer to Alicia divorcing Peter. Her asking herself the question, "Who am I being faithful to?" and walking away told the answer. Alicia was being faithful to Will and the love they shared. Her conversation with her mother made Alicia's decision to not go in the bar and have a drink all that more poignant. And thank goodness there is somebody out there who doesn't want Alicia with Finn; for a minute there I thought I was the only one. Alicia and Finn are meant to be friends, because they share Will in common. When the time comes for Alicia to enter a new relationship, it will be with someone who brings out the spark in her like Will did; Finn does not do that. As far as the case is concerned, I think Diane backed out because the law could come after her if she subourned perjury. And she doesn't want that. Good for her! And I hope she gets David Lee (who is deliciously bad) and Louis Canning (who is just bad bad) where it hurts them.

@ Kasey Henton

Walking away had nothing to do with WILL, that ship has sailed and she knows it. Deep down there still is a fire going on and she wants it to keep burning, and yes so do her children.

@ The*Trol

Are we watching the same show? Neither of her children care if she stays with Peter. In fact, Grace has continued to say all season that all she wants is for Alicia to be happy, and that it doesn't look like Alicia is not happy now. And Zach has called Alicia and Peter's marriage "Clintonesque" and outright said that the only reason that they are still together is for show. So what fire is still going on deep down? And if Alicia walking away isn't about Will then her conversation with her mother was just nonsense. I refuse to believe that. I think part of the reason Alicia even thought about meeting Nestor Carbonell's character was that Alicia listened to her mother when Veronica said, "some people are just meant to be friends," when talking about her marriage to Alicia's father. I think Alicia has finally gotten it; she and Peter are meant to be friends, not husband and wife in any real or meaningful way---and that's ok. Like I said, I think this episode moved story, pushing Alicia ever more closely to divorcing Peter. And bravo for that!

@ Kasey+Henton

Yes! Ditto! Thank you for every word that you wrote. I agree with you and have been wondering if others are watching the same show! Alicia is clearly going through the stages of grief, and this episode moved the story perfectly. As the writers stated, perhaps Alicia needs to find herself, and do this without being in a relationship for a while.

@ Kasey+Henton

Sorry, added a "not" to the sentence. It should read "In fact, Grace has continued to say all season that all she wants is for Alicia to be happy, and that it doesn't look like Alicia is happy now."


great episode as usual!!!!! sorry i disagree i like finn and him and alicia would make good fit. diane needa to join alicia and carys firm and mj fox needs to go!!!!!!!


This reviewer's comment that the affair with Will, "She's obviously still grieving over Will, but their affair was over long ago, as was her marriage" is strange. This show has centered on the romantic struggle between them for years. Did this reviewer even watch season 4 and its finale? To have Alicia share a glass of wine and move on would have been bizarre and unrealistic. Please, if you are going to review the show, you need to consistently watch it!

@ kim

Why is everybody thinking her marriage is over ? (Don't count your chickens yet) This grieving over Will is a crock, you could see that in this episode WILL who lets have lunch. I would like to know how the writers pulled off having a glass of wine with mom and crying at 18:20 hrs then peering through the restaurant window at 19:00, I guess they think we didn't catch on.


Are you the only person other than me who thinks that Finn and Alicia are a bad idea ? If Alicia should truly move on from Will then she should date someone other than Finn because otherwise it would seem like she is holding on to the last vestige of Will (that Finn's connected to).

@ Sharunya

Agree that Finn and Alicia are a bad bet. For one thing, Julianna is a good decade older than Matthew Goode--and she looks it. Not that I am opposed to May/November pairings. But I do think the writers should go in another direction, one without connections to Will, perhaps the handsome, unmarried guy. Great to see Robert Klein on screen again as the grandfather.


I read this reviewers submissions weekly and have often wondered if we are watching the same show. This week's review makes that possibility even more likely because she missed an important detail from the courtroom shooting. Yes, it has been stated before that Will tried to take the gun from his client. I seem to remember that it was also included in one of the show's infamous "memory pops." Also, Diane removed herself from the case because the client was lying his behind off and was about to perjure himself. Best guess, Diane has an ethical line that she just won't cross.

@ Gigi2776

To this commenter I'd just like to say that I was more engaged in the emotional aspects of the shooting and yes, did miss the specifics. As for Diane's client, I knew the kid was lying, but I thought there might have been more to it than that. Clients lie all of the time to save their own skin. I guess if they're not caught on paper it's easier to take.

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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

Finn: Kalinda, why do people let you onto crime scenes?
Kalinda: I don't know. People like me.

It's one drink. Why is that a problem? Who am I being faithful to?