The Mentalist Photo Gallery: Who Gets Shot?

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We're inching ever closer to the The Mentalist Season 6 finale.

Along the way, the action looks like it won't exactly be slowing down on The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 20, as a grand jury is convened to decide whether or not Patrick Jane will stand trial for the murder of Red John.

Elsewhere, Teresa Lisbon gets cozy on the couch with Marcus Pike. Has she made her decision about moving to Washington D.C.? Is there any chance Jane can change her mind if she has?

Finally, in the middle of a firefight, one of the FBI team gets shot. Who is the victim?!?

Check out these photos from "Il Tavolo Bianco" - set to Sunday, May 4 on CBS - to find out:

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Anyone think about this?
Marcus Pike
Marcus=Mars, Red, something along the line
Pike= Weapon
We get Red Weapon. In essence Red John. Holy FFFF

@ jajajajajaj

Actually it's Mark or the latin form Mart-kos which means Mars. More then likely they picked Marcus because it's a form for Mark, and a play on how Lisbon's first name as well as two of her brothers names are connected to Catholic Saints or the Bible. And there fore the complete oppisite of Jane who isn't saint like.

@ mac5689

interesting. but boring.


Looks like Fischer gets shot in the vest. They are finally showing Lisbon and Pike outside of having dinner. Just goes to show that they will probably end up together, I mean there would be no reason to show them like that if they aren't.


It's a good story arc. Since Jane gave up his freedom to work with the FBI only if Lisbon would work with him I don't think he is going to let her go with Pike. The Mentalist is the best show on TV. I hope it is renewed.

@ Bonnie Maynes

To me it's a horrible arc. Especially seeing that if this is being done to get Jane and Lisbon together they could have accomplished the same thing by either having Lisbon earn her own promotion either to DC or elsewhere, or by having Lisbon decide that maybe she is finally done with Law Enforcment. (I mean she has been in Law Enforcment for 20+ years, most people normally seen to get burned out near that mark.) If Lisbon is really happy with Pike, which to me she seems to be, then Jane will let her go. Remember he wants her to be happy.

@ Bonnie Maynes

But at what point is it time to let it go


Don't like Pike. Sick of Lisbon with Pike. Sick of Jane watching Lisbon with Pike. Sick of this story arc. End of story.

@ Elyon

Ya got a point there. Move on. Let's see Jane watching
Lisbon.....on his couch no less. Pike has some ulterior motive. Just don't know what it is yet!

@ washgurl36

I don't think Pike has an ulterior motive, I think he is really in love with Lisbon. (Or at least he believes he is, I mean personally I find it hard to believe that someone can know that they are in love in the short amount of time that Pike and Lisbon have been together, however that doesn't mean it can happen.)

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