The Mentalist Picture Preview: What Will Lisbon Do?

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The clock is ticking on The Mentalist.

Will time run out for the victims the woman abducted in the human trafficking ring, with some being shipped overseas while others are having their organs harvested?

We've got your first look here at The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 21, as the FBI doubles its efforts and Jane and Lisbon focus on finding the criminal mastermind behind it all.

As if that weren't enough drama, Teresa finally makes a decision about her future. Will she choose to head off to Washington D.C. with new boyfriend Marcus Pike or will she decide to stay in Austin with Jane. And if she leaves, how will Jane reacti.

Check out these photos from "Black Hearts," set to air Sunday, May 11 on CBS.

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Laura francis

Pike is not in the season finale. Tonight is his last episode, for this season anyway; he was only contracted for 5 episodes. So anything big that happens in next weeks finale has to be with Jane.


I see a couple of things here.....The Mentalist is now on the Top Shows
list and on the most popular video list. Getting close to finale. Wish
it could stay up there more.


Come on Jane listen to the song "Can't Fight This Feeling" by Reo Speedwagon and wake up and do what the song says. If fits you and Lisbon perfectly. You know you love her. You love her so much you are afraid to let it be known because you want to keep her safe and not give your enemies a reason to hurt her. And who can blame you after what Red John did to your wife and child, but you need to let Lisbon decide based on the knowledge that you love her.

@ C+P

Remember that Lisbon has been part of a crime-fighting team for 6 years. Jane's enemies are her enemies. Plus she's an FBI agent. No safety there.


Anyone notice the obvious similarity to the movie "Casablanca?" A woman must decide whether to leave home to be with a man who loves her dearly, while leaving behind another man who also loves her. And where are they going? Why, to LISBON, of course.


I am enjoying the new story arc. There is a lot of emotion between Jane and Lisbon. Jane wants Lisbon to be happy so he's sacrificing his love so she will be. But Lisbon really doesn't want to go with Pike. She wants Jane to tell her to stay. Please renew this show.


She's going to decide to go, that much has been made clear by the press realse for the finale, Pike is going to then propose. Those are the facts that we know, and unless those facts change I do not see how Lisbon won't end up with Pike. Since Pike will propose, which I'm sure he is confortable that she will say yes to since she agrees to move with him. If he proposes to Lisbon near the start of the episode, which I'm 50% sure he will probably do, she will have no reason to want to stay unless she realizes that she will be unhappy. Though since Lisbon very rarley has been seen to change her mind, I don't think that will happen.


Of course she'll decide to go and they'll dribble this ridiculous story arc out until the final minute of the final episode of the final season when miraculously she'll end up with Jane. But we'll never get to see them working together as a couple because they've spun it out too long.

@ Elyon

Agreed, running out of time! I can only hope for a season 7.

@ Elyon

I totally agree..that is exactly what will happen...