The Vampire Diaries Review: The Beginning of the End

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I wanted to start off this review with a little "Save the Doppelgangers, Save the World."

However, the end of The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 21 has left me pretty speechless.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

After escaping from Markos, getting drained of almost all of their blood, Stefan and Elena slowly hitchhike their way back to Mystic Falls. Now that Markos has enough of their blood, the spell has begun.

Travelers are dying left and right, including Maria the woman who saved Stefan and Elena. Maria's husband, Julian, has taken up permanent residence in Tyler Lockwood's body - but in the last few days it seems like Julian has flipped sides now that the travelers have it out for him. 

That was, until Stefan broke the news to him that Maria had died at the hands of the witches. Everyone's been hearing that Caroline would witness some horrific event and the second Julian started to flip out, I felt like I saw a car accident happen in slow motion.

Stefan Salvatore's heart was literally been ripped out of his body. 

Gathering myself from my state of shock, I ask...what does this all mean?

We all know that death doesn't exactly stick when it comes to The Vampire Diaries but the other side is disintegrating slowly before our eyes. Bonnie and Enzo's plan to use Maria is now kaput since Maria vanished into the darkness. Now what?

That scene when Bonnie saw Stefan show up as a ghost was painful. We can't lose Stefan. Yet the preview (below) for the finale looked almost lighthearted with the group preparing for war and Damon's usual humorous quips.

You have Elena participating in squirrel slaughter?


What I'm left with is a major state of confusion. It seems to me that Mystic Falls is kaput and whichever cast members remain will be in a new place next season. Or will they simply all be dead and on some version of the other side?

I'm assuming all magic is not eradicated because how will the world of the witches exist on TVD and The Originals? It's a pretty crucial part of both shows. 

What's most interesting at this point is how the travelers' spell takes away the magic of vampirism leaving all of our resident vampires in their pre-vampire states, ie: Elena choking on water, Damon shot.

I'm leaving you all with the question on everybody's lips: Is Stefan really gone?

Here is your first look at The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 22, "Home."


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Oh my god. I was totally shocked when Stefan died and I wanted to cry I really did but I couldn't I don't know if it was because I was to shocked or because I'm just not sure if he'll stay dead. This is the vampire diaries and they said 3 people would die and they wouldn't be coming back but I don't know if Stefan is one of them so until we are sure he is actually dead and wouln't be coming back I will be hoping we'll see him again. I cannot wait until the finale it looks amazing I can't image everyone somehwere besides mystic falls if they end up somewhere different next season it will be very strange.

Sarah silva
@ marissa

I hope he is not dead! They have had 4 deaths so far: Sloan, Enzo, the girl yesterday that helped Stefan and Elena and then Stefan! So I hope that Stefan returns!


oh mai good


I can honestly say i was in shock and very devastated i loved stefan and without him on the show well theres no show and bringing him back well that just makes the show go even longer and its not getting any better so if next week the last episode than its been a great 5 or 6 years


Omg! :'( I feel like my own heart has been ripped out. I cryed when stephen died. I love stephen they cant kill him off :'(


Stefan probably have noticed how awful the show is getting and asked to get killed off. I don't blame him. I probably enjoyed the last 2 minutes of tonight episode. I am ready to say good bye to this really bad season and probably the series as well.

Sarah silva

I am not sure where my comment went!
Never mind it is there now!

Sarah silva

Never have I ever been so upset at a characters death on a t.v. show before!
Personally I am devastated right now!
I cried when Stefan's heart was ripped out and then he crossed over and I cried more!
I do not see them being successful and bringing him back! I have been a Paul Wesley fan for a long time and Team Stefan since day one.
I love this show but if he is gone for good it will be a sad next season for me!
It makes it hard to even comment on the rest of the episode and the witty banter that Damon always has!
I really hope something crazy happens next week and Stefan comes back to life but I read that one character that has been with us from the start dies AND it is permanent. I even remember saying on here that Julie would never kill Stefan, Damon or Elena!
I am super sad!

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If Caroline was here, we'd have a full catered buffet by the side of the road...and a rainbow.


You have Elena participating in squirrel slaughter?


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