The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Report Card: Grade It!

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There were dopplegangers aplenty. Breakups galore. A few quasi deaths.

And really hot sex in the woods.

Yes, The Vampire Diaries Season 5 has come and gone, leaving viewers confused, excited, frustrated and entertained in its wake.

What were the top moments, episodes and characters from the past 22 episodes? Join us below as we grade The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Report Card Style!

BEST EPISODE: "Original Sin," The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 3. Fun, revealing flashbacks; the introduction of crazily awesome Qetsiyah; and very little love triangle drama. Good times.

WORST EPISODE: "Resident Evil," The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 18. Maybe even worst of the series. Very little actually happened, the dream sequences were a giant waste of time; and, yes, there was dumb Delena drama at the end.

BEST CHARACTER: Enzo. He's one of our top breakout characters of the year for a reason. A fun mixture of sarcasm, wit, violence, anger and humor. Sort of reminds you of the old Damon Salvatore, doesn't he? He's not hard on the eyes, either.

WORST CHARACTER: Tyler. You thought I'd say Bonnie, didn't you? But at least she served a clear purpose and played a pretty major role in the back half of Season 5. But what was the point of Tyler this year? He dumped Caroline... he briefly stopped by New Orleans... he returned and got taken over by a Traveler. There was no clear direction to his story, but hopefully the finale paves the way for something interesting in The Vampire Diaries Season 6.


LEAST WELCOME RETURN. Grams. I rolled my eyes every time she popped in from The Other Side. Along with constant confusion over the roles of that place, if the show can't even properly kill off Bonnie's grandmother, how will it ever say goodbye to any character?!?

THINGS WE NEVER THOUGHT WE'D WRITE: Enough Delena already!!! Many current shows (Castle, Bones) have proven that you can keep a couple together and still keep things interesting. TVD writers should take note.

HOPES FOR SEASON 6: A more threatening/interesting villain (sorry, Markos)... a moratorium on the word doppleganger... the actual death of Bonnie... and just higher stakes overall. The latter was my main issue with Season 5. I don't need storylines to make perfect sense and I don't need expect the same kinds of crazy twists that we saw throughout the first couple seasons of this thrilling show.

But there's no real drama remaining in the love triangle. Stefan keeping a secret from Damon because he doesn't want his brother to be angry at him doesn't exactly keep me on the edge of my seat. This is The Vampire Diaries, dammit! We need there to be life and death at stake on a nearly weekly basis. We need to believe certain people are in real trouble.

And we really need the dead to remain dead.


YOUR turn, TV Fanatics: What grade would you give The Vampire Diaries Season 5?

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Оценка пятого сезона ДВ Что сказать отлично нет, хорошо нет, плохо Да. Но это не значит что сезон был скучным неет просто больше разочарование в некоторых героях. Лишь не которыми осталась довольна!
Больше разочаровала Екатерина Петрова ,и Елена немного, неуверенна кого она хочет😒уже 5 сезонов думает.Скучно на это смотреть.
Вот кто не разочаровал так это Керолайн все такая же позитивная смотришь на нее с экрана и заведуешь Елене что у нее такая подруга.
Еще я бы не против была бы пары Стефена и Керолайн, они неплохо смотреться вместе!
Привлек внимание Энзо!
Рада за Аларека 😍на конец тооооооо его вернули в сериал
Ну и самое неприятное, и эмоциональное, и печальное, это концовка пятого сезона зачем так сценаристы издеваются над Деймоном сделали из него персонажа которому вечно не везет сначала 1 сезоне не везет с любимой, 2 сезоне делают из него убийцу монстра который никого не любит. Ну а дальше вы сами знаете. А в пятом уже и придумать ничего не могли как Воообще Убить 😪ну что забрет скажите мне пожалуйста где справедливость аааа !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raquel cristina gregorini

I love the vampire diaries.nina ian paul loves


i want matt on arrow s3 round table


C. This season was all over the place and not in a good way. I feel that there was a lot of potential with the Silas storyline given the amount of build up that they gave in Season 4 and he was dead within a few episodes. The Augustine storyline seemed intriguing but after awhile it felt dull and pointless, Dr. Wes just didn't cut it as a villain and Aaron was annoying. Caroline was such a strong character but now she's been reduced to this annoying person who has nothing better to do than badger Elena about Damon. The episodes leading up to the season finale were always filled with some sort of "I'm not good for you" dialogue between Delena which was incredibly stupid. Also the doppelganger storyline got wayyy out of hand, they should have kept it to the original story with Tatia being the original doppelganger. Finally, the worst storyline was Katherine's. I love Katherine for being a manipulative, crafty bitch and I really don't buy that she acted as stupid as she did in the episodes leading to her death. This show no longer has the amazing plot twists that it did in the past. The Originals is much better now.


I will give it a F,coz they killed off my Damon.I want damon and damon and more damon.Sick of Delena diaries. Give Damon a new girl and turn it into Damon diaries and you will have an eternal fan to your show,thats me,lol.Seriously I absolutely love Ian.If Ian doesn't get back next season then I will never watch this show again. Worst character- Elena.yucks.How much can she whine and play the ''poor me'' card. Best character -: Yummylicious Enzo and Damon.


- Best episode for me was " the cell "we knew Enzo in this episode and I think it was the most romantic episode between Damon & Elena and Stefan & Katherine , I really wished if Katherine's redemption was truthful so we could see her with Stefan like a real couple because they amazing together .
- Worst episode was " Monster’s Ball " not very bad but I didn't like it much , all Caroline and Tyler's breakup drama .
- Best character : Enzo of course .
- Worst character : Tyler , I'v never liked him and after he went to the originals I hated even more .
- Hopes for season 6 : Stefan and Caroline just stay friends PLEASE , and I would like to see Stefan falling in love with someone new really like new character show up in season 6 .
I would like to see more of the originals characters on the vampire diaries and the vampire diaries characters on the originals , I love to see these two shows still connected to each other .
- Overall grade : A , because of my favorite character ever KATHERINE PIERCE .


I would like to see Lexi and Stefan come back.So i give it a A.


I gave it a B-. I loved s5 but what's with killing off Damon, (If it wasn't for that I'd of given it an A. If i was forced to make a choice between either brother dying I'd choose Stephen.) And with bring back Alaric.(Alaric was good in the show before don't get me wrong there.) I just hope they don't bring back anymore lookalikes Katherine , Silas etc. They need new villans. I will say that the on n off again relationship with Damon and Elena was getting tiring. They should just be together already and lets concentrate on Caroline and Stephen some, that can be interesting. I agree with one thing Tyler's role is best with the originals show now, he served his purpose here and was most interesting there with their story line. I definitely will watch s6 can't wait to see where there going with this, but one things for sure if they don't bring back Damon and show viewers good reasons to once again bring back a old character for what looks like no reason s6 will be the last. As for Enzo I'm liking his character. Bonnie not being a witch ruined it for me. I don't care if they kill her off. I also didn't see a point to having Jeremy on the show this season he hardly had a part in it. They could of used a different character to play the part Jeremy played if they never brought him back. As for Matt he needs to be on the show after all they need someone human still alive from the main cast s1. They need to give his character more to do though.
I agree with a comment that was made "There was way too much going on. Silas and Q'etsia, the Vampire Science Experiments, Katherine, then Markos and the Travelers." I feel they shouldn't of put all that in 1 season it could a been spread out more. The experiments part could of had more too it. It felt more like watching 3 different and short seasons.


I give it a D/C only because I liked Enzo, Katherine's arc but not the fact that they killed her, Silas and the short amount of time Stefan was dealing with his post traumatic stress disorder. I got to the point where I hate Elena and Damon and character development was non-existant. I don't have high hopes for season six, may not even watch it.


By far the worst season with no real sense of direction. Thank God for The Originals- it kept me interested in the series as a whole.
Here's what it came down to for me;
Tyler shouldn't exist anymore. No one cares about him. If anything they should have just kept him as a recurring character in The Originals.
Poor Matt.
Jeremy returns from the dead and he gets almost the least amount of screentime. He's worth more than that at this point. Bonnie is whatever.
I was getting sick of the Show revolving around Stefan, Elena, Damon and Caroline. Seriously- you had a cast of 3 other living characters.
There was way too much going on. Silas and Q'etsia, the Vampire Science Experiments, Katherine, then Markos and the Travelers. It was a huge mess. A lot of these "plot twists" could've easily extended into next season if you'd made more interesting episodes. I feel like the whole Silas thing was so built up at the end of Season 4 that Season 5 didn't do the plot any justice, and the episodes were getting so boring. Seriously, I was looking forward to more Jeremy vs. Silas action.

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