The Vampire Diaries Season 6: Is Damon Really Dead?

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Is Damon truly dead?

Is The Other Side really gone?

Where will Mystic Falls residents go to drink? And what the heck is Tyler now?!?

Following The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 22, fans have a number of questions. Fortunately, Executive Producer Julie Plec is here with at least a few answers to tide us over until October.

Read Plec's full interview with Entertainment Weekly now and scroll down for a few Vampire Diaries Season 6 tidbits and teasers...

There for Elena

ARE BONNIE AND DAMON ACTUALLY DEAD? Plec was non-committal: "I can say for certain The Other Side is gone for good, and I can say for certain that when The Other Side disappeared for good that they had already been dealt with - whether it’s through finding peace or other means... I’ll let the speculation blow around a little while longer."

WILL WE SEE IAN SOMERHALDER AND KAT GRAHAM AGAIN? Yes: "As far as in what context - how, why, and where? - that’s part of the mystery."

WHAT IS TYLER? "He is back to being a boy with a werewolf gene... it puts him in a really interesting predicament next year because it’s almost like a do-over in a good way, but also a scary way. Now with that comes that testosterone, needing to work out his aggressions, and find way to not lose his s–t so that he doesn’t re-trigger the curse."

WHAT'S ON TAP FOR ALARIC? "We never really got to see him deal with having become a vampire because Esther had gotten in his head and screwed with his brain so badly that he just kinda became the villain with no conscience... [he'll now need to hide] "the fact that A.) he’s this weird, weird breed of vampire and B.) He’s not particularly sure if he likes it."

Plec also said that Stefan and Elena are still vampires; and is not writing Season 6 as if it will be the final season of the show.

So there you have it, TVD Fanatics. What do you read into these responses? Is Damon truly gone?

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Oh yeah and where are allthe supernaturals going to go now since the other side is gone I mean are they goin to go to hell orheaven or can that they not die now because there is no where to put them that's my main question of season 6


Guys remenber that Ian as Samon Nina as Elena and Paul as Stefan are the main characters of the show so Damon can't die so I'm not worried at all but Katherina as Kat Graham as Bonnie is a hold different story she can die just like Alaric did or is his name Matt Davis imdont know but he can die because not a main in the show but one thing I know is that Caroline which is Candice Accola I think can't die even though bexouse every show needs the tell everyone everything person in the show which points to messy but all I'm saying is that Damon can't die but Bonnie is a hold different story


i wish damon and bonnie can fall in love with each other and come back in love.




It's so obvious that Bonnie's grandmother took care of Bonnie. They said as much, she was taken care of. Because she and Damon were holding hands, they will save him too.


I am positive Damon is not dead. People forget this show is loosely based on books. The finale reminded me A LOT of the book midnight. Where Damon dies and Elena breaks down. There were a lot of scenes even though the quotes weren't exact that "mirrored" or reminded me of a scene from that book. Damon came back to life after midnight. I am positive Bonnie and Damon will return. Of course Julie can't say that though.


It is just meant to scare fans. It was like with Stephen there was no way he was dead there is no way that Damon is dead. I think Bonnies grams had a plan to save her and in the process it will also save Damon. Maybe they both come back as humans or something. Damon can't be dead no way!!!!!!!!!! Bonnie who cares about her.


I will not watch this program if you kill off Damon. Had it


I will not watch vampire diaries if Damon is gone.

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