Beauty and the Beast Review: How Deep Is Their Love?

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Welcome back, Beasties!

Was Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 17 all that you wanted it to be?

Well, probably not since it was a little short on those long, sexy kisses we like to see between Cat and Vincent. But we did have an interesting shower scene with kisses, even if it was more cute and fun than romantic.

We never even got to the steam before it was rudely interrupted by ... Gabe.

A lot went down in the episode, and first and foremost Vincent remained worried about all of his friends as they stuck their necks out for him. It was especially difficult for him since he really did murder Tori's father. Without Tori around, there is nobody outside the scope of his friends to lend credence to how it happened or why.

Saying he was protecting Tori from her father would be a great defense, if Tori was alive to talk about it. Since she's not, other plans must be explored. Or you take it on the run. I don't expect Vincent to go far. He'll go underground, but never far from Cat.

Gabe is still around, talking about winning Catherine back. Given the last scene of him watching the news about Vincent, sucking down a cocktail with a smirk on his face, I believe his innocent act is exactly that -- an act. 

It was awfully convenient that Cat's father, Reynolds, sent money for a guy to plant Windor's heart in Vincent's fridge, but when Gabe and Reynolds were alone together, it sure seemed like there might have been continued conversations between them since he's been inside. 

Could Gabe want Cat so badly that he'd be willing to work with the devil to get at her? I think so.

JT and Tess are a real couple now. They had a bit of a misunderstanding about where they wanted to be in their relationship, and it was all because Tess was protecting Cat. She didn't want to flaunt the fact she could have a normal thing with JT while Cat still suffered the consequences of loving a beast.

It was a really sweet moment between two characters who greatly deserve to be happy. Tess had that time with Joe the adulterer and JT has spent his life covering for Vincent. Having a gal who knows all his secrets and can kick as when needed is perfect. Who hasn't been rooting for them to fall together almost as much as Cat and Vincent?

Of course, we have the central story of Cat and Vincent and their love for each other. Was that ever in question? Nope. But Vincent draws the line at allowing "his gem" to get into legal trouble at his expense. Cat really should have known he wasn't going to let her get into any trouble, but they were both under pressure so we'll cut them some slack for trying to out-save each other.

The story of Beauty and the Beast has always been built around an underground beast who wants to be with his beauty, but for various reasons cannot. Going on the run and hiding away takes the story back into that direction. It's not ideal for those who want to see the two happy, but what is happiness?

Can Cat and Vincent be happy if they're apart, but working to find their way to a perfect ending? Absolutely. It will also make their moments together so much important. They'll make every second count, and that's what has been missing during most of Beauty and the Beast Season 2. Our lovers were at odds and hardly making the seconds count.

We want romance. We want love. We want hot, steamy kisses and we want lines like this:

Cat, don't you get it? You are my gem. I want to take you everywhere with me.


Of course, someone is always plotting against them. It makes them stronger when they are together. Reynolds let on that Muirfield was never really dead and gone (thanks, Dad, for not making that clear earlier!) and Cat finds herself captured with a bag over her head as the credits roll. Who is behind it??

What do you hope happens during the next five episodes as we prepare to roll into Season 3? Do you expect Gabe to be behind what's happening to Vincent despite his assurance to the contrary? Hey -- he could have been hiding organs just in case Cat left him. I still can't get over that smirk.

I'll admit I would have been happier if Gabe was gone from Cat's side with his incessant "win you back" talk, but despite anything he does our heroes are stronger than ever. Not prison, not distance and certainly not another man or woman shall come between their hearts again. They'll fight together to find their happy ending. It's just going to take a long time to get there.

Do you think Gabe is still working against Vincent in some capacity?

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i really like gabe though

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Yay Carissa- Beauty and the Beast is back, in more ways than one. This episode had shades of Season 1. For once, the entire show was true to itself. There was humour, danger and love. That is what Beauty and the Beast is all about. There was no stupid dialogue. The action was great. And yes, I agree that the kissy, kissy scene in the shower needed to be longer. But it made me smile a lot. It just was ...... well........SIGH- I just luvvvv this show. ( I am such a sap... I love romance and love and hot sexy steamy mcdreamy). And they played that song..... their first dance. This was one of my main complaints this season. You have to tie Season 1 to Season 2 and etc. This was the first such episode to make sense and tap into what the viewers want to see on occaision. My main concern is Season 3. I blame Brad Kern for the way the ratings dropped. As you mentioned, Carissa- not for minute did the viewers buy into the idea that Vincat fell out of love. And what followed was a waste of valuable, precious episodes. So, the ratings tanked as a result. After the indelible first season- while it had its faults, it seemed to find its feet from episode 11 to the end. It was fairly cohesive. I just had issues with idiotic, at time incomprehensible dialogue and that stupid stupid Red storyline. So what do they do.... oh yeah, lets aggrivate the fans further and hire another red head. Nice move...sarcasm. Not to mention a waste of what could have been a cool storyline. Torie could have been an asset to the scooby gang. There are bad guys we all love to hate. And there are characters we just hate. Torie was in the "we hate her column" because it was an obvious repeat of another storyline which we as viewers- hated. Which leads me into one of my biggest complaints about the writers/producers. There are way too many questions that need to be answered. As I have mentioned before, who killed Cat's mom? Why was she killed.? Who killed Thomas and why? How did Vincent find out about the fact the Thomas was not Cat's dad? Where where are the remnants of Vincent's family? Cleary he has nieces and nephews? Which means sister-in-laws who would recognise Vincent if they saw him on.. oh yeah- TV????!!!!!!!!! So, we have a 13 episodes in Season 3...... I am hoping the writers have gotten the MESSAGE LOUD AND CLEAR. WE want humour, danger and romance. Leave Vincent and Catherine to explore what it means to be a couple, all the while navigating through life. ( p.s.- I am going to enjoy watching Gabe trying and not getting what he wants. Gonna be real fun.)

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I like the urgency that was going on in the episode...their need to be together against the was nice to have this feeling back! about Gabe...if he is really involved in all the mess, he is a lost cause! how can he think he will be able to get her back?
if he is enjoying the manhunt...sorry but he is a sad excuse of a someone said in the comments, his only purpose is to win Cat back...what a bore!

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Amy jackey

I'm glad that Beauty and the Beast is back on again. :) I'm also glad there is going to be a 3rd season.

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I couldn't agree more with this review. It was a great come back, specially because it is closer to the original idea of the underground beast (or the runaway beast) and his above ground beauty. The original show followed this storyline along a few seasons successfully. Whatever they overcome for those brief moments in between the 2 worlds is the heart of the show. Besides, Kristin and Jay do an extraordinary job. I'm so happy the show was given a green light for another season, I believe it will get better and better.

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I havent watched the episode completely but Im starting to realize that Gabe character is only in the show just to win Catheirne back that is his only purpose at this moment on the show so he starts with all these jelousy rants towards Vincent and get revente at him for taking Catherien away from him. Catherine and him never really had a couple relationship I never see a relationship really flourishing between them. So I may agree with others when say enough with Gabe. He is much better doing what he does best at his job at the police force. His job as a lover or a bf it really sucks.... Either the producers find him another gf so he can focus on that other girl or do not let him have any gf and focus only on his job at the precint or get rid of him and find another captain who do not interfere between Catherine and Vicent.

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Un bonheur de les revoir vivement la suite vincat ensemble c'est fantastique ils peuvent tout surmonter

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Thank you for a great review.
I simply loved this episode. It had all the right ingredients from suspense, action, drama, just loved. I wish we had more VinCat moments. Loved the shower scene before they were rudely interrupted by that annoying Gabe.
Just wish someone would take him away. He has been nothing but trouble.
Can't wait to see what happens next week. Who kidnapped Cat?...

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Tina hairston

That was a great review. Loved last night's episode and you picked up my favorite line when Vincent told Cat that she was his gem:). I don't think Gabe was smirking for any other reason except that he'd sent the cops after Vincent that 2nd time because they knew EXACTLY where to go and there's no way the cops saw him get there. He knew that if he could get the cops to Cat before Vincent there'd be no way they could run off together. LOSER!! I'm so over him. He's so delusional about getting Cat back which makes him the worst kind of stalker. "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." He's truly her enemy but he's got her snowed so far because her focus has and always will be Vincent. YAY!! JT and Tess are too cute. JT is just what Tess needs because he's a good guy and not out for just a quick lay. I never thought Muirfield was gone. That would've been too easy but I don't think it's them. I'm thinking it's those other people that popped up trying to get the gem. Makes sense that there'd be more than just those that came after Tori and ended up dead. CAN'T WAIT UNTIL MONDAY!!!!

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Great review, thanks ! I loved this episode, having VinCat together again , in love, it was great. It should had been this way all season....Only bad part, that Gabe is still around , please enough with him. I am sure he is the one trying to hurt Vincent because he is jealous Cat chose Vincent. I really hope Gabe dies this season and he is not back the next one, I cannot take the guy any longer,

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