Devious Maids Review: Nick's Confession

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Just as promised in my exclusive interview with Mark Deklin, Nick revealed a very shocking secret to Marisol while in a drug-induced haze on Devious Maids Season 2 Episode 10

He said, You have to believe me. I never met for it to happen. He was right in front of me. I didn't mean to kill him. I'm so sorry.

Like Marisol, I was thinking... WHAT?! However, I also couldn't help but think the "he" in Nick's confession could still likely be Barrett Powell. 

The new Mrs. Deering was obviously very distraught and wanted to get to the bottom of what Nick said, even if he denied every word being truthful. She eventually realized that Opal was blackmailing him all along and left her ring behind when she felt like he wasn't honest. 

On Devious Maids Season 2 Episode 9, Ethan was stabbed by Carmen and got away but was bleeding like crazy. Valentina called Remi, the only person she could trust and who could help.

I was kind of surprised that Ethan actually came clean to Valentina, and I was glad that she told him that she would only forgive him if he took responsibility for all that had happened. Of course Ethan didn't feel like he had a choice.

Valentina left upset and swerved while trying to wipe away her tears. Unfortunately, she was pulled over and the cop saw that her backseat was filled with Ethan's blood. I really hope that Ethan mans up and goes to the police.  

Elsewhere, Spence received some bad news from his divorce attorney: Peri was taking their son away to Europe. Spence drowned in his sorrows alongside Carmen with far too much alcohol.

Luckily, Carmen came to her senses and realized that she didn't want to play any part in Spence becoming a drunk. Something tells me that it might be too late and Spence really needs Rosie right now. 

Rosie had her hands full with trying to help Kenneth. I seriously am so disgusted with Reggie and am so ready for Rosie to put him in his place. I wish I could say that I can't believe he put his own uncle in the hospital, but it's been clear for weeks he is a psychopath and so money hungry. 

Other Thoughts:

  • I can't say that I was all too interested in Genevieve's storyline with her mother. I felt like we'd already seen enough of what we needed to see last week and it all felt a bit predictable. 
  • It was nice not to see Ty this week, but I really missed the Powells
  • Don't forget to check out our Devious Maids quotes section to rehash some of the funniest moments of this installment.
  • Only three episodes remain in Devious Maids Season 2. I'm not really ready to see the maids go just yet. 

Overall, "Long Day's Journey Into Night" picked up the pace quite a bit with Nick's intriguing confession and Valentina finding out about what Ethan and his friends have been up to lately. Let's hope the remaining installments are just as strong. 

What did you think of Devious Maids Season 2 Episode 10?


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I really wanted to like this show, but I don't like the way Marc Cherry portrays blacks and latinos. The only black person in theentire shhow was a butler.. Marc barely had a black person on Desperate Housewives. Then when he does he picks the whitest black woman in the business Vanessa Williams.
Devious Maids is a complete flop, the acting is terrible. I only wanted to see it because Judy Reyes was part of the cast. I didn't even bother to finish season 1

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REally liked this episode. The plot thickens. I like that. Still thinks Nick killed the Powells' boy. Marisol trying to drug him was hilarious.
Spence def needs Rosie. Though Reggie needs some whooppin !
Valentina... I honestly hope she gets out of this ok. Ethan should just give himself up already ! Remi is getting HOTTER !!!!!
I like Genevieve's SL.

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My hair is the crime.


He’s a lecherous masseur that touches me inappropriately. I’m going to file a complaint someday.