Drop Dead Diva Review: One Last Second Chance

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A lot was riding on Drop Dead Diva Season 6 Episode 11 once Grayson hit the return button into a brand new life.

This development has given the series a shot of adrenaline as it marches towards the series finale (I know, I'm still bummed about that too).

Drop Dead Diva Season 6 Episode 10 was a definite game-changer for the program, as Grayson's death and eventual return into Ian's body brought the show's love story full circle.

Now that both Deb and Grayson have the shared experience of getting a second chance, they can truly understand each other completely. Grayson finally has a deeper meaning of what it was like for Deb when she took over for Jane; and Jane now understands what it was like for Grayson when he found out the truth about her. 

The biggest fear I had about "Ian" was that he's not Grayson. Jackson Hurst has been Grayson for so long that I was not sure that I could ever truly envision Jane with someone else. For all intents and purposes, we never really knew Deb; we've always been with Jane.

It's not the same for Grayson, but Ian still has enough Grayson in him to do Grayson justice (but I'm still going to miss Grayson's old body). 

Ian very much feels like Grayson. Having Jane walk him through his growing pains and becoming accustomed to his new life and body eases the burden for Grayson and the doubt I was feeling about the return button. There's no second guessing or wondering that Grayson hit return for and wound up in Ian - he is really in there.

Most important, though, for Jane and Grayson, it's never been about the body, but rather the soul as Jane mentions to Ian:

After what we've been through a little thing like Death Row isn't going to keep us apart.


But the body does matter because aside from Stacy, and maybe Paul, no one else is in on what really happened. Owen, and soon everyone else in Jane's life, are going to see Jane starting a relationship with a man she helped get off death row.

Owen's already shocked and bothered at the end of the installment by Jane kissing Ian. 

This is what intrigues me the most: how does Ian get back to being Grayson without being Grayson? Ian might be out of prison, but his stint on death row is going to follow him for the rest of his life. There's no saying whether or not he'll be able to practice law, and they still need to figure out a story for the people in their lives.

With that in mind...

What happens next for Jane and Ian? 


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I thought it was surprisingly super sweet. I was prepared NOT to like it, but the actor really brought the essence of Grayson; his sweetness, his love of Jane, his intelligence. I think, looking back, it is a FINE way to show that what we love about someone SHOULD be their heart; their soul, what makes them tick. NOT just the body they are housed in. LOVED how they so quickly worked together, and was even willing to believe that Jane and Owen (and Grayson) solved a death row case in one day. What gets me is why Jane wouldn't have figured that Owen might be at her house with Stacy - WHY did they not go somewhere they knew would be safe and private for his first night back? That, to me, felt like needless drama.

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Ian/Grayson can be a paralegal and he and Jane, maybe with Terri in tow can kick legal case butt! Or...he can pursue interests "real" Grayson never had time to. I'll admit, I"m starting to warm to Ian as Grayson. http://tvruckus.com/2014/06/09...

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