Graceland Review: Caught Up

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Tonight's Graceland episode had a little bit of everything: Johnny getting in over his head, Jakes on a downward spiral and Mike and Paige getting closer.

Indeed, Graceland Season 2 Episode 3 was setting up for something big, but we'll have to wait two weeks to find out just what!

Tuturro's In Trouble

I think we should start from the beginning with Jakes dealing with the aftermath of his encounter with Cassandra in Graceland Season 2 Episode 2. My heart goes out to him, what an awful thing for Cassandra to do.

But what is the first things Jakes does after his breakdown? Go to Graceland, of course! It's really a house of brothers and sisters, ready to break up the early morning drunken brawl, and, much like Graceland Season 1, most of the scuffle took place between Johnny and Jakes.

It seems everyone will have a role to play in helping Jakes get back on his feet, but this case may very well present a prime opportunity, as he and Paige may have stumbled onto something much bigger than just smuggling drugs through the bus system; it appears they are using people was well.

From the preview for the episode airing in two weeks, it appears Jakes will be getting embedded a lot deeper in the operation - and hopefully it will pull him away from the bottle.

What was really interesting to me about this episode is how much everyone Mike has enlisted for this op is encountering situations decidedly more dangerous and potentially self-harming than they were last season.

I mean, Paige had her hand stabbed and Johnny almost got himself shot with an antique French gun. Both of those encounters were in aid of Mike's case, which is being rushed due to D.C.'s need for results. I am seriously concerned that Mike is pushing this stuff through at the expense of the other housemates.

I am really interested in seeing where this storyline, which includes people being used as mules in the drug trafficking trade - like the young Ukranian girl in the episode tonight. You wonder if this is going to be something Paige gets more involved in moving forward, given the lengths she tried to go to in order to try and help the young girl we saw tonight.

Can't help but think, too, that this might put Mike's new love interest in a very dangerous position that even he can't foresee. Hopefully it doesn't lead to something he'll regret.

In other news, there was no change in the status of the missing Badillo tape. I am seriously starting to wonder how this will come into play later on. I just have this feeling it's going to pop back up at the exact moment we would expect it the least!

What do you think, fellow Agents? Is Mike putting everyone unnecessarily at risk?


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"Mike" is a "suit" who is more concerned about padding his stats than worrying about safety. He's throwing caution to the wind confident that he will make it all work out in the end. So far, so good.

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Sarah silva

Johnny sure has an attitude this season!
I think the housemates are being disrespectful to Mike. He is the team leader for this case and they should not question what he asks them to do. He is their boss for now and they should respect that.
Johnny went and bought the guns on his own, he did not tell Mike about it and when they saw they were French guns, Johnny was all confident saying he could handle it. So therefore it was not Mike's fault.
Also Paige went to the drug dealer on her own, she was not going to tell Mike until Brigg's came in and new that her white dress meant she was going to see the dealer. She could have had her hand stabbed by him any of the times she went to see him.
Last season Charlie was trying to solve her case and she got into trouble, got hooked on drugs etc! So Mike being in charge is not putting them in more danger they were all in some form of danger last season too!
I like Jakes at times and at others I do not like him at all. I am not sure if keeping him around was the best move. If he does not stop drinking he will be a liability!
When I read about this upcoming season the said that the Paige storyline will play out most of the season so she will most likely get in over her head trying to help the young woman that are trafficking drugs!
I really like Paige and Mike.

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@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

(Paige) could have had her hand stabbed by him any of the times she went to see him. I'm not sure I agree. Briggs' theory was right--Paige deviated from her usual MO and the dealer got suspicious. Instead of showing up alone and buying a few grams like she usually does without getting stabbed, she shows up with a stranger who wants a kilo and she did that because Mike pushed her to. THAT got her stabbed.

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Sarah silva
@ MrWriteSF

Paige decided on HER OWN to go and do the drug deal. If Briggs thought it was a bad idea he would have said something to Mike as everyone tells him when they do not like something. This was not Mike's fault, Paige knows that as she did not blame Mike at all.

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@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

Briggs DID say it wasn't a good idea--that was the bit about dealers acting like field mice that retreat back into their hidey-hole when they sense something's wrong; that's when Mike asked Briggs to tag along. Afterward, Paige told Mike they were moving too fast. She may not have laid blame directly at Mike's feet (HELLOOOOO...she's sleeping with him!!!!!), but the perception is still there.

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I agree. Mike's become quite imperious, and now he's shitting where he eats on BOTH coasts. This can't end well. Good thing he's pretty. :-) BTW, is that it for the new guy?

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Exactly. This rookie is now the boss and he really doesn't know what he's doing. Everybody else is working their ass off, including Paige, and what is Mike doing, nothing. I gotta say, I'm starting to get turned off with this story line. The idea of this show is so wonderful and it's ashame they have taken this low road and what's up with TV Fanatic only having only Mikes picture in the header? Boo on you.

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When did this become the Mike show? The guy who plays Mike is not as charismatic as Briggs. Why is Briggs being pushed aside? I hope this rookie who was chosen to lead a team of experienced agents doesn't get them killed. Mike is juggling too much and he is clearly not Briggs

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