Kristin Kreuk Teases Beauty and the Beast Return, A Sexy Shower Scene & More

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Ready, Beasties?

After what has felt like an eternity, Beauty and the Beast Season 2 roars back into action tonight on The CW with six new episodes.

The main thrust of the first installment, of course, is the fact that Vincent is thrown in jail and Catherine, Gabe, JT and Tess have to work together to try to get him out (or at least stop him from getting all ‘beasty’ while in the slammer).

Will there be time for more in the Cat/Vincent romance? Will Gabe let Catherine go that easily now that she’s broken up with him to be with Vincent? And what is everyone going to think when they find out JT and Tess have been hitting the sheets?

Who better to get all those questions answered but Kristin Kreuk, who talked to me last week about all the above and how she feels about one sexy scene we see in Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 17...

In the Tunnels

TV Fanatic: I think the Beasties will be very happy with this first episode back.

Kristin Kreuk: I think so, too!

TVF: What’s the broad scope on these last episodes getting us to the season two finale?

KK: As you know, Vincent was arrested at the end of the last episode we saw so that’s how the entire arc is, which is essentially figure out who put Vincent in jail in the first place. So once we determine who didn’t put him in jail, it puts the characters on a path to figure out who or what that entity may be and also get Vincent exonerated of his crimes.

TVF: Is it safe to say a lot of what happens in these episodes will lead us to season 3 or is the chapter closing?

KK: No, this is going to lead us directly into season 3. It will give us some of Catherine’s historical family history and we’ll also get an understanding of who the people or person is who has been manipulating the situation behind the scenes. We’ll also have a big story around Gabe.

TVF: I like that Cat’s dear old Dad is still around even though he’s not very nice…

KK: No, Dad’s pivotal and he’s important to Catherine’s arc and some of the information he holds and nobody else.

TVF: Is there any redemption for him or any hope for a father-daughter relationship of some kind moving forward or is that all out the window?

KK: I think there’s hope because he is her father and it depends on what he decides to do, obviously. But I think every time Catherine is with him she hopes underneath it all that he’s good and he can be her father because she has no parent and she desperately wants one so that’s always there. Will he ever be forgiven for everything? I don’t know.

TVF: Is the love triangle with Gabe and Vincent over? As of now, we know Catherine has let Gabe go but I’m not sure Gabe is going to give up so easily.

KK: The triangle is over in the sense that there’s no reciprocity. Catherine doesn’t want to be with Gabe but Gabe’s feelings are not shallow. He wants to be with Catherine. I don’t know how much of it is love or possessiveness ultimately but he does love her.

TVF: How is Catherine going to feel when she finds out about JT and Tess?

KK: How she finds out is really so trivial and you’ll see how it unfolds. The stakes are so high that ‘Hey, I had sex with JT’ is so not important compared to Vincent is in jail for murder.

TVF: But there is time for some shower action in the episode…

KK: That was a fun scene. It was essentially me giggling the whole time…it ended up being a really sweet scene.

TVF: In general, since you’ve been playing Catherine for awhile, is the stunt work just second nature at this point?

KK: Honestly, it’s never been super difficult for me. I like it and I think it’s going to be a part of the show always. Some people love that adrenaline rush and I don’t love that feeling (laughs) so for myself I’m a little bit out of my head. My brain shuts off and it doesn’t work anymore and I feel out of control sometimes when I go into more primitive kicking people mode. But it’s a part of Catherine and it’s a part of the show. We have some good fights in the next episodes that people will enjoy.

TVF: I know you haven’t started shooting the new season yet but what is your hope for season 3 as far as Catherine’s journey?

KK: I would really like to see her understand her purpose and her mission. Like any hero character that we watch, I really want her to understand and feel her purpose in life and own that fully.

TVF: Any message for The Beasties? My Twitter feed may have blown up when I said I was talking to you.

KK: (laughs) I think The Beasties are going to be very happy with the next episodes that they get to see now. I know they’re excited for the show is back on the air. I think they’ll get their Vincent and Catherine moments and it will be all the sweeter because they’ve been apart for so long.

Beauty and the Beast airs Mondays at 9pm on the CW.

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Enjoyed the interview! I know these last six episodes of season 2 will be very intense. I am so happy to have Vincat back! I can't wait to see how everything plays out with Gabe and how Vincent will deal with him. I am so happy for JT&T, it's great, they deserve it!

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After seeing last night ep S2 17, i can only say that it was one of the best ever S1 or S2! The shower scene is so sweet and we all felt what KK is saying about gigling during the scene shooting! This show is amazing and all the caracters are growing so well! Austin Basis nailed it in this ep! He was amazing! And the romance is back again.. SO HAPPY, SO HAPPY!! I want Monday now please!

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I am so happy to have the show back. Looking forward to some pretty romantic scenes for VinCAt. That is what this show is all about. It is not the action and the drama it is the epic love story and I hope that now the writer's stay true to that. The action, drama etc seems to have taken over a major part of this show and with the amazing chemistry between JR and KK we want and need more VINCAT love scenes, like we saw in season 1 only more intense, after this season. But another big story around GABE. I am sick to death of Gabe! This is beauty and the beast and Gabe has had way too much emphasis put on him in this season so time to say bye! bye and keep focussimg on Vincent and Catherine and their epic love!

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Premiere fois que je suis completement accro a une serie et au couple qui pour moi est le meilleur

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Thank you very much for above interview.
I absolutely loved episode 17, loved the VinCat moments and also great JTnT moments. It was definitely worth the wait.
I do hope we will have more VinCat moments in the remaining 5 episodes. The showe scene was not enough.
As for Gabe can someone please shoot him. He really is getting on my nerves.
I'm just so happy my beloved show is back! ! Thanks again for this lovely interview.

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It was definitely an action packed episode but a little disappointed in some of what was not there. I don't want to spoil anything for those that have not seen it. What I want from now on is some pretty satisfying romantic moments between Vincent and Cat. The season has been all about splitting them up and putting them together in a more foundational way according to Brad Kerns, which was not as successful as he would have hoped. So now, for the remaining 5 episodes need to be all about them being TOGETHER, overcoming challenges TOGETHER, and some sweet VINCAT romance scenes!

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@ Sylvia

And I am a little concerned about Kristin "thinking we will get some VinCat moments". We better!

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Argg, big story around Gabe? Horrible news, I''m not interested in Gabe, the character takes too much screen time as it is.

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What a lovely interview! And having seen the ep last night in Canada, I can say that Kristin is right about everything..and more! Can't wait to see the remaining eps. :)

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