Mistresses Review: Who's That Knocking at Your Door?

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Am I the only one who wanted to shake Savi at the end of Mistresses Season 2 Episode 3? It can't be just me, right?

Imean, first creepy (albeit hot) Zach shows up late to the open house and then he shows up at her door days later, acting very strange and she just stands there with a smile. 

I found myself waiting for the guy to push his way in and stab her with a kitchen utensil. Luckily, this is Mistresses and not CSI.

Who is Zach? What does he want? And does Savi really need another incredibly hot guy on her doorstep? Never mind, that's a dumb question. But no one can say she doesn't have enough issues with the men in her life. 

Let's start with Harry, who can't even bring himself to talk to Savi. He couldn't even take Joss' advice…

Fine, if you can't talk to her then text her. That's why texting was invented, to avoid any chance of intimacy.


Since when did Joss end up being the most level headed woman in this bunch. Well, maybe that's pushing it, but not by much. 

But back to Savi and Harry…

Their fight was brutal. He's still completely broken over laying his heart on the line in that hospital room and having her choose Dom anyway. The look in his eyes was crushing. To Harry, Savi is the most selfish woman he's ever met. 

Savi's quick to point out the other side of that coin. Harry spent months freezing her out after she'd cheated on him and she felt the only reason he forgave her was that she was on death's door. It had gotten to the point where neither one of them trusted the other. They still don't and for all of the love that was once there, now there's nothing but sadness and pain. 

Back at work, Toni's dresses were so tight that I wondered why she bothered wearing them at all as she pushed her cleavage up into Dom's face as she pouted about having to split his attention with Savi. Extra points to Dom for actually being able to look Toni in the eye during that conversation. 

April had the strangest day. First Mickey's helping her throw a party that has half naked men splattered in paint and serving tequila. So that's what things are like at private school, not that I'm complaining. 

Steven tuned out not only to be an ass during their date, he's also married and the father of one of Lucy's friends. Awkward!

And who do I need to log a complaint with for not having any sexy, smoldering Daniel in this ep?  I don't know how Daniel and April are going to top their lovemaking on canvas but I'm certainly looking forward to them giving it a try.

Dr. Kim was almost kind of normal… in her Karen Kim train wreck kind of a way as she was on her way to meet with Jacob. Joss had to clarify that in this Mistresses quote

Are we talking about the same Jacob who reported you to the psych board to have your license suspended?


Yes, that Jacob. Apparently, Karen's pretty clueless when it comes to dating unless it's one of her patients. So will Jacob change his mind and search her out once again? My guess is that these two will hook up before the season ends. 

But it was my gal Joss who had most of the best lines of the night. Now it's your turn TV Fanatics. Tell us which one was your favorite.

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Mistresses is a somewhat guilty pleasure of mine that really takes me back to the days when Desperate Housewives was still an incredible show before it became the monstrosty that it eventually developed into. Even so, I love this show. However, I've so far been very disappointed with this season, its been boring, and difficult to watch, none of the characters can hold my attention. I was hoping Savi's husband would disappear for a few episodes only to return with a bang in the second half of the season, instead, the shows doing everything I hoped they wouldn't with him! I'm praying they don't pair him up with Joss, I know this shows like a soap opera but no, just...no. I prefer Dom as a character wayy better but I know that eventually he and Savi will break up for one reason or another.

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April once again pulled out this episode. The coffee date, and then the wife showing up for cocktails was hilarious. Karen ' journey back to dating was fun.
Savi once again was just a big disappointment. Harry speech was great, and I also wished he had ended it with telling her how much he loves her, just to make her feel even more uncomfortable. I don't remember everything from last season but I don't recall Harry doing anything that might make her feel like she lost trust in him. He was there at her bedside after the accident, proclaiming his undying love. I've said before, I am not a Savi fan.
As to Jake and the next week preview. I don't think this is any kind of new love interest for Savi. The serious tone in his voice, when he returned has me speculating that he may have news about Harry or maybe something about last season accident.

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Sarah silva

Another great episode!
I really like Daniel and I knew that there was a reason April did not hear from him. I am so glad next week that he gets to meet her friends. I hope that means he will be sticking around.
I did not like Steven and it turns out he is married and Lucy's new BFF's father!
Joss is great, I love her. The show better not have her and Harry hook up, I will not be impressed.
So Savi chose Dom, because she felt that Harry chose her because of her accident! That gives me one more reason why Savi and Dom are not meant to be.
That fight between Savi and Harry was heartbreaking but they both had very valid points. I would like them to get back together.
Karen was finally ready to go back to dating, I am a little surprised that Jacob turned her down, the guy liked her for the longest time!
I need to know who that guy is, could Savi and Joss have a brother?
I thought the same thing about Toni's dresses, yes this is a tv show but a lawyer would not wear a dress with that much cleavage!

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Spindae 2o

good ep! Really dig this more mature not Telenovela alike story telling. I loved Savi and Harry's fight, it worked out perfectly. I just needed Harry to scream at the end: I forgave U cause I can't imagine life without U! - but I'm sure this will come.
Karen, April & Joss were all funny & entertaining! Hopefully the get solid stories along the way.

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Mistresses Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Fine, if you can't talk to her then text her. That's why texting was invented, to avoid any chance of intimacy.


Are we talking about the same Jacob who reported you to the psych board to have your license suspended?