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Murder in the First Review: Who Dun It?

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Not one murder. Not two murders. Three potentially connected murders were introduced in the Murder in the First premiere.

That's crazy, right?

All three deaths were connected in some way to billionaire tech wizard, Erich Blunt, played by Harry Potter baddie, Tom Felton. Instead of introducing and solving a new murder case each week like other procedurals, Murder in the First will track these cases from the beginning to the end over ten episodes.

Taye Diggs as Terry English
Terry English is a homicide detective and former Marine. At home, he takes care of his terminally ill wife, Emily.

Murder in the First Season 1 Episode 1 opened by introducing us to the two detectives who would be investigating the murders, Terry English and Hildy Mulligan. So far, they haven't had much trouble finding and interpreting the evidence necessary to move their case forward.

They uncovered the truth about Kevin's connection to Erich and possibly to Sarah Harbach's murder 22 years before without any difficulty. It will be interesting to see if these murders come up again or if the police are satisfied that the duck tattoo man killed Kevin on his own. I'll be disappointed if there's not more to them.

Out of all the characters introduced, Erich, is by far the most complex and intriguing. Is he a murderer? Or, perhaps unlucky by birth? I'm not sure, but he's a young, successful and powerful man who's used to getting what he wants and doesn't care what others think about him.

While I don't like Erich, he has a special charm about him. When Terry and Hildy first visited him, he dismissed them and gave her a wink. It was in that moment that I was drawn into Erich's persona and wanted to find out more about him. He's arrogant enough to believe he could get away with the killings, but I hope it's not him.

If he was going to kill someone or have someone killed, wouldn't Jeremy have been a better target? Despite Erich's dismissal of Jeremy's claims appeared to have some validity. Jeremy didn't come across as someone who was trying to take advantage of Erich's wealth, rather someone who was cheated out of his contribution.

The big difference is that if Erich killed Kevin or Cindy, it would have been out of a personal rage and anger. His "sperm donor" wasn't a good man and seemingly killed his mother and he had a romantic fling with Cindy. In this first hour, there wasn't any mention of forensic evidence so it's difficult to know at this point, what's what.

I'm intrigued to find out how Cindy ended up at the bottom of her staircase naked. if it wasn't Erich, my next guess was her boss, Bill Wilkerson, but the pilot seemed genuinely upset and perplexed when he found the body.

The pace of the case and investigation in the first hour gives me hope that Murder in the First won't fall into the never-ending, slow pace that other recent single case shows have fallen into. HIldy and Terry's investigative methods were top notch. I especially liked how they scared the wits out of the two young copper thieves.

As engaging as I found the murder investigations, I can't say the same about Hildy or Terry's personal lives. Her life as a single mother didn't provide an real insight into her character or her ability to do her job. The only exception was when she found the rubber ducky and that was margin at best.

Terry's wife's condition and her coming death clearly affected his ability to do his job. His outbursts were unprofessional and threatened his job entirely. While it was touching how much he loves his wife and struggled, it didn't feel right for the story. It felt forced upon the rest of the hour. That could change as he deals with Emily's death, but that was one aspect of the show I wish wasn't there at this point.

Overall, the premiere was entertaining. The multiple murders and people involved have set up for a season-long mystery that I'm looking forward to seeing solved.

Did Erich kill any of the victims?



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The pilot killed Cindy- thats my gut feeling. Maybe D Hop did c a man with a bird tattoo or a bird motif- like when the detectives go to the pilots house they see a bird logo on his car and many men in uniform have tattoos would love to see a tattoo on the pilot. Tom felton is delicious in his role as usual.


Tom Felton really lost his British accent completely for this show. He speaks English (US) and you cannot even tell that he is British, impressive!! Definitely his days as Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter;s movies are gone!!!


I was really looking forward to seeing this show! It was good and I have some comments. Best part: Tom Felton's acting. Really, his portayal of computer whiz kid, Erich Blunt, had a depth and complexity not often seen on television. Viewers have to watch him carefully because anything could happen and he might give away a clue about his guilt (or innocence) with a gesture. Congratulations on casting him in such a key role. Now for a suggestion that will make it easier for viewers to follow:
Please, please mark a return to the show from a commercial. Use a
musical riff and an establishing shot so that we know that the story has returned from commercial break. (Best example is NCIS with a black and white shot from the end of the segment.) This is really important because many of us also take a break--even if it's simply to focus our attention elsewhere. An established cue will make sure we don't miss any dialogue or plot developments. Also, I realize that years of CSI and NCIS have spoiled us with forensics reveals that allow the plot development to move forward...I mean, DNA results in minutes?...but it seems that forensic evidence is
not used as much in this investigative team. That is perfectly OK but it would be nice to have it at about the same level as a real investigation. One last thing: would it be possible to give us a few scenes from the next episode that are identified as such? At the end when you ran the scenes I didn't know if you were reviewing the episode we just saw or catching us up with a time lapse. It was confusing. If I'm seeing scenes from next weeks show, I need to know that before I see them. Thank you for listening to my feedback. Murder in the First looks like a promising series and I would like to see it be a smashing success! Sincerely,


This was a pretty good pilot.
I did not love it but I enjoyed it enough to tune in again next week.


Can anyone tell me the name of the actress who played the dying wife?

@ jimmiejoejohnson

Yes her name is Anne Marie Johnson and she is most famous for playing Althea Tibbs on the drama "In the Heat of the Night".

@ jimmiejoejohnson

I do not recall her name but I think she played the congresswomen from MI on JAG and a col on NCIS in Requim

@ retiredinlavernia

Anne Marie Johnson.


I enjoyed the pilot. Good charactor intro but do not like the cases going over several shows. I think I will dvr and watch several at the same time several weeks from now. God willing I will be able to .

@ retiredinlavernia

IKR? 'The Killing' tried that and we all know how that ended up


This seems like a reboot of Bochco's 1996 "Murder One." I thought the first season of that show (with Daniel Benzali) may have been the best procedural ever...