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Murder in the First Review: Circus is Coming

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Is Erich Blunt a good liar or is he really innocent?

On Murder in the First Season 1 Episode 2, Erich defied his lawyer's advice and confronted the cops head on, instead of keeping quiet. He presented a good front for his innocence, but the cops decided he was a suspect and held firm on pursing it.

Usually on police procedurals, the cops are presented as righteous, while the accused are the bad guys. Murder in the First has turned that around a bit over the first two episodes by overly focusing their investigation on Blunt despite no clear evidence that he's involved. He's a high-profile target who had a relationship with the victim and his conviction would provide more exposure for the department.

Cindy's ex-boyfriend admitted to having a troubled relationship with her and they had an altercation the night before her death. He would appear to be a better suspect than Erich. I have to give the police a little credit for not focusing their case entirely on Erich. He may be the prime suspect with the best detectives pursuing him, but they are looking into all the men from Cindy's life. 

Hildy was the "water girl" or a more fitting title would be "DNA collection specialist." She took a water bottle from the ex-boyfriend, a snotty tissue from the boss and gum involved in a saliva swapping kiss with Erich. With the exception of the water bottle, the legality of the DNA collection seems suspect, but I guess if they get a hit, they can get a legally obtained sample later.

I'm not sure why, but Terry and Hildy's methods in the case just rub me the wrong way. I'm not sure why though, since they aren't doing anything extremely manipulative or illegal. They just aren't sympathetic characters. Their home stories seem unnecessary and haven't provided insight into their characters beyond functionally.

I haven't found the value of introducing the death of Terry's wife and the sister-in-law's robe dropping incident was just awkward. At least he didn't take her up on her offer, which I guess showed he does have a moral center. Hildy's single parenthood and dating life also hasn't added to the story.

At this point, the only way I can see these storylines making a difference in the overall story is if Blunt goes to trial and he uses their personal lives against them like he threatened. Through the first two episodes, Terry and Hildy's personal lives have seemed like a frivolous waste of time.

Erich was playing the cops, just as much as they were playing him. Hildy flirted with him and he went right back at her. Despite the games, he came across as an innocent man who was being wrongly accused  or at least overly pursued. Is he that much of a charmer that he has wooed me as a viewer? Perhaps.

Tom Felton's performance is spot on as the brilliant, charming Erich Blunt. He's arrogant enough to ask the cop investigating his case out on a date. That should be suspect, but instead his invitation comes across as a man who gets what he wants with her flirty during the interrogation sparking his interest.

Of course, the date could have been part of his threat to discredit the police when the case goes to trial. It's unclear what his intentions are, but he did give Hildy his plan. He has no fear. 

You see a guy like me, you don't see a human. You see a career opportunity. A way to get that promotion, maybe a book deal, getting on cable TV. You want to be famous? Give people a circus? Put your top hat on, charge me with murder I'll give you a show. I'll eviscerate your case piece by piece. I will put this whole building on trial from the DA to the Doorman. I will embarrass you and I will win because I'm smarter than you and I have more capital at my disposal. More resources than this entire city and I just happen to be innocent. Get a life.

Erich Blunt

The cops have three DNA samples now and two important clues which to compare them to. Cindy was pregnant and the father of her child could have a motive to kill her. The other was gross. Cindy had a semen sample left in her mouth. That evidence match will indicate who was with her within the last 15-20 minutes of her life.

The show's theme at this point is the extremes the police will go to in order to close their case. While the water bottle DNA sample was legally attained, I'm not sure the same can be said about the snotty tissue or the saliva swap gum sample. Plus, Hildy went out on a date with Erich to get his sample. That's risky, especially if she did it on her own volition without informing her partner or superior.

Erich continued to be the main suspect. The cops took his confidence in his declaration of innocence as a sign of his guilt. The DNA matches will provide the next move. Who do you think they will match?

Did the police overstep to collect DNA samples?



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I think the one who Cindy gave a blow job to before she died was Erich - which maybe why he gets arrested in a car park later on in the series. As for the father of the foetus, I think that'll be either the pilot or someone we haven't been introduced to yet. It's too obvious to be Erich and it wouldn't really bother people if it was her ex's. He's not a significant enough character.


Keep your eye on the Steven Weber character. I think he may have a much deeper story to tell...


I think the killer is the guy suing Erich in the first episode. He's setting erich up to take the fall, what other purpose did he serve in the episode?