Rookie Blue Review: Heroes & Screw Ups

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ABC smushed two separate episodes into one Rookie Blue Season 5 premiere - and I kind of hated that they did that as each episode had an entirely different feel. 

So let's start at the beginning: Season 5 picks up right where Rookie Blue Season 4 left off, with Sam Swarek fighting for his life. Although I had not doubt that Sam would survive, I did spend most of the first hour wondering what the heck Nick was up to. 

The Competition

Was he too upset to go back to 15 Division after seeing Andy openly pine for Sam? Maybe that was part of it, but he said he wanted to do something to pay back Sam for taking a bullet for him…so he found his sister.

Estranged sister, as it turns out, and I hope her appearance means we get to know more about Sam's past, which has been a mystery for most of the show. Obviously their father seems to be a big part of their problems.

And I can only guess that there were abuse issues in their childhood. Sarah has forgiven dad, where Sam wants nothing to do with him. As Sam put it in this Rookie Blue quote

You ended up with the forgiveness gene. I ended up with the backbone gene.


Apparently, she can forgive their father, but not Sam for walking away. Which is fine, until she tries to turn Andy against Sam.  

He'll just keep hurting you, so be careful.


The worst part is that it seemed to work as Andy begged off going back to see Sam at the hospital. I truly hope that this doesn't turn out to be the season of McSwarek miscommunication. Sam told Andy that he doesn't want to be sad anymore. She owes him the chance to explain his side of this story before she retreats and starts running scared.

In part 2, Andy took on a new rookie, Duncan Moore, who just happens to be the step-son to the Commissioner. No pressure there!  

But I spent most of the hour wanting to shake Andy. She obviously has as much to learn about being a T.O. as Moore has to learn about being a cop. Like telling him to turn off the cellphone while on duty and never letting him out of her sight because let's face it, the kid's a bit of an idiot. 

I'm never really thrilled when new rookies come on board, so I'm hoping he'll grow on me over time, but as for now I won't be looking forward to scenes with Duncan Moore.

Elsewhere, Dov looked absolutely adorable holding those roses for Chloe. I agree with him: A bouquet of roses definitely trumps a cheap get-well bear.   

Dov was already dealing with a lot…

My amazing, beautiful, hilarious girlfriend who just got shot is married.


Yeah, that's a lot to take in... so he really didn't need the attempted robbery and hostage situation on top of it all. As bad as I felt for Zack getting killed, I couldn't blame the waitress at all for shooting him. Things were quickly spiraling out of control when she ended it permanently.

When Dov got the call about Chloe going into cardiac arrest, I had my heart in my throat watching him sprint back to the hospital. The fear was rolling off of him in waves. I almost wondered if they were going to kill her off, especially since Sam was going to live. 

But it was wonderful to see Dov get his happy ending…

Dov, it was never a choice. It was always you.


I hope we get more of an explanation from Chloe about how she ended up married to Wes and why she stayed married long after it was over. If it's truly because he has a jealous/possessive streak, then she and Dov could be in for a rough road when she finally files for divorce. 

Traci's in for a fight with Dex over custody of Leo and Steve Nash is vowing to be right by her side. I agreed with Steve about getting a full background check on Dex - but I'm not sure how Traci will feel about it. It's obvious that Dex will be willing to play hardball. She doesn't have to use whatever pops up on that report but it will be good to have if she needs it. 

And on a side note, I love watching Traci work as a detective. She's a natural and it adds a lot to her character.

Gail had a complete meltdown after Sam's shooting, which led to an impromptu short new hairstyle. I was really wondering if she was going to break off her new lesbian love affair after she said…

Now that I've told my brother, that juicy bit of news is going to spread like herpes.


Thankfully, it doesn't look like that's going to happen.

Chris was barely seen in either episode but what we did see was rather disturbing. Does he really want to date the pretty coke-head with the overly suggestive pick up lines? He's obviously still reeling from losing his family last season. Something tells me the road he's on is going to be bumpy at best.

Finally, Frank turned in his badge. Is this for real? Don't get me wrong, I love that Ollie is the new acting Staff Sergeant, but is Frank gone for good? I hope we get more answers on that soon.

OK, TV Fanatics, now it's your turn. How would you grade the Rookie Blue two-hour season 5 premiere?


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Okay, I thought that Sarah was supposed to be OLDER than Sam. No way does she act like she's older. Very much came off as a younger sister. Did anyone feel the same?

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@ Delaina

Agreed. She definitely came off as the younger sister to me as well.

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First, Canadian viewers: STOP telling us that you have already watched the episodes! We know that. Moving on, I don't like the Dov and Chloe relationship. She is too needy, too nutty. I get that Wes may be abusive, but why didn't she tell her lover that she was married? Why can't they pair him with a "real" girl. Sam and Andy, Sam and Nick: Why can't this dame make up her mind!

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@ Philada

Yup, it is time for Andy to make a decision one way or the other.

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@ Philada

Hi :)
I am definitely not Canadian, yet I have seen the episodes, I'm not even north american! As for why Chloe did'nt Dov she was married? Oh Idk, maybe she was afraid she'd lose him, plus he was never supposed to meet the other guy!

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Sarah silva

I am so glad that you all in the US are finally getting the season. Now I can read your reviews Christine eventhough I am a few episodes ahead! :) You are going to love this season! You are bang on with a couple things you said but I do not want to spoil anything so that is all I will say. :)

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Wow that Winter seemed to take forever! (& not just because of the wait for RB to come back!)
I was wondering when ABC announced that it would be a 2hr Premiere how they would do that when the first two episodes had NOTHING to do with each other! (only similarities were Sam & Chloe still in the hospital).
(Sorry I'm in the USA and I have already watched the first 5 episodes with the Canadians and it is KILLING me not to answer some of the questions @Christine asked in her review!)
If we're just talking about the 2 episodes tonight (which I watched again) - the one thing that stuck out with me (and I'm anal about details) is Sam is up walking & Chloe is jumping around her hospital bed and they are still IN the hospital!?!? Definitely not the USA healthcare system (or rather Insurance).
I would almost swear that in one of the previous seasons, Sam (when he had a few days off) went to visit his sister (bro-in-law & kids) in St Catharines?!?! Did I dream this?
I am just praying this is not another Season 3 repeat of Sam & Andy "are they?" "aren't they?" and having almost NO scenes together!!

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Love this review! It was a little too much to watch the two of them together since they were both so different but each one had some great lines - as you pointed out. And YES!!!! Not looking forward to Duncan AT ALL!

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@ Cythy

Could someone actually pass the academy and be that CLUELESS?! He's horrible!

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