Rookie Blue Review: You Can't Have It Both Ways

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It was Fight Night for 15 Division and more than just the boxer in the ring was left hurting in Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 3, although he took a pretty good beating.

 Nick's Bad Day

We'll start with Duncan. I never saw Duncan as much of a fighter, despite his ridiculous attempts at bravado and it turns out I was right. One look at his opponent and he immediately bailed. I couldn't say I blamed him. He was going to get killed in that ring. 

Duncan's comment about his step-father, the police commissioner was telling. When Chris reminded him that his step-dad would be there, Duncan said, "He's not coming. He never comes." 

Is that why Duncan became a cop? Was he trying to gain his step-father's attention and approval. He's certainly a guy that feels like he's got something to prove, thankfully just not in the ring. 

When Duncan bailed, Nick stepped up because that's the kind of guy Nick is. Even though Nick says very little, he's obviously still hurting over his breakup with Andy. When he saw her walk in with Sam, he could wait to get back in the ring.

As Nick told Andy earlier in this Rookie Blue quote

Hey, you want to be in the game you might get hurt. You can't have it both ways.


Well, for the second time, Nick was left hurting, albeit this time physically. My guess is that his outsides now reflect what the inside feels like having to see Andy and Sam work together.

Speaking of Sam and Andy, there really isn't much physical affection going on. Are they dating? Besides the halted conversations in the hospital we really haven't seen a lot of forward momentum on the McSwarek front. What's up with that? Plus, Sam definitely noticed Andy watching Nick when he was getting his butt kicked in that ring. 

On other relationship fronts, Dov had a minor confrontation with Wes who may still believe it's his job to "protect" Chloe. It looks as though that possessive streak that Chloe spoke about is starting to show and I can't imagine that leads to anywhere good.

Chris and Chloe were funny as they tried to pull off Fight Night. I felt sorry for Chris when he admitted that he missed being a rookie. Things were certainly simpler then. I hope Chris can find a way to pull it together although I suspect things will get worse before they get better.

During Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 1 I really thought that Gail and Holly were going to implode. Looks like I only had to wait a couple of episodes. 

I like Gail and Holly together. I don't know if it's meant to last but for the most part Gail has seemed calmer and happier with Holly than we've seen her, maybe ever. Yet, at the same time she also hasn't been comfortable in her own skin. Maybe she's not sure about suddenly being a lesbian but it felt as though Gail's been waiting to find an excuse to bail before she got too far in and Holly's friend gave her that out. 

Let's face it, Gail has a history of relationship self-sabotage. Something tells me she's going to have to figure out why that is before she finds lasting love with either a man or a woman. 

On a final note, how funny was it to hear how Celery has rubbed off on Oliver. I really hope we get a few scenes of those two together sometime this season.

OK TV Fanatics, it's your turn. Are Gail and Holly meant to be together?

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This is from Tv Line Question: Have you heard if Eric Johnson (Luke) will be returning to Rookie Blue at all this season? He always adds a little bit of tension and fun to the episodes he’s in. —Christy
Ausiello: Bad news, Christy: An ABC rep tell us Johnson will not be back during this XL season.

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O' loughlin,
I am looking forward to it. Andy is the least interesting character on the show yet they focused on her instead of Dov, Tracy, Swarek is better loved when not on the Andy worship cult, even Gail is tolerable these days, Oliver.
The most shocking of all, that d- bag who stole Franck's position at 15 and act like a douche, yet there is no one who seemed to be looking over that or being suspicious, especially Oliver...Gosh! Instead we have to suffer through the love triangle Andi of the season...
PS: when do we get Luke back? When he is there I can consider forgiving killing Jerry.

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Sarah silva

I am in Canada so I saw this episode weeks ago but I did enjoy it! Gregory Smith directed it and he did a great job.
I liked seeing Nick shirtless! LOL
I thought he would win the fight, but he sure took a beating. He needs a love interest (Me LOL) to have been there to console him.
There are some good things, some not so good things for our characters that I want to comment on but I will not ruin anything for all of you in the USA! I will comment once those episodes air.

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Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Hey, you want to be in the game you might get hurt. You can't have it both ways.


Oliver: Rocky he drank that and he won the belt.
Nick: Rocky was a fictional character.