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Suits Review: Pride and Prejudice

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There was a lot of pride and a lot of prejudice on tonight's installment of Suits.

Rachel's relationships with Harvey, Mike and Logan Sanders caused some prejudice between the dueling clients, while Jessica's apparent alliance with Jeff Malone caused both some prejudice between he and Louis and some wounded pride on Louis' part.

Some would say it's all par for the Pearson Specter course, making Suits Season 4 Episode 2 no exception to the status quo.

It didn't take long to realize that Logan Sanders was super shady. I thought it stopped at him being a cheater, but then he had to go and try and make Rachel not disclose their affair to Harvey. Things only got worse when Logan starting making innuendos during his meeting with Harvey... with Mike sitting across the table.

Let's just say that Rachel's relationships only fueled the growing fire between Mike and Harvey that seemed to reach wildfire proportions this evening.

Mike is clearly looking over the edge and into the abyss as far as his new position goes. From the beginning, his shark of a boss has threatened his livelihood in the absence of big league wins. It's clearly fueling Mike's desire to pull one out over the great Harvey Specter, but it's also apparent there are going to be some growing pains involved.

Let's take his loss of the $30 million deal. Harvey wasn't wrong to tell Mike he should have been fully prepared to walk away from the deal if he was going to walk from the table. But it also begs the question of why he truly walked away; to pose Harvey a challenge or to stick it to Sanders?

To be fair, I'm not sure Mike knows either. What was nice to see was that despite the clearly sensitive nature of Rachel and Logan's past, it seems Mike and Rachel were able to work things out for now. Professional and personal is hard to separate and this was a first test of sorts. Let's hope that for their sake it holds!

One person I wasn't sure was going to be able to hold it together was Louis. From that hilarious planned presentation to this journal of defeat, the man was barely pulled from the brink of self-ruin this evening. Or so Louis would have you believe.

It was an absolute hoot to see Louis and Jeff duke it out verbally in front of the client, made only better when Jeff and Louis went toe-to-toe in the office. It seems that Jeff will have more to bring to the firm than some well-played tension between himself and Jessica. This encourages me.

So, as the war continues to rage between Mike and Harvey, do you think Harvey made the right move to walk away from negotiations?



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I enjoyed this episode better than the season premiere.
Louis had me crackin up ! Him and Jeff in that deposition, priceless. In Louis' office, even better. The "cock" line killed me. DAMN ! I honestly love Katrina and Louis. Just awesome together.
Louis and Donna's moments were nice. I honestly thought that Donna was out of line when she went to talk to Jessica but it would not be the first time. Though I am glad Jessica gave Louis the corner office. The man has been there longer and deserved it more than the new comer !
I don't think Harvey and Mike are in good terms. Mike has got pressure on his back from Sidwell. He needs a win. On top of it all, Harvey won't give Mike credit where it is due. AND Rachel and Logan's history is not making things any better. Mike needs a win, and he's getting desperate. Seeing him break his client's dream was brutal. I don't believe that he'll enjoy the taste of blood...
Rachel and Mike will be able to work it out but only so far. Logan is a d*ck. And him asking Rachel not to siclose the affair showed how dishonest he is. And at the meeting as well. Rachel is in the middle and it won't end well.

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Rachel is so borring and anoying

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I thought the story line was excellent, but I think they need to pull Louis back from the edge of buffoonery. His "I eat c0ck for breakfast, lunch, and dinner" was a little too much, even for Louis.

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My favorite part was Louis confronting Jeff other wise not feeling it for this season so far!!

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"So, as the war continues to rage between Mike and Harvey, do you think Harvey made the right move to walk away from negotiations?
Of course you meant Mike, not Harvey. You really need to proofread before you publish!

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Judging by what we've seen so far, I wouldn't say Harvey and Mike are good at separating anything. Fine, they are not at each other's throats yet but still...They are both very proud and very focused on winning and each of them has a reason to show that he's better off on his own.
Mike left his beloved job because he wanted to protect Harvey, his mentor and now he's at the place where he needs to prove to himself that he can do it without Harvey. And Harvey is just too stubborn to admit that he misses Mike and regrets his actions that put them at opposite sides.
Well, anyway...I guess it is what makes Suits interesting to watch- character development and human interactions so I'm very curious where we will land at the end of this season. But I know one thing- it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

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Sarah silva

Another fantastic episode!
It is good that Mike and Harvey can separate work and friendship, at least for now. I am not sure how long that will last though.
Louis was super funny. I like him a lot better when he is like this and not going after Mike and Harvey. I laughed so hard when he was writing in his journal. I really like his relationship with Katrina. I like that he got the corner office. Even though I am sure Jessica did it in part to have Jeff in the office beside her.
It looks like Mike and Rachel are also able to not let their jobs interfere with their relationship. However I feel their will be issues ahead.
I do not like Stillwell at all.

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