The Bachelorette Review: Do You Swear To Tell The Truth?

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After feeling confident in her decision to skip straight to the elimination round instead of going through the niceties of the cocktail party, Andi Dorfman is more sure than ever that she'll find love among the 8 remaining bachelors.

(And we're more sure than ever that Marquel Martin as the next Bachelor would be the best.thing.ever.)

Tonight, on The Bachelorette Season 10 Episode 6, Andi and her men will travel to Venice, where she'll play a little game of truth or...well, probably truth. But maybe there will be a dare or two in there somewhere.

If you want to see who wins the game, The Bachelorette spoilers have you covered. But for those of you playing along at home, here goes...

Cody is the only man among the remaining suitors who has not yet had a one on one date with Andi. Upon arriving in Venice, she announces to the men that the first one on one date will start immediately and they all expect Cody will be the one to get it.

But Andi takes Nick on a second date, to the shock and awe of all the men. 

Cody's not long for this anyway, so meh. Team Andi. Plus 10.

Andi says something didn't sit right about Nick after last week, so she needs to see what's going on with him.

Nick plans not to be "too salty" on his date with Andi in hopes that she will keep him around. Good plan, Nick. Good plan. Andi, however, doesn't like how easily he seemed to have made an enemy, so if that's the kind of guy he is, she's going to have to let him go.

Andi says "like" too much and it bugs me. Minus 10. So does Nick, for that matter. Minus 8.

Nick definitely jumped right into the conversation about his fight with Cody and went straight for smoothing the waters with Andi. 

Of course Nick kisses Andi in the Tunnel of Love. And then they see a wedding, appropriately timed, perhaps, to show them their potential future. 

For dinner Nick and Andi dine in some crazy amazing masquerade hall that is maybe one of the most beautiful places ever. Plus 20.

When they sit down to eat, or maybe after they eat, because we never actually see people eat on this show despite the fact that there's a dinner on every date, Andi doesn't really hold back from asking Nick what he felt about the argument with Cody.

He says that Andi's his number one priority there and he wnats to be friends with the guys but he isn't there for them at the end of the day. Oh, and he's falling in love with her.

Nick gets a date rose. Then the music begins and they go dance. 

Minus 12 for that cheesy "I'm unmasking my feelings for Andi" line, Nick. 

The next morning, Andi gets another letter from her secret admirer. Whoever that guy is? That guy knows how to use his words. My money's on J.J.

Speaking of J.J., he, Chris, Dylan, Josh, Marcus, and Brian are on a group date with Andi. After walking around Venice, Andi takes them to a castle where they will undergo....LIE DETECTOR TESTS.

The dudes are pretty unhappy to hear they're receiving lie detector tests, particularly Dylan and Chris. Chris has a secret and he's worried it'll come out during the lie detector test. 

They're not administering truth serum. This isn't 24: Live Another Day and a slightly cracked Jack Bauer isn't administering this test after shooting them up with a little blue vial. 

Josh is up first and he's a little peeved about the fact that she's making them take this test. 

Brian wants kids. Dylan has slept with over 20 women. J.J. is good in bed. Dylan doesn't wash his hands after he goes to the bathroom. And now he needs to pull Andi aside to confess to her that he's heading back to the hotel because his head and heart feel awful.

WELL, DYLAN. If you'd WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER YOU PEE that wouldn't be a problem.

CHRIS is Andi's secret admirer. Plus 25.

Three of the men in the test told no lies. One man told no lies. Two men told three lies.And now Andi has the results in her hands...and then the proctors tell the men that Andi told two lies.

Brian wants to read what she did or did not lie about and Josh does NOT want to know what Andi lied about. He says he trusts her and doesn't need to know.

Andi can't decide if she wants to read the results of their lie detector tests. Part of her wants to know. Part of her doesn't really want to know. So she rips up the results. 

DRAT, ANDI. There was good drama in there! Chris Harrison totally just smacked his forehead somewhere off screen. Minus 20.

Dylan tells Cody and Nick that he did a lie detector test and Cody thinks the guy in the house who needed to take a lie detector test was Nick.

Cody and Nick who hate each other hopped into the sauna together. 

Brian takes the first grab at alone time with Andi and decides to give her his own lie detector test. He's so, so giggly and funny. 

Back around the couches, Josh, J.J. and Chris talk about who the secret admirer may be. Chris is glad his secret is safe and tries to play it off that it isn't him. Plus 10.

Marcus tells Andi that he's in love with her after telling her that he thought about leaving before his one on one date. Marcus is like the guy who went home third in Desiree Hartsock's season.

During his time with Andi, Josh sort of lets Andi know that he wasn't happy about taking a lie detector test and he was glad she ripped everything up. Andi takes that as meaning Josh was hiding something. 

Now she has a huge cloud of doubt about him and now she's questioning everything. 

Chris gets a moment with her and stumbles along telling her that he's the secret admirer. She knew it was him, or she says she did. 

Farmer Chris is a ruggedly handsome man and Andi looks good with him. He gets the group date rose. Plus 8

J.J. says what all the other guys are thinking when he says that it's great that Chris got the rose but he doesn't understand why they're all congratulating each other when someone gets a rose or a one on one date.

Chris asks what the alternative is and tells J.J. to sit there with his sour grapes.

It's finally time for Cody's one on one date and he's going to Verona with Andi on the day after her emotionally draining group date.

They visit the birthplace of Romeo and Juliet and Cody says he'd like to be Andi's Romeo. Something tells me he wasn't paying attention in English class and has no idea how this story ends. Minus 12.

Andi and Cody spend time answering the advice letters written to the Club Di Giulietta. After reading a few of their responses, he tells her that he's an emotional guy and she makes him feel like he's 16 years old. So many jokes in my head right now I don't even know how to let them all out.

In the time between when he wrote a letter to a forlorn lover and then met Andi for dinner, Cody wrote Andi a letter about the first time he saw her stepping out of the limo hoping to win Juan Pablo's heart.


Cody wants to grab her, hug her, kiss her, and roll around with her and he just keeps talking and talking and she might be about to cry but he keeps talking. 

When she's trying to let him down, she says "like" AT LEAST 25 times. And then she sends him home.

It's time for another cocktail party and rose ceremony and someone else will be joining Cody on the trip back to the regular world. 

Andi feels much more clear-headed going into the cocktail party and one of those guys could definitely be her future husband. Nick snags her first when he has a rose on his chest. 

Chris calls it a jackass move because he already has a rose and then all the other guys say they should've done that while Nick's busy making out with her around the corner.

Dylan thinks he's the one who'll be going home, so he interrupts Nick to tell her whatever it is he needs to tell her. When Nick gets back to the group with the other guys, Chris tells him that was a jackass move. Plus 15.

Josh keeps beating around the bush and doesn't know what to go and say to her and is totally off his game as he sees guy after guy go and talk to her and he hasn't done it yet.

Finally, though, he gets his turn and she tells him she was confused after talking to him. He tries to reassure her that he's not going to break her heart. He does have strong feelings for her and tells us that he's having a hard time being vulnerable when he doesn't know how her relationships are going with the other guys.

But first Andi has to sit down with Chris Harrison to dish about the week. 

It's cute for her that Nick can't speak in complete sentences when he's telling her something big. Josh was combative during his conversation about the lie detector test. Andi's suddenly wondering if this can actually work.

And NOW we'll find out who's going home.

Nick and Chris both have date roses, so they're safe. Joining them will be:

  • Dylan
  • Brian
  • Marcus
  • Josh

J.J. the pantsapreneur is out of the running, just as his sour grapes got the best of him. She sits down with him to tell him that he brings one of the biggest smiles to her face when she sees him, but she just knows that she doesn't see the same potential that he sees. 

He didn't expect this at all and had already planned growing old with her. He reveals he'd never fallen in love before and his biggest fear was getting hurt. And it happened. Poor J.J.


What did you think about The Bachelorette Season 10 Episode 6? Should Andi have sent Cody home? Can Andi trust Nick?


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I also would like to comment on Marcell. Marcell I am a woman of color and ugly comes in all forms. Reason why Andi sent you packing was because no woman likes DRAMA especially a FAKE one. When someone called you Darky you should have question the person who told you that BS as probably the 2 faced jerk that said it themselves. Because guess what your asking o getting phone numbers from other girls dude and all along the game plan of the guy that told you saw you as a triple threat and he wanted you removed immediately and his goal was completed. And I honestly felt your love for this lady and she felt something for you as well but again Drama.

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WOW. Andi what in the Hell makes this woman so insecure that she felt the need to be publically humiliated to come on a show TO FAN LOVE Y'ALL ? I mean did she do the Taylor Lautner move and agree to say that for a commission fee $$ ? Tay you can take your shirt off any day of the week baby boy.
But any way..... Andi I think your fake as H E LL that's why your judgment stunk and you choosed Josh scandalous tail and turns out he has been texting his girl friend. That's what you get. your radar told you Josh was a jerk and you didn't listen. I wish someone would create a show that can immediately send the disqualified contestants to a second chance episode of the show these woman are missing out on some really great guys and there sent home. Messed up.

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Sarah silva

I am not a fan of Nick's. There is just something about him that does not seem genuine.
The conversation that Andi had with Josh was pretty intense. It did seem odd that he was the one with the biggest issue with the lie detector test. Andi now has doubts about him, I wonder what he does to redeem himself.
Chris has been my favorite since night one. He is not afraid to speak his mind and sometimes that can come off as combative but he is a straight forward person. I love that he is her secret admirer.
I liked JJ as well, like Chris he speaks his mind!
Andi will choose either Nick or Josh.
Can I be first in line for Chris!??!

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Now I see why Andi made it so far with Juan Pablo, she's just as a big, hypocritical train wreck, as he was.
She needs to talk more to Nick because she is confused, but first let's make out like crazy. She's sucking more face then a senior prom night. Let's give 6 of the 8 guys a lie detector test but of course not Nick, and then almost dump the one guy that actually called her out on it. Now I know why she quit or got fired from her from her high profile legal job, she's a mess. And she may want to rethink the tight leather pants.

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@ reality adictt

I also noticed the camel-toe with her leather pants. Yes she is a complete mess. Obviously everyone wanted to see Renee as the next bachelorette, but Renee found someone in the meantime. (because she isn't a wacko)

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"ROMEO AND JULIET IS NOT THE GREATEST LOVE STORY OF ALL TIME BECAUSE IT IS NOT A LOVE STORY THEY BOTH DIED!" Apparently they allow uneducated 12 year olds to write articles for this website. I am truly sorry I clicked on the google link that sent me here.

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