The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Report Card: Grade It!

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The first half of The Big Bang Theory Season 7 was a bit hit or miss, but the series picked up the laughs during the second half of the season.

There wasn't much carry over from our The Big Bang Theory midseason report card. One highlight is that most of our wishes for the series were addressed and came true by the end of the season, most notably that Raj got a girlfriend. Woohoo!

Check out the report card and grade the season!


Best Episode: The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 14, "The Convention Conundrum," was hilarious from beginning to end. It started with the guys trying to get Comic-Con tickets by continually hitting refresh and not getting tickets. To scalp or not to scalp? That storyline was funny, yet the episode got better when Sheldon had a night out with James Earl James.

Best Guest Star: James Earl Jones - He had a fun night out with Sheldon and it was quite an adventure. They had sushi, ice cream, a ferris wheel ride, sang "Lion Sleeps Tonight" at karaoke, ding dong ditched Carrie Fisher, visited the strip club, and shared a sauna. This was by far one of the most memorable segments the show has done.

Best Guest Star by a Dead Character: Bob Newhart as the Ghost of Arthur Jeffries in Sheldon's dreams on The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 22. Bob Newhart's appearance was right up there with James Earl Jones'.  Hilarious! Arthur with the light saber was stunning. Given Sheldon's worship of Professor Proton, he's a fitting choice as his Obi-Wan.

Best Kiss: Sheldon and Amy kissed! A real, passionate, Sheldon-involved kiss after their disastrous dinner on a train. The writers timed their kiss perfectly and it felt natural for both characters. The way Sheldon was drawn into the kiss was brilliant. Now, if only he returns from her personal quest and realizes how much he loves and needs Amy.

Best Mystery Resolved: Since the series began, Sheldon had always been a bit mean to Howard. Why? For years, it seemed to be tied to Howard's lack of a PhD. On The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 17, Sheldon revealed the hysterical truth.

Sheldon: Ten years ago upon first seeing me, your husband claimed that I look like C-3P0 and Pee-Wee Herman. And he called me C-3P-Wee Herman.
Raj: Still funny.

Best Development: Raj and Emily! Every previous report card, I've begged the writers to give Raj a real girlfriend and it finally happened. Emily and Raj are so cute together and their relationship is the most "normal" that he's ever been in. They even had sex! I hope we get to see more of them next season.

Most Awkward Situation: When Sheldon visited Texas with Howard, he wanted to surprise his mom, but he's the one that got an unexpected shock when he saw her having sex. Oops. It provided many hysterical lines though and that made it all worthwhile! Check out the best lines from The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 18.

Best Worst Nickname: "Clogzilla" - Raj's girlfriend, Emily had a previous experience with Howard and it wasn't a pleasant one. He earned the nickname because of a toilet mishap at Emily's house. The nickname was horrible ... horribly awesome. I felt back for Howard, but the episode was filled with funny toilet jokes.

Best Proposal: After several poorly timed proposals, Penny and Leonard finally got it right. It was utterly perfect in how it came about, their reaction and that Leonard had the ring on him. 

Leonard: So, is that it? Are we engaged?
Penny: Yeah, I think so.
Leonard: All right.

Hopes for The Big Bang Theory Season 8:

  • Sheldon returns from his trip an enlightened man. I don't want Sheldon to lose his uniqueness, but I hope he's learned to appreciate Amy and his friends while he was away. He's taken them for granted and never valued the accommodations they make for him. A little acknowledgement would go a long way.
  • Raj and Emily: They are good together and should continue to explore their relationship.
  • Bernadette and Howard: They mentioned a baby while taking care of Howard's mother. Their relationship could use some spicing up. While I don't want Bernadette to get pregnant right away, I'd love to see them discuss the possibility. Baby steps!
  • Leonard and Penny: Now that they are engaged, they have many issues to discuss and decide, including their living arrangements. A season worth of wedding planning would be perfect! Maybe a Season 8 finale wedding? Or sometime in Season 9?

Overall Grade: B.

Grade The Big Bang Theory Season 7 now!

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A from me. The only comedy I bother to watch. I love the development of the characters.
Best episode was the clogzilla one. Worst, professor Proton. I am one of the few who doesn't like Bob Newhart.
i am really looking forward to next season!

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for me this seaoson had an lot of ups and downs
there was way way to much amy and to much proping of her and shamy
my rule of thumb is if you have to prop and charater and an couple of an show then you know they are not working. then it's time to get rid of amy heck it's past do for to go and time to break up shamy. most miss charater: howard he was hardly on all because we had amy shove down our throuts. it would of been nice to see more howard this fall love the raj and howard seance with them feels each others man boobies.
best develoment raj
he can know talk to women with out getting drunk heck he even got an girlfiend name emily i hope we get to see her more in the fall worst kiss the shamy kiss!!!!!!!!! it should of never happen in the frist place. worst proposal leeny again should of not happen wosrt couple couples
both shamy and leeny ok all of you know how i feel about amy and shamy
shamy should of ended an lont time ago
i so hate shamy fist i hate what this couple has done to sheldon yes he is still some what the old sheldon i know love and miss
but thay are hving him do things shelon dose nit like to do
they had nurse amy back to health when sheldon hates grems and and hate being around sick poeple they had hold her hand when he hates touching anyone same with that kiss and now they are saying amy is the one that help finger out what to study next sheldon cooper dose not need anyone help .
leeny i so use like them.
i like it back when they were taking things slow and now thay they back were they in seaon three i don't like them leonard is back being and whine baby they trun penny into an pretty dumd drunk blone wich i hate
this couple has so many prombles that keep getting swept under the rug that its not funny anymore they need to break up hopes for seaon 8
i want more of the just four guys and peeny
i want the srteet smart penny back
i want shamy and leeny to break up and amy to leave
can please have this show go back to how it was please let go back to there roots
and please let the gang take sheldons side when he and amy get into an fight

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I prefer more nerd stuffs, like the past seasons, but no, the producers what to a human sheldon, a horny amy, and... thats it
C from me

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@ cthun

i so with you i want the nerd stuff back and less amy

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Definitely an A from me. Despite hitting similar beats through the years, this show is one of the few that make me laugh out loud. A huge reason I love it is because it gets the pop-culture science, sci-fi, and comic book references correct.

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B for me. Seems like some episodes are repeating the same structure. Still love Sheldon.

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