True Blood Review: Morning is Coming

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Moments into True Blood Season 7 Episode 1, fans were hit with the first of what will surely be a multitude of shockers, as Tara was lost.

It happened so fast I hardly believed it to be true. Surely her mother was mistaken and that was some other vampire's blood all over her.

As the episode progressed, though, the sad truth set in. While no time was given to Tara's actual departure, a number of scenes dealt with the way news of her death was received.

She's Gone!

Tara's mother was over the top as usual, while Sookie seemed more annoyed with Alcide than saddened by the loss of her friend. I'm sure she'll deal with the reality at some point, but for the time being her head was a bit preoccupied with all the nasty thoughts of those around her.

Jessica showed the most surprise over the news, but she too had little time to mourn as she was busy keeping Adilyn safe. Jason took a moment to think back to when they were all kids before also being called into action.

The lack of any serious collective bereavement seemed to emphasize just how mad a scene it was out there. There was little if any time to stop and take stock of all those who died. Those who did risked joining them.

Lafayette had the chance to speak his mind once he got home, thanks to James. He actually expressed his relief at losing Tara this time around, having mourned her death once already. As he and James smoked, James shared the story of the night he was made.

Interestingly enough, it was during the Vietnam War. Having just seen countless men and women slaughtered, James hearkened back to another dark time for America.

Also interesting to note was the way he paused when describing his relationship with his friend from across the street. I got the impression the two were romantically involved, hence the homophobic slur the angry father called James as he beat him.

I wonder if this was a hint that James and Lafayette will end up together, opening the door for a Jessica/Jason reunion down the road.

Lucky for Jason, he won't have to wait that long to cure his blue balls, as he and Violet finally had sex. Police cruiser style!

Let's fuck for fuck's sake.


Overseas, things seemed just as chaotic in the dark corners where Pam searched for information about Eric's whereabouts.

I was pretty sure the man she was squaring off against in the game of Russian (Moroccan?) Roulette was human. Especially with the way he spoke about his god contrasted to the way Pam spoke about hers.

Tell you what. Your god and my god can go to a motel and have a circle jerk for all I care. I'll be in Hell having a three way with the devil.


In the end I was proven wrong, but still was treated to quite a scene full of memorable True Blood quotes delivered as only Pam can.

Everyone I love leaves, everything I touch dies, so forgive me if I don't share your faith in my lord.


Pam probably won't find religion, but she needs to find Eric - and quick. I'm sure she could care less about Sookie and the others, but maybe she will at least want to avenge the loss of Tara.

If the people of Bon Temps are going to have any chance, they need both Pam and Eric in their corner.

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After six seasons of annoying me with Tara they decide to kill her off NOW?! But I also think her mother killed her. Why would Tara pretend to be dead, doesn't make any sense. Hope the Sam-storyline won't take much screentime, we've been through this 'prejudices against supernatural beings' often enough in this show! And can we please have back Eric already? It's just ten episodes and I feel like I watched a filler episode instead of an opening one.
Loved everything with Pam and Jessica. Those two saved the day, as usual.

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@ San

"After six seasons of annoying me with Tara they decide to kill her off NOW?! " LOL My sentiments exactly! I don't think it was Lattie Mae though. I believe that she did change and did love Tara with all her heart. I don't get why that aggressive little man was shocked that Sam was a shapeshifter. Wasn't the existence of shifters made known on national television? By Sam's now-deceased shifter-girlfriend Luna? A filler episode basically sums it up. I have a feeling they will pull a nasty trick on us as far as Eric is concerned. He will come back as a figment of somebody's imagination, a vampire ghost or a hallucination, something that won't be able to be with Sookie anyway. And can anybody tell me why Pam went to Morocco or Marakesh whatever, to look for Eric?? My fav part was Jessica's boyfriend bonding time with Lala:)

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Very disappointing. The show has gone so far off track from the books. Here's hoping the rest of the season is better.

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Ken gorman

One of the worst episodes in a long time and I hated most of last. Why is everyone blaming Sookie? Tara was winning her fight how did she end up dead and why didn't Pam react? Eric could of just easily buried himself in the snow so why do we have all this where's Eric nonsense? that all just builds on last seasons crap of Sam being elected Mayor despite being hated by most the town and having no ambitions to even enter politics. none of it makes sense and even the writers have wrongly stated that we care more about sex then story.

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I hate to be that person, but it's "couldn't care less."

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Best episode in a while. I'm not convinced Tara is dead just yet. It seems odd that one of the "Big Six" cast members would not get a better send-off. And, as Chaim mentioned, a maker knows when a progeny dies and Pam didn't sense Tara's death.

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The actress says she's really gone. But I strongly suspect that Tara perished off-screen because she wasn't killed by a Hep-V vampire. More likely she was killed by her own mother and that we'll discover this later in the season. Then again, why didn't they show Pam reacting to Tara dying the true death? Personally very glad this is the last season. The show's has sadly been going downhill for a while.

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I can't believe we lostTara!!!

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