Adelaide Kane Previews Reign Season 2, New Flirtations

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Like Mary Queen of Scots, at the heart of it all, Adelaide Kane is still a girl.

A girl who has taken a liking to the personal hygiene of Mary's time as well the fashions that have been created for Mary to walk the castle on Reign Season 2 while worrying a bit about what her character's best friend's baby will mean to Mary's marriage.

There will be plague, power struggles in the wake of Henry's death and a new sparring partner for Catherine by way of a sexy new Lord - and, if Kane has anything to say about it, possible flirtations involving Mary.

We spoke to the actress at Comic-Con last week and asked her all about what fans can expect from Mary and company this fall:

Need to catch up prior to the October 2 premiere? You can always watch Reign online via TV Fanatic.

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Mary is quite strong and perfect for Francis as the episodes continue, he is realizing that while he may be King his Queen does make sense and working together will bring them closer. All he has to do is muzzle his mother and I am little disappointed he didnt call her out on it. Mary also allows her ladies to get away with to much and will have to realize she cannot always the one apologizing and accommodating them she is after all their Queen

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