Covert Affairs Review: Honesty

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That was awkward in so many ways!

I'm not even sure where to start, but to say Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 5 showcased characters in uncomfortable and compromising situations. It's not easy being a spy.

Covert Affairs has taken its time unraveling the mystery behind the Chicago bomb attack and used it to challenge both Annie and Auggie personally and professionally. I can't decide whether I'm glad the case has taken the slow route or not. I want to know who was behind the bombing, but the journey has been engrossing so far.

Now that the show is in its fifth season, they have a long list of characters who can be brought back and Natasha was a good choice. We last saw her in Covert Affairs Season 1 Episode 7 when Auggie left her behind. Her reappearance in his life came at the perfect time. He needs a strong woman who loves him and no that's not Hayley.

Auggie's avoidance of Hayley's calls was enough to make it clear that she's not the right woman for him. They are having fun, but there's nothing more there. He instantly fell back in with Natasha. Whether his feelings interfered with the job or not doesn't really matter, since the mission was a success. (Yes, it probably matters, but I'll ignore that for now.)

Even seasoned operatives have a weakness. Calder put his job on the line for his hooker lover, Auggie did it for Natasha and Annie's been pushed outside the lines before too. I love that this series allows them to be great at their jobs, but also have huge hearts. Though, I draw the line at Arthur! He better not step out on Joan with his co-worker. That is not acceptable.

As Auggie's handler, Annie compensated for his inability to get the job done. She knew him well enough to see that she needed to step in and make it happen. Did she overstep? Maybe. Given their tight timeframe, Annie made the right decision and it paid off. Even more impressive, she realized she could fix her overstep with Auggie by talking to Natasha and made it better.

"Elevate Me" showcased Annie as a full-fledged operative with an amazing power of intuition and ability to read people. This may have been the best operation that we've ever seen from Annie and she wasn't the main operative. She performed the job as a handler well and was even more spectacular when she played Ivan. 

Whenever Annie and Auggie get the opportunity to work together, the show is better for it and this was a prime example of that partnership working. They are better together professionally than personally. Now they have a lead to find out who was behind the Chicago bombing.

I will say that I missed Ryan McQuaid and his snark. I thought he might show up in Paris working a similar lead, but that didn't happen. With Annie and Auggie in the field together, there really wasn't much room for him anyway. He'll be back soon enough.

Did Annie make the right decision when she stole the key?

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Annie, Joan, and Arthur seem to be the only one with their eye on the ball at the CIA. Auggie totally blew the mission. Annie understood the priorities very clearly. They are after mass murder terrorists. Auggie was not in danger. She wasn't choosing between Auggie's life and the mission. Between the mission and Auggie's feelings for an ex-girlfriend, it's a no brainer. Take the key. Period.
I was really disappointed with Auggie. He should have known better.
I was very pleased with how Joan has her feet on the ground. She gave Calder very good advice. It remains to be seen if he has the spine to do what is right.
I really liked Arthur's behavior in the SUV. He was in condition yellow, head on a swivel. The attack was a surprise but he was almost expecting it so he was able to react quickly.
That said, the ambush scene was one of the least believable combat scenes they have done on the show. The vests they were wearing wouldn't have stopped more than handgun bullets and the enemy had rifles shooting 7.62x39 ammo. They should have been wearing combat vests with plates in them if it was to be realistic.
Natasha in the US places her in danger and seriously compromises Auggie. He is harboring a fugitive. If they are caught in his apartment together they both go to jail. I suspect we haven't seen the end of this yet.
I liked Annie's role as a saleswoman for Browning. Hopefully that was a paid mention. They really do make great shotguns. The Russian spotting the difference between skeet and upland game guns, Annie knowing the difference, was subtle and believable. Annie's become quite the gun gal.
The Russian Annie is spying on is one dangerous dude. He's a predator. She has to appeal to his baser instincts to make a connection at all. He wouldn't hesitate to kill her if he suspected anything and he knows he could get away with it. He's done it before. She knows this which makes her return an act of tremendous courage. The actor that plays the Russian was in at least the third of the Bourne Trilogy movies so he is well known to Doug Leiman (sp?). He and Matt D. had a heck of a fight scene in that movie.
I like the serial format. Seasons three and four were really well done. The story telling this season, except for the first episode which was awesome, the writing, has fallen off. I hope it doesn't deal the show a fatal blow, but it could. I think they are spending more than they can afford on actors and not enough on writing. It was a better balance in season's three and four. It's almost like the writers are trying to find things or everybody to do and running out of ideas so they stick in place holders. The show feels like it's become an afterthought. It's one of my two favorite shows so that's not a good thing.
The actors are doing the best they can with what is in the script.

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[quote] I draw the line at Arthur! He better not step out on Joan with his co-worker.{unquote] I don't think he will, but he needs to put her in her place -- soon!

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Really can't say that I personally agree with this review. I am not impressed when Auggie and Annie do a field op. Pushing the limits to believe a blind agent would be good in the field. I think he does a great job handling Annie from DC. Must say I enjoyed the show much more when Annie lived by her sister and they inner acted. Now Annie is too hard & dark and tries to be a super woman. I still enjoy the show and I love intrigue but I think that can be handled without all the sex scenes and especially the Auggie & Calder scenes. Too much! I really enjoy the relationship Annie has with Eyal, to call him when she was sick and I also like the dynamic between she and McQuaid. The writers need to read the reviews, not a lot of people are happy with the last two seasons. I would hate for it to be cancelled, it started as such a great show.

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this show has totally jumped the shark.

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@ Georgi Tsakonis

The Annie of this season is new to me. She was always the rebel and stood with her friends before. It was more than likely a good idea to steal the key, but she should have known, Auggie wasn't going to be happy with her.
I don't care for Auggie's new role. Seems to be acting out since he and Annie are not together. He just looks romantically confused.

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Gotta say losing interest in this show..seems its all about who Auggie can sleep with..I'm going to stick with my Major Crimes!!!

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@ barbara

Let us not forget, Calder's uninteresting story line with the prostitute. One would think he'd be the last person to get himself involved in such a nowhere situation.

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