Extant Review: They're Already Here

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Molly was used.

Despite the caring demeanor that the space agency director shows toward Molly, we learn on Extant Season 1 Episode 2 that he knew very well what Molly was getting into when he sent her to space on the Seraphim.

Nothing has been revealed that makes a lot of sense, but signs are pointing towards the extinction of homo sapiens.

A Mysterious Pregnancy

It helps me to theorize here because I read a lot of science fiction. I recently read a series that suggested the remarkable jump to our current species without specific Darwinian evidence was due to the presence of an alien life form who genetically enabled out previous selves to make the giant leap to become the dominant species on the planet.

I'm getting that same vibe here. 

Ethan having discussions at the very cool future museum (let's get crackin' on those interactive exhibits scientists!) with a robot at the evolution exhibit about extinction prompted him to assume the best place for the family would be in space. The kid is a computer and probably understands things on a level we can't.

Harmon came out of the dark and he and Molly talked about their experiences. He saw his mother, exactly as she was on the day she died. Molly admitted Marcus was also dressed exactly the same. Maybe the aliens think it's easier for us to process them at their last living moment or that's the information they access. Who knows?

It all stared with Spark's daughter, Katie. I'm dying to know her story, and since she's credited on IMDB, we certainly will; at least some of it. When Yasumoto tells Sparks he thinks "they're already here" Sparks realizes we are not prepared for what that means. Perhaps Harmon and Molly with their brain abnormalities are, as well as the little one growing inside her. Ethan is good to go because he's not human.

I'm also wondering what the hell Yasumoto is. He came out of the goo last week and this week he used a wooden box to test how many days he has left to live; a few months it turns out. Does he go back into the goo and regenerate or will Sparks be left dealing with "them" without him?

Molly confided in Sam and despite Harmon's belief that nobody would believe her, the pregnancy helped Sam to believe. Yasumoto and Sparks didn't believe Harmon because he was a one off (other than Katie?) but they have no doubt where Molly is concerned.

The idea that humans might need alien help to survive is an appealing route for the series to go. It's also possible they're terra forming to take over the planet and just want a few humans to stick around to help them adjust. Either way, it doesn't seem like the most efficient mode of saving a species or terra forming -- one lonely astronaut at a time.

Bits -n- Bobs:

  • There's no way I could keep a medical tether on the roof of my mouth. I would pop that sucker out with my tongue within a day.
  • Any idea what the 5-circle relief map on Molly's abdomen when she passed out might be? That was before Sam did the ultrasound to discover a human fetus (as far as she knows).
  • With all the recording going on, what are the odds that Ethan is capturing video and would have a record of those 5 circles as well as other things?
  • Do you think the alien posing as Harmon's mother was the same one that met with Molly? Putting the hand on his abdomen made me think perhaps pregnancy wasn't expected, but a byproduct, since Molly was a woman.
  • Molly should sue the agency for sending her into space without all the pertinent information. Certainly in their disclaimer it didn't allow for willful neglect!
  • For one fleeting moment, when the alien touched Harmon's abdomen, I thought he would be pregnant. That would have been a great twist. Aliens can do anything, right?

I'm definitely intrigued; even more so than I was last week. I wish it was on more than one night a week! If you want to revisit the first two installments, you can watch Extant online via TV Fanatic.

What's your theory for the (possible) aliens?


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Sci-fi-super-natural. The experiments are all an effort to reconnect soul of the dead with new human bodies possibly even robots. There was a little debate in the first episode about souls and I think that is the idea of the show. Bridging the gap between science and the spiritual world is where I think the show is going. The "souls" appeared as they did the day they died but seemed to have no "mind"- just an essence of their old self. I think the swirling lights are souls and I also think that here hallucinations are real manifestations of souls of the dead. I think the villain is interested in preserving his soul and connecting it to a humanic robot. I think the older man is interested in finding his daughters soul etc....


Love your theories Carissa but I have no idea what's going on. Definitely curious enough to keep watching. I love how this world feels lived in and comfortable. Makes me easily buy into what's going on. Helix, for example, felt like sound stages at certain points during the season.

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@ Henry A. Otero

Being outdoors helps. Helix WAS on a soundstage, wasn't it? Hollywood has never learned to do a good version of snow. You'll kick Extant's ass tonight!

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Yes, really wanted Harmon to be pregnant too!

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I like the series. I think it owes a little to Andrei Tarkovsky's 1972 "Solaris" including the return in space of a dead person (suicide) as a ghostly presence caused by supernatural means. That's good news. Can't think of a better influence.

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I must have misread that display on Yasumoto — I could have sworn it said his life expectancy was over 100 years.

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@ Data1001

The caption on TV (the voice was in an Asian language) showed he had a life expectancy of 102 days. Whew! ;-)

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@ Carissa Pavlica

Def 102 days.

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@ Data1001

Or I misread it... I thought it said 132 days. Maybe it's years and he's an alien. I'll take another look and update. What do you think that would mean? Can that dude really be playing an alien on two shows???

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@ Carissa Pavlica

Just re watched it...it was 102 days!

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