Graceland Review: Entanglements

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On Graceland this week, Briggs went undercover at the local police department, Jakes and Paige staked out the trafficking ring and Johnny’s entanglement with Carlito places him in harm’s way once more.

These activities were the crux of Graceland Season 2 Episode 7.

This installment was pretty straightforward. Mike had his sights set on the mole inside the local police department feeding Solano and his cartel with information on the FBI's every move, especially with regard to the botched recovery at the bus yard.

Unfortunately, part of this included Briggs actually going undercover at that police department. And while he, of course, does all he can to make sure he keeps his cover up (even down to revealing to the target that he's wearing a wire), if the final minutes of the episode was any indication, it's about to get worse.

Like bank robbing worse.

What I find interesting about this is that where Briggs was set on getting to Jangles and the cartel that drugged him in Graceland Season 1, it seems like the script has flipped and Mike is on his own bender, not because they have personally wronged him, but because he's hungry for a big get - or at least to prove his bus theory wasn't a complete sham.

In addition to allowing his team members to get into even more dangerous situations than in the earlier days, he also isn't undercover as much as he was in season 1 either. It's also caused him to become a bit of a bad guy himself.

After all, in order to catch Solano he is willing to allow the trafficking ring to persist, even when he now has audio linking Carlito to at the very least the trafficking.

Just want to take a moment to give a shout-out to Paige for knocking the heck out of that John in the motel parking lot; and to Jakes for making sure she didn't kill the guy.

But the Graceland agent's entanglement with the Solano's doesn't even end there - it now appears that Johnny is now emotionally involved with Solano's daughter.

Oh, yeah, this is gonna end well.

Did anyone else notice there is STILL NO MENTION OF THE AUDIO TAPE?! Does this mean the tape isn't important anymore? Or are Mike and company going to get blindsided with its discovery later on?

Question of the week: Is Johnny really into Carlito's sister or is it an angle since Carlito isn't in the picture and he needs more intel?


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Sarah silva

Once again Paige was being mean to Mike. I understand she wants to bust the guys that are keeping the girls, but she has to realize Mike is doing the best he can.
I really think Johnny likes Carlito's sister. However Jakes is right that it is a bad idea to get involved with her. Not only because she is involved in the case they working on but like Mike was told last season, they can not have romantic relationships with outsiders because of the job they do and they have to protect Graceland from any one knowing about it.
Johnny is going to fake her death..a nod to the Tupac poster on the wall of his child hood bedroom.
Mike can not go undercover, he is running point and Sid and others know he is FBI.
Briggs is the one that wanted to go undercover at the police station. Briggs has been around a long time and has gone undercover on several occasions, it is all part of the job.
The tape will come up again at the end of the season. This season is all about the Solono cartel and the sex trafficking. The tape will surface at the end of the season to set up a storyline for season 3.


I am sure the tape will come back in the season finale

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