Mistresses Review: Holy Shoe Fetish!

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Although Dr. Karen Kim is still the biggest train wreck on Mistresses Season 2 Episode 5, Savi's just moved up the track. What the hell is this girl doing with her life? 

I'll admit that Zack's a hottie, and I get the whole, he's the guy who almost killed me, I'm the girl who almost killed him connection they've got going on... but Joss was right. Savi's lying to Dom the same way she lied to Harry and worst of all, she's lying to herself. 

Talk about a role reversal. Since when did Joss become the responsible one in the family? You don't go on pseudo-dates with one guy while you're dating another. And at what point does her friendship with Zack turn into leading him on because concerts and late night drives certainly sounds like the start of something more. 

Poor Dom. The man doesn't have a clue. He's stuck dealing with that "conniving bitch" Toni while Savi's all, I'm late for my lunch with Karen. Apparently part-time attorneys get to take long lunches and sport neck tattoos. 

But Savi feels redeemed when Dr Karen gives her the thumbs up for discovering new sides of herself. Little does Savi know that the good doctor is exploring her own impulses…by playing sexy school teacher in hotel bars across the city. 

April turns out to be better with the counseling than Karen when she points out in this Mistresses quote

Deep down you know this can’t end well. Which is probably why you’re telling me about this now, so I can tell you to stop.


Ah, the voice of reason, which is probably why Karen doesn't listen.  Can someone just wrap this woman up in yellow caution tape so that no innocent bystanders fall into her disaster zone?

Speaking of April, she's in love with sexy, smoldering. Even little Lucy's loving Daniel over rice sculptures but what was with that look Daniel had at the top of the stairs. Was he upset? Angry? He just looked weird.

Even weirder, who keeps their apartment door unlocked in LA? April should have been calling 911, not wandering through looking dreamy eyed at his pictures. 

So what's the logical explanation for Daniel and the red head. Does he moonlight as a PI because art's not paying the bills and she's his partner? Please don't tell me he's got a family on the side because didn't April just deal with that kind of crap with Paul? The girl deserves a break.

Finally we get to Joss and Holy Shoe Fetish, Batman! 

I was almost as disappointed as Joss when the sex with Scott was anything but smokin' but then he admitted he wasn't completely into it. Say what? Did he somehow miss the hotness of Joss in his bed?

But wait, the boy's got a kinky side and it involves designer high heels. No, not for him, thank God, but for his partner. So does the shoe fit? I hope so because these two are adorable out of the bedroom. Let's just hope a pair of spiky heels can heat things up next time around.

OK, TV Fanatics. Is Savi just exploring new sides of herself or is she playing with fire?


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Sarah silva

I really like Joss and Scott! I hope things get better in the bedroom for them as I would like to see him around for awhile.
Oh Daniel, why do they have to turn him into a bad guy? I really liked him. I like the PI angle. BTW it was mashed potato sculptures :)
There is nothing wrong with Savi getting a tattoo. She does have to be a little more careful with Zack but I am not getting a bad vibe form him. I think he is a good guy. With Daniel being bad I can not see them having another guy on this season with bad intentions. However we will see.
I still say that Dom and Savi will not make it to the end of the season. I hope that Harry's decision to leave will not stick and that he will stay.

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Savi must be suffering from post traumatic stress or undiagnosed depression....crazy decisions, the worst not being the tattoo (although it's plenty stupid) but definitely her relationship with Dom. Is she maybe over him and doesn't realize it? Karen continues to stress ME out as she plays with fire. For April I just feel sad, she deserves some happiness and honesty in a relationship. Joss....just love her humor with Scott & her wisdom at the failed "intervention" with Savi.

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Spindae 2o

Good episode! I must say kudos to all the girls for pulling these stories off!
Yunjin looks so natural while playing Karen these days. Like it's the most normal thing! She going there with that last dude was smokin!
April and her man start to bore me! She should get back to the paint sex.
Joss and her guy having issues was so funny. They are both good guys and I like it isn't that easy for them. It's never easy, not even when you look that good shirtless.
Savi and her conncection to this new guy seems interesting but he must be a psycho!`? Doesn't he?

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Mistresses Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Deep down you know this can’t end well. Which is probably why you’re telling me about this now, so I can tell you to stop.


Savi: I am such a badass.
Zack: Not if you say it.