Pretty Little Liars Review: A(li)'s Back

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And BOOM goes the dynamite!

I might actually have started believe I. Marlene King about the big changes this season, as Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 5 packs so much drama into one hour of television.

There was so much going on, this recap can't even cover it. More importantly, all of it felt like necessary development of the changing characters and the show's eerie, slow-burning atmosphere.

For one, Hanna is still dealing with feeling like she's just Alison's puppet again. Changing her hair and shoplifting  (and apparently dating Travis) has given a little comfort that she can resist just being another brainless follower - but then Caleb shows up!

What was up with Caleb? Having not followed Ravenswood, I'm not sure what caused his personality shift. He was certainly looking rough and tortured. And he avoided Hanna, which made Hanna seek out her ex-boyfriend and lots of alcohol. Hanna's on a dark road here.

Spencer's mom returned to pull her out of school, so the two of them could make a clean getaway. Mr. Hastings and Melissa don't have an alibi for the night Mrs. DiLaurentis died and that makes Mrs. Hastings really scared... scared enough to divorce her husband.

Or is she trying hide her own involvement?

Aria's storyline (as I predicted in my review of Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 4) has lead her back into Ezra's arms again. She continued torturing and blaming herself, even going so far as to have a heart-to-heart with Jenna. But it all added up to having crazy reunion sex with Ezra. I wonder if she'll get over Shana now.

Speaking of Jenna...

I thought after her little conversation with Aria that she was just genuinely hurt by Shana's death, but then why come back to Rosewood? Clearly, she's involved in A's new scheme and she might have even helped Shana in New York. Jenna and that new girl Sydney (see, new people are always trouble!) met up with Mona to discuss the next plan to separate the liars from Alison and get rid of the Queen Bee for good.

So, Jenna wants revenge and Mona's first plant to discredit Ali has worked so far, but is either of them A? 

Mona has been A in the past, and the new A lair does have a lot of dolls...Mona loved those dolls. But there was one other person at that meeting. Someone pulled up as Jenna, Mona and Sydney discussed strategy. Who was it?

I'm sure Jenna survived that big explosion at her house since she seems to be helping A, but how shocking would it be to get rid of a major suspect like that?

And the bigger question here is Alison. She's been spinning one web of lies after another, but why did she feel the need to lie about her confrontation with Mona? Ali fell right into Mona's trap because Mona knew Alison wouldn't be honest.

But even that doesn't disturb me as much as the way she's been manipulating Emily. After apologizing to Paige, she tells Emily that she did have feelings for her before her disappearance, planting the seed of interest in Emily's mind. Later, after asking Emily to keep her company when she's emotionally vulnerable, Emily can't resist becoming kissing friends again.

I have trouble believing any of this is genuine. Alison knows that Emily was her biggest advocate and Alison needs her back on her side. Or maybe there's more to it than that. Who was Alison talking to when Ezra and Aria ran into her?

Do you trust Alison?

Here is your first look at Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 6:


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Alison is clearly on a redemption story where the whole point is she was awful before and has changed now but no one believes she has. if she was truly evil then we wouldn't see those private moments where she's broken down and scared. she's not A or out to get anyone, it's Mona who's become the true villain out of all this, and god knows who else.

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Sarah silva

I love this show! I have been enjoying this season a lot. It was funny I was thinking half way through this episode that it is not so much a suspense drama show any more without all the A storyline. I knew that A was not truly gone. Then BOOM explosion and we see Toby's house up in flames and then we also see that A is back. Who is this A? When the movers were leaving they said "Welcome home". So do they know this person or is that just something they say to all the people they help move?
Caleb is back! So excited! I like Travis but Caleb just gets her, he knew right away that Hannah changed her hair as a reaction to Ali being back. She is already pulling away from Travis so I am sure a Caleb and Hannah reunion is coming soon. It was nice to have Caleb mention Miranda but it was a very blunt "I have not seen her since you came to town to see me".
I like that Aria and Ezra are back together.
Alison does not really like Emily, her plan is to have Emily fall in love with her and that will be her way of getting Emily on her side. The look on Ali's face right before she rolled over in bed to kiss Emily solidifies my theory. I too wonder who she was talking to when Aria and Ezra saw her.
I guess Ashley did not punish Hannah for drinking as she was out the next night seeing Caleb.
I liked the scene where all of our main characters were together right before the explosion, I do not think they have all been in the same room at the same time before.
Even though I am 100% sure Ali has some agenda, I like Mona even less and I did feel a little bad for Ali when Mona recorded Ali's part of their confrontation, if people saw what Mona did too then no one would be siding with Mona. However that was part of her plan. Lucas does not have a girlfriend he just wanted to distract Hannah.
Also all of those how said there was something off about Sydney are right! She is working with Jenna and Mona and I guess A. I too thought for a moment that Jenna was really upset about Shana but she just used that to get to Aria. I did think that Jenna's return to town had interesting timing and I should have known that she is up to no good. I too want to know who it was that was in the car that pulled up when the three of them were talking. I am sure it is the A we saw at the end of the episode!
Something is definitely up with Mrs. Hastings!
I can not wait for next week! Teresa: Caleb and Hannah's break up was partially due to his feelings for a dead Miranda. On Rosewood he found out his destiny was to die. He did actually die for a few minutes and wanted to stay dead to be with Miranda but then he came back to the land of the living. I think all that changed him. However as he is back as a series regular I am sure Hannah and Caleb will be a couple again before the end of the season.

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I was really hoping the new girl was just going to be a new girl and won't be playing any role with any scheme - like a normal new bystander - although I did have my suspicions. One thing that bugs me with this show and especially Alison, she is a really smart girl (I'm assuming, with all the plans and scheming and running away, she has to be really smart right?), she should've known that Mona would be planning something especially after Mona actually warned her. This is after 2 years and after knowing Mona was A etc. Alison should've been thinking of a worse case scenario or something. Having an unrecorded conversation in an empty building is like the best case scenario. Whatever Alison is planning, if she wants to keep playing her lie, she should've play the lie and make it believable to everyone!
But of course, I get why they play it that way - to move the storyline, and it's a tv show anyways. It's a great episode nevertheless. Only that one bit that bugs me a little for this episode :)

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As someone with a Pretty Little Liars fan page on Facebook I have really been trying to like this season of PLL, and really just the show in general since the second half of season 4, for the sake of my page, but it has been really hard....until this episode. Pretty Little Liars has suffered this season since A has been MIA but with the return of A in this episode, the show moved a step closer to it's former glory. I haven't been shocked by anything on PLL in forever, but tonight I was genuinely shocked more than once. For some reason I never even suspected the Sydney was involved with any of the bigger show story lines so when she pulled up with Jenna by jaw dropped. My jaw also dropped when it was revealed that the mysterious girl in the grave was....a complete nobody. This jaw drop was not in a good way though as this was one of my only complaints about this episode. So much build up to the identity of the mysterious girl and it is someone we have never heard of. I only can hope that the fact that she escaped from Radley that night is a hint that the person who tried to kill Ali also escaped from Radley that night and is Spencer's twin (as I have theorized that she has :) ). The last jaw dropping moment for me was the explosion. I NEVER saw that explosion coming. It was a perfect end to the episode and it really shocked me. I think PLL needed to find a way to continue the show with Ali alive and present in the show and they needed a few episodes to adjust. Now that they have and they have brought A back I think we are in for some good moments ahead! I am for once extremely excited for what is coming on PLL!

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Sarah silva
@ kandi1212

With PLL any reveal is not just a tiny one. The girl that was in Ali's grave will 100% be important! There will be a connection to the girls some how. The whole twin theory could be right BUT it could be Ali's twin, if the girl in the grave was a blond so maybe this girl wanted to take over Ali's life. I too am extremely excited for what is to come!

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Drea xoxo
@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

I believe she isn't really ali and is the evil twin.....

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