Switched at Birth Review: Waiting to Explode

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For awhile, it seemed like our characters had their futures all mapped out. That's starting to change with Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 18.

Daphne is making a complete mess of things, Travis thinks he can't get into college and Bay is struggling with the news that her life may be cut short due to an aneurysm.

I'm finding it really difficult watching Daphne. She's supposed to be so intelligent, but she never waits for answers before jumping to conclusions. She assumes that Angelo's death was Regina's responsibility, even though she knows otherwise.

She assumes Regina is interested in Wes when he was only giving his condolences and she assumed the worst about Regina's handshake with Coto - when she's the reason Regina had to stoop to that level.

Someone needs to reach out to her and get her into counseling as soon as possible. If she gets arrested for what she did to the East Riverside ground breaking spot, she's could go to jail. She's already on probation for blackmailing Coto. Who, exactly, is she trying to hurt? Right now the only person who will really pay in the end is Daphne.

The one saving grace for her might be that the damage was done against Wes, who cares about Regina and trusts her. If they find out who trashed the place, it's possible he wouldn't press charges. It's still a horrible path for Daphne to be walking.

Tank has had some up and down moments lately where it's been difficult to get a read on him. However, after the dinner with his father, a lot of things made more sense. Considering the bigger Tank named Chuck, it's surprising Tank has been able to make any changes at all.

When Bay was with Tank, she got a taste of an older guy. He isn't perfect, by any means, but perhaps thinks a bit more before making decisions. Emmett being angry at Bay for not celebrating his acceptance into Gallaudet wasn't well received by Bay at all. Why would it be?

I was most surprised by Emmett telling Bay to leave him out of her guilt about what she did to Tank by cheating on him with Emmett. There are times when I think Emmett is the perfect boy for Bay and others when I wonder if he's missing out on some key insight into the girl he loves.

Who would have thought that Tank would be the guy Bay confided in about her health? Given the circumstances -- both Bay and Tank are suffering a bit and Emmett is happy -- I guess it makes sense. If Bay tells Emmett bad news, she could spoil his good. I'm really unsure where this is all going.

I wish Travis didn't count himself out so quickly. Melody said she would make things right for him and all the kids who got denied entrance into Gallaudet. By creating a satellite university we can keep the kids in town, they can all go to Gallaudet and the show can go on.

Not that moving furniture or being a delivery person is a beneath Travis, because it's not. He's just worked very hard to get another opportunity and he should have more faith in what Melody tells him.

Finally, I really like what's going on with Toby and Lily. Especially that they are often at odds with each other, because it drives their emotions to wacky places and then when they get caught up in a moment it's a nice payoff. There's nothing wrong with discovering a bit about each other by pushing the right buttons.

What do you guys think about what's going on with Daphne, Bay's decision to tell Tank instead of Emmett and Toby's new gal? Remember, you can watch Switched at Birth online any time via TV Fanatic. Now... Hit the comments!

Will Daphne be arrested again?


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Your review disappoints me. It makes no sense to try to pin this situation on Emmett! Tank did not give Bay a taste of a more mature guy, and I saw little evidence of Tank thinking before making decisions. What Tank did give Bay was a view into how to be forgiving. Tank did for Bay (in a few short weeks) what Bay should have done for Emmett two years ago. It's refreshing to see someone actually practice forgiveness, and I will give Tank credit for that. Emmett was NOT angry at Bay for not celebrating his acceptance into Gallaudet. He was disappointed. And Emmett had every right to be disappointed. Neither of them should feel guilty about what happened to Tank. Bay decided to break up with Tank. That happens multiple times every day to people. Tank needs to be a big boy and get over it, and it appears that he has. But in no way are Emmett and/or Bay responsible for Tank's happiness. Tank would have been in the same boat he is in now, whether Bay left Emmett at the park with nary a kiss and returned home to break up with Tank first or not. Tank still would have depledged his fraternity. Tank still would have been seen as a social pariah. And Tank still would have had a roommate that's a tool, no matter what. Emmett is NOT missing out on some key insight into the girl he loves. Emmett sees Bay clearly and understands her. But Bay is not seeing Emmett clearly. She is too wrapped up in her own problems, which is understandable, given the circumstances. But stop trying to pin this situation on Emmett. He is doing just fine. Emmett needs more screen time, though. He is makes every scene in which he appears sparkle.

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I am really worried about all this anger Daphne has, and her becoming rebellious.

@ Amy Perrin

It is definitely worrisome. Especially because the remaining parents don't see the degree to which it's happening. Her entire future could be in jeopardy. That's scary stuff.

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