23 TV Shows That Take You Back to School

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Sorry, kids, but it's nearly back to school time.

So what better time to take a look back at some of the very best of high school on television?

We have shows about vampires, liars, basketball players and football players... future superheroes, geeks, rich kids and poor kids and everyone in between!

Flip through the slideshow and then let us know: which series best depicts the years you spent walking the hallowed halls of your alma mater?

THIS is my life!

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People who didn't watched Dawson's Creek series do not know what is a real show based on teenagers and high school. Joey Potter for life! <33333

Amy jackey

It's hard to choose just one so I'm just going to type all the ones I like. PLL, TVD, Saved By the Bell, The OC, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Boy Meets World.

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