Covert Affairs Review: Trust Earned and Trust Betrayed

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Annie still hasn't caught the people behind the Chicago bombing, though she got much closer than she's ever been by the end of Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 10.

Through all the leads, Annie, McQuaid and the CIA are finally on the right path for finding the people actually responsible for the bombing. They are really good at their job, yet they were led astray by people who were just as good. It's easy to go down the wrong path, when being pushed there unwittingly.

No more. Annie knows her target and certainly will be going after Belenko with no holds barred.

When Annie let Ryan leave her place the end of Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 9,  I wasn't confident that he was innocent, but I believed in Annie's instincts. Plus, the evidence against Ryan felt more planted than stupidly left behind to be found. When her freedom was on the line, she stuck by him and proved her intuition right.

It was uncomfortable to see Annie and Auggie at odds though. She had the best intentions by lying to him repeatedly, but she still lied. How is he supposed to trust her going forward? She may have kept the truth from him, but the motivations behind them are exactly why he should still trust her. She knows when she needs to loop him in and when she doesn't. That's what trust is all about, right? At least between spies!

The hour itself was suspenseful with allegiances constantly being questioned and tested, while the truth was slowly revealed. I only have one plot complaint and that's with the tracker that Caitlyn put in Ryan's computer. She knew him better than anyone. Did she really think he wouldn't check for a tracking device? Even if he trusted her, it was likely he'd check to make sure the CIA or FBI didn't bug the device.

Or, Caitlyn could have been so arrogant and self-assured that her plan would work that she never considered Ryan would doubt her or the computer. Let's go with that explanation. Caitlyn's betrayal tore into Ryan's soul, but the result was it opened him up like never before. 

He was free to do what needed to be done. Well, after getting hot and heavy with Annie, of course. The chemistry between those two is hotter than steamy if that's even possible. The revelation about Ryan's wife humanized him in a way that makes Ryan and Annie even more perfect for each other. They are both fierce, focused on work, recovering from loss and let's not forget -- sexy!

Sorry, Walkerson fans. Annie and Ryan are much better suited for each other romantically than Annie and Auggie ever were. Annie needs someone by her side unconditionally and that's definitely Auggie, though they are better off as confidants than as lovers. That's not to discount their time together. It was necessary for them to move forward in a platonic trusting relationship. Maybe they will end up together when they get out of the business. For now, it's not their time.

Going forward, Annie has more to worry about than her love life. I didn't think it was possible for her to be more determined to find those behind the Chicago bombing than she already was, yet she is. She wants Belenko and nothing will stop her. He better watch his back because she's coming after him. By leaving the United States, he just made it easier for her to pursue him without constraints.

It's not over yet. Even though, Belenko and Caitlyn were behind the Chicago bombing, the motive is still unknown. And who were they targeting in the motorcade? There's no specific evidence that points to an answer, but I have a guess. It all ties back to the secret that Joan is keeping about the Balkans. 

Belenko told someone on the phone the their plans for Istanbul were still on and that's in the Balkans. Barely, but the city is considered in the Balkans. Could the target have been Arthur? He was recruited into McQuaid Securities. Caitlin could have easily have had a part in his hiring....

There are six more episodes of Covert Affairs Season 5 coming this Fall to resolve the mystery. Belenko should watch out, he's no Henry Wilcox and we know how his life came to an end.

Any theories on the connection between the Chicago bombing and the motorcade attack? Why are the Russians involved? Are you still enjoying this season long investigation?

Was Arthur the target?


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Two things bothered me about this episode: 1) Why do television costumers insist on putting women in 6" spike heels, which are totally inappropriate for the "field work" involved in espionage (and, incredibly enough, don't break off during hand-to-hand combat); and, 2) Trust and mistrust issues flip-flopped every five minutes. Case in point: Hayley's ex deus machina about-face was pretty ridiculous; she'd spent the better part of the last three episodes trying to nail Annie and, when she finally gets her chance, she's persuaded to change her mind in less than 30 seconds. We won't even talk about Annie's total 180 over the Ryan issue. She would only condemn him with overwhelming evidence (albeit PLANTED evidence), which she spent the entire last episode gathering, but a plaintive "I didn't do it" from Ryan and suddenly she's convinced... Overall it was a great story arc, but I thought this last episode was a little rushed and disjointed. It could have been written better, eliminating a lot of that back-and-forth. But now we have another Russian bad guy to look forward to this fall and Eyal is back, which is ALWAYS good news.

@ ebau

Not only are High Heels stupid but why are they red is that suppose to mean something

@ ebau

I agree with you on the high heels. No one in her right mind would do that in real life.


[quote] She may have kept the truth from him, but the motivations behind them are exactly why he should still trust her. She knows when she needs to loop him in and when she doesn't [unquote]
I agree with that statement. I'm also waiting for Auggie to realize that Annie didn't tell him about McQuaid reaching out to him in order to protect him (Auggie). If he had known about Annie and McQuaid working together, and been questioned about it, then he would have been in the awkward position of either having to lie (again) to protect Annie, or rat her out.


I don't feel like they really gave Annie and Auggie a real chance at being together in the first place and that's why some people feel like they don't work. I personally feel like we got robbed of them having that chance with everything the writers have done and hope that they are at least endgame for the series. Also can't want for the back six episodes with Annie and Eyal working together again!

@ Jackie

They were together for one whole season they almost got the show cancel


Great episode..First I saw in preview that Oded will be back..he and Annie have great chemistry and would like to see more of him..yes Annie and Ryan are a better fit together...could be Arthur or Annie as targets..maybe both..I read post from writers that someone we've grown to no will die..maybe Ryan or Caulder my guess!


Could it be Annie? that the target


Are you still enjoying this season long investigation? Yes. Season long arcs are great. Interesting thought about Arthur being the target. I didn't think about that. I voted maybe. But it does seem coincidental that Joan has a secret about the Balkans, Arthur was in the targeted car, and there is something going down in the Balkans by a guy from Georgia. I guess it's not too surprising that Caitlyn was the mole. Ryan told Annie that he had one and Caitlyn was really the only Mcquaid Security person that the show introduced us to, so it kind of had to be her. I almost feel like I'm watching 24... It would have been better if it had been Nina (Sarah Clarke), but they already used her on this show... as a mole! Overall, good show and thanks for the review.

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