Covert Affairs Review: Instincts

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Does Annie have good instincts?

If I had to put money on someone's instincts about people, it would be Annie. That doesn't mean she's infallible, especially when she lets her heart get involved. On Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 9, she followed her instincts and it will either be one of the best decisions she's ever made or one of the worst.

Despite the evidence pointing to Ryan McQuaid being involved in the Chicago bombing, I just don't believe it. I don't want to believe it. Annie's not convinced, so neither am I. I really hope I'm right. It would be an utter shame if Ryan turns out to be a bad guy. He's so charming, delightful, rich, strong, and powerful. I want him to stick around for Annie.

Ryan's claim that he was set up makes some sense. Why would he have started working on the Chicago bombing case if he was involved? To keep informed? Maybe. The problem with that is he acknowledged that Borz used to work for him and that he wanted to track down why his employee turned against America.

If Ryan is responsible for the bombing, then there had better be a really good explanation for why he did it. Nothing we've learned about him would indicate he would kill Americans in order to make money or to drive more business his way. That doesn't make any sense. Instead, it would make sense for his men to have been turned against him somehow or if he made an anti-American enemy along the way who set him up.

If someone wanted to hurt America and the intelligence community, that would be a good way to do it. They took out a secret CIA office in Chicago and then framed the CEO of a top intelligence firms for the bombing. That would send shock waves through the industry and put people's trustworthiness into question.

The sad part about Annie's actions is that she shut Auggie out once again. That relationship has turned one-sided. Auggie trusts her, covered up her medical condition and would do anything for her, meanwhile she lies to him, went against him in Paris and no longer lets him in. Their partnership is never going to be the same again, which is disappointing and sad. 

Going into the finale, it's McQuaid against the FBI, CIA, and even his own company. How will he prove his innocence? And will Annie help him or work on the official investigation? With only one episode left this summer, I hope we get some resolution to the case and it doesn't end on a huge cliffhanger.

Though ... this is Covert Affairs so a cliffhanger is undoubtedly guaranteed.

Did Annie make the right decision to let Ryan go?


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I actually support her not telling Auggie. Again, her instincts came into play. It was apparent that he would NOT consider the fact that Ryan might be innocent; in fact, he had given her a 24 hour time limit on going to the CIA with the info. She's had to go it alone for quite some time, and Ryan has been there for her. In some ways, he's been like Eyal for her - pulling her out of trouble in ops that have gone sideways, saving her life, etc. And he's not a stupid man - why would he confide to her about something that would lead her STRAIGHT to the bunker where the Chicago bombing was practiced? If I had to guess, I would guess that Ryan's assistant is the one framing him. I get the feeling she's got a "woman scorned" vibe going on - and Annie's getting the man. She didn't have to help Arthur and Annie figure out what was going on there; it just seemed a bit too convenient. I get the impression that if she can't have Ryan, she's gonna make his life hell. I may be off base; but I think she is not to be underestimated.

@ DC

I also support Anne not telling Auggie. She probably also did it to protect him. He's already gotten in trouble for keeping one of her secrets. It's better that he doesn't know that she met with McQuaid.


The chemistry between Annie and either her following her "Basic Instincts" or is a "Fatal Attraction"...................., But whatever it is, their connection is stronger than ever. The on and off the field relationship between them was taken to a new level, first with the all nighter, the kiss, and then Annie working for McQuaid. We all knew Annie was going to get her MAN. From the beginning trust has been an issue for them, each playing the other. But when Annie took the relationship to the next level, Ryan's told her he wanted the personal relationship with her over the job and he could not keep any secrets between them. This would be a parallel to Joan and Arthur's relationship, especially the revelation we learned last week about Joan. When Ryan finds out he is being hunted...........he heads to Annie. She confronts him with the very gun he gave her, and after hearing him plead his case..................................she allows him to leave. What happens next is a game changer......................she does not tell Auggie, who handled her for years and helped her in this last op with McQuaid, that he contacted her and she let him go. Annie's instincts kicked in again.


Liked this episode..I also hope Ryan is a good guy..he and Annie have great chemistry and make a great team..and yes not happy with her not telling Auggie..he trusts her and always has her the preview they showed all the characters who might have framed Ryan..could be any of them but hope not Calder!!!!

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