Arrow Season 3: Cupid Takes Aim!

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The Arrow is about to get his first fan, and she's crazy and lethal.

According to EW, Supernatural alum (she played Sam and Dean's mom!) Amy Gumenick nabbed the role of Carrie Cutter in Arrow Season 3. Cutter's alias is Cupid. 

Amy Gumenick

Arrow executive producer Andrew Kreisberg created the character while he was writing for the Green Arrow/Black Canary comic book series.

He always imagined what fun it would be for Arrow to have a crazed fan and to create a villain who would last. (Maybe this is a hint she'll be a recurring baddie!)

Of course, any fan of the Arrow will be of the killing kind so her obsessive crush will be uniquely dangerous. Cupid usually shoots the arrows, so it's easy to understand her attraction (as if it's the arrows we love...).

This news came right after we learned Nathan Funk had been cast as Felicity's ex, so a lot of heart-pounding thrills are lined up for the coming season!

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I am wondering dont you think we have already too many guests stars on Arrow already? Each day I learn of a new character coming to Arrow or a new guest star. I wonder if that will help the show or not

@ Maria

It depends. Some of them are villains of the week type (like this) and others are necessary to round out character's back story. In order to learn who Felicity is, they had to cast people for her. She's getting a mom and an ex, using up two guest arcs. Seems like the focus is moving away from families we know well and onto those we don't. In that case, more actors are a good thing. :-)

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