Extant Review: Algorithm Danny 5

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Let's start by saying how disappointing it is that there are not more people watching Extant, reading about it and engaging in discussions.

We live in a world where if we are not given something absolutely amazing within the first hour of a new series, we want to give up. The payoff has to be quick and fast or we'll move on to the next big thing, which will likely also last a short time.

Each week the mystery has grown and in Extant Season 1 Episode 5 things have hit the pinnacle of freakiness. With such a big mind-frak occurring, you'd think we'd be left without answers. You'd be wrong.

Molly's Mental State

Sparks and his buddies at the ISEA did laser the baby out of Molly and decommission Ethan. They also eradicated all instances of pregnancy hormones in Molly so that it was easy for people to say she was crazy. Given what they can do, I'm not sure why they didn't go the extra mile and wipe her memory, but maybe they are unsure of what was in her womb and decided to keep her brain free from harm.

That wasn't the case with Sam. While it would be easy to say Sam was acting as if she never knew about the pregnancy and potential cover up, even the fear of her brother being harmed couldn't have made her such an amazing actress. She really didn't know what was going on with Molly.

There was a lot of the episode where I was confused about what was real and what wasn't. Molly's brain did suffer a bit of trauma and seeing things like the juice moving while the room didn't -- I have no idea what that was about. It must be the energy source still messing with her.

Her coworker found a new filter to view the footage of Molly's time on the Seraphim. He called it Algorithm Danny 5. He saw what killed the worms on the Seraphim and Molly saw it move toward her, spore-like, and apparently impregnate her. 

Molly and John made sure she wasn't flat out bonkers thanks to the dog bite she suffered visiting Quincy in Extant Season 1 Episode 4. They were able to test the blood, find her pregnancy hormones; all that good stuff. John had his whiny moment when he realized he wasn't really the father after they saw the strange DNA in her blood, and I thought it might have been nicer for him to show some concern for her instead. I mean, ew, I have strange DNA coursing through my blood!

The baby, a boy, is living on its own, in a womb-like environment. It looks as it did in the sonogram -- like a human baby. But we know it's a lot more than that. 

The ISEA's attempt to squash Ethan also didn't pan out, as he somehow rebooted himself. Having Molly near was a catalyst for his waking, much to Julie's chagrin. Julie has no legs. In a very cool, yet total WTF scene, she was in the shower without them on a special chair. We still have no idea when in the future they are, but things have come a long way, baby.

Julie had a moment with John, angry that Ethan, who they created together, is now living with John and Molly as their own. I sense Julie turning on the couple down the road. She's rather cold, as was referenced after she had sex, so seeing things from Ethan's perspective won't be easy for her. We know she can't see them from John's. 

For now, John and Molly are together and on the same page. That may change. Things happen so fast and without warning. What else can the ISEA do? The "force" chose Molly, so perhaps it will protect her even now that she's not carrying the baby.

Harmon Kryger has been missing for ages. He was all up in Molly's face for a while, worried that she'd be found out and telling her to take care, but now he's gone. Did the ISEA get to him? Is he in hiding planning something else? Who knows? 

There was a great nod to Darwin's Origin of Species as that's where Molly hid her video feed of her lost time on the ship. That brings us back to the idea the force is trying to protect and save humanity to it can live on, or perhaps make the next big evolutionary leap. The way it travels, once it's here on earth, it shouldn't be too difficult to pass from body to body to infect anyone it wishes.

I'm loving Extant. I wish there was a do-over and people could jump back on board. I guess it's happened before, right? If you've missed any, jump on now. Watch Extant online via TV Fanatic. It's great fun and a good mystery. 

Which are you more afraid of?


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I love this show can't believe it to s struggling. What is wrong with people. Guess their to into stupid fake reality TV.


I really am enjoying Extant! I agree, Julie is going to cause problems down the road. She obviously wants Ethan for herself and was not pleased by his response to Molly. I'm so glad you mentioned Harmon as I was also wondering where he was. Molly went to his motor home and he wasn't there...just that strange symbol on his wall. Strange she hasn't been concerned w/his whereabouts but she HAS had a lot going on lately! I'm kinda hoping she senses the baby somehow but I guess we will see! So glad they tied in the dog bite and made that an important piece of the plot. Thanks for the great review!


LOVE this show. This is like Battlestar Galactica (the second version) was for me; I was not really hooked until the third episode in. And since then I stay up LATE to watch. Really interesting show; very well acted. Can't wait to see what happens next.


Part of the problem is the endless mysterious promos that we had to endure for months and months before the first episode. They were counting on Hallie Berry's star power to draw a huge audience, but that was tired by the time they even had snippets of the actual show. Then the snippets didn't show you anything to get excited about, and by air date it was all kind of an anticlimax. What I saw of the first episode was so low-key it didn't keep my interest, and since then I've just watched bits here and there. Even the parts that seem to be intended to be action-oriented are vanilla. And I still don't get what's the big deal about the kid. I don't get any connection with the spooky-pregnancy plotline.

@ althea

Well, to be fair, it's only five episodes. We don't know how or if Ethan will connect to the bigger story,but the fact he put extinction into the equation certainly helped. She's not pregnant anymore, and everything about it was spooky.


A slow but necessary start in order to build up to this past episode. As far as attention spans are concerned, you can thank the bombardment of frequent commercial breaks, so for many who watch live T.V. - do they still do that? - it can be excruciatingly painful to sit through an entire episode. That being said, I expect the pace and story line to quicken now that "the 'cat' is out of the bag."

@ Jan

Yeah, I wish we would take on the British way of advertising. A lot more product placement (which, feels really natural because we all use named products of some sort) and commercials before and after the program. One or two in the middle. I still don't know what cat is out of the bag, but I like that it's open! LOL


I know you're saying that you wished more people were watching, but I watched two episodes and just felt let down. Too many mysterious characters; too many supposedly intelligent people doing stupid things (Molly - I'm looking at you. You see a dead boyfriend in street clothing in a space ship where you KNOW you're alone and you let him in?) and too many kind of 'seen it before/bad corp/revived millionaire/alien pregnancy' to really keep it interesting for me. Best characters are dad and robobaby - the kid is brilliant, though there again we're straying into did he/didn't he kill type territory. I thought the idea was interesting but the play out has not lived up to what I hoped.

@ Fudgefase

Well, since you haven't watched, you don't know that pretty much everything that happened to Molly on the ship has come into question, not that it happened, but how it happened. How she remembers things happening isn't necessarily how they happened. That's a mind-frak. And in Molly's defense, she thought she was experiencing brain anomalies similar to Kryger's. She was willing to accept she had no idea what the hell went on, which is why she deleted the evidence.


I have one observation that differs from your account. Sam looked like she had to gird herself for the conversation, hesitated about listening, and seemed upset when they left, but all with a guilty vibe, not just pure concern. If my family were threatened, my nonexistent poker face would be switched with Emmy - worthy performances, without a doubt. She probably thinks, after realizing how dangerous ISEA really is that letting Molly think she was going crazy was her best chance of survival. I love this show, but tend to forget about it bc I rarely watch CBS. But between DVR and on demand, I haven't missed a one. I hope we get to keep it!

@ TiffanyO

I was all ready to think that about Sam, until she immediately asked "Who's watching?!" without skipping a beat. There was no change on her expression at all. Can the average person do that? It would have thrown me. Hope I'm wrong. Molly needs peeps on her side.

@ Carissa Pavlica

I agree with TiffanyO...I think Sam was guilty as well. She had to collect herself before she initially opened the door and after they left she seemed like she was upset. I do believe she feels that if Molly would just accept the "crazy" assessment and leave town, she has a higher chance of surviving ISEA and their evil plot.

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