Gang Related Review: Golden Boy No More

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Javier Acosta's dream of going clean and living out a peaceful life came crashing down when he was arrested and then booked on Gang Related Season 1 Episode 11.

Out of all the scenarios that ran through his mind of how his life would go, I doubt he ever considered that Ryan would be the one who would arrest him and then double down by testifying against his surrogate father. What an unexpected turn of events!

Gang Related Season 1 has been building towards Ryan's secret getting out, but I never imagined he would turn on Javier like he did. Ryan took the path of self-preservation over protecting his family. Of course, he justified his actions by claiming that he needed to preserve his cover to protect the family. I'm not sure he even really buys that explanation though.

On Gang Related Season 1 Episode 10, he feared he'd be pegged as the mole if Javier got away. In normal circumstances that could have been true, but given the cloud dust of cover, there was no way he could have been blamed. In fact, it seemed more suspicious that he turned the focus of the chase to the truck after he found out IA was following him.

Carter used that fact in an attempt to continue the investigation into the "Golden Boy" and he might have succeeded if Ryan hadn't overheard the conversation. With his identity at risk, Ryan took his counteraction even further and testified against Javier to prevent bail. With that action, Ryan wiped any chance Carter had of continuing to pursue him as the mole. 

Ryan cleared his own name, but he did it at the expense of the man who gave him everything he had for better or worse. He went from having the cops chasing him to his own adopted family out for his life. Javier's anger was justified, but putting a hit on his own "son" was entirely different situation.

Carlos' wish was coming true. The Orphan was going to be taken care of permanently. At least, Javier gave Daniel the chance to contact Ryan before giving the green-light to kill. They had every reason to be suspicious of Ryan's actions and to fear he turned against the family and aligned himself with the task force.

They were wrong, but their belief was understandable. Ryan risked exposure by convincing Chapel to give him permission to see Javier and use Daniel as leverage. Even after Ryan explained his actions and suggested a plan to protect the family, Javier didn't have faith in Ryan and didn't rescind the green-light. 

Ryan's plan was dangerous and meant that Javier would remain in prison for a long time. Would Javier plead guilty to kill the King and protect his family from the Metas? We'll have to see if that plan happens or is successful, but the first segment worked. Ryan framed another officer as the mole and Javier called off Ryan's execution in the nick of time.

With only two episodes left, there's a lot to still be resolved. The Metas know that the Los Angelicos killed Salazar and plan on taking out the Acostas as soon as the next payment is made. It's going to be a race to see whether the Metas or the Acostas can take out the other first. For Los Angeles residents, it's probably best if they annihilate each other entirely.

Daniel threatened Jason for the millions that his friend stole from him. It was shocking to see Daniel beat Jason, but that outcome was inevitable as soon as the golf club was discussed. Will Jason wire the money? And if he doesn't will Daniel take further action against his friend? There's nothing holding back Daniel now that he's lost everything he worked so hard for.

The biggest unknown and risk is for Ryan. Jessica found his stash and learned his true connection to the Acostas. Will she give Ryan the chance to explain? Or did Ryan put Javier behind bars for nothing? Given Ryan's past and his attempt to play both sides, I probably shouldn't feel bad for Ryan, but I do. He's done a lot of harm, but deep down he's got a good heart. I'd like him to be redeemed, though it seems unlikely.

Golden Boy no more!

Will Ryan end up in prison?


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Hmm... How will things end up? I think they will have to try to get things resolved to the point that Ryan can have another season of living a double life. But his secret has been discovered. I don't think he will be able to sweet talk his way out of that evidence in the fireplace. Jessica knows! I think somehow Ryan must learn that Javier put the green-light on him and didn't take it off too quickly. It seems like that would be something Carlos would be happy to tell him. That will get in his head, and perhaps his true allegiances will turn. Around the same time Chapel will learn of who Ryan is, and they will see him as a leverage piece to get inside the Los Angelicos. I picture Javier getting out of prison at the end based on some technicality and him leaving prison, embracing Ryan, but we know... I see the Metas thug getting it sometime in the next couple of episodes, the one who was going to smash Daniel's face. I think that guy is going to try to mess with Carlos, and Daniel will prevent it in violent fashion. As for the whole war, I am sure there will be some killing, but that is not as interesting to me as the double-agent stuff. I see things happening this way because I don't see Jessica getting killed off, and I don't see her being able to just keep the secret to herself. Maybe they will kill her off... Thoughts?

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