Graceland Review: Complications

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If feelings are the enemy, then this house is getting invaded right now. Or so Graceland Season 2 Episode 8 would lead us to believe.

Briggs' guilt over Juan caused him to get over-involved with Kelly. Paige's desire to save Lena and the other girls has placed her at odds with Mike and Johnny's connection to Lucia has made her a pawn in Mike's plan.

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The emotional entanglements were on full display this week, with a few side-stories built in. I think my favorite tie-in is Charlie's quest to become a bank robber.

Granted, I am having trouble remembering what value pulling off this job will bring to the greater good. Even so, this logistics genius is quite the character and it seems like she and Charlie could get along well. I mean, who robs a bar and orders a burger to go?

It was equally entertaining to watch Jakes try and locate a plane for the latest phase in Mike's plan. That phase, however, once again relies on his manipulation of the feelings of those involved, mainly Johnny and Lucia.

Because Mike needs eyes on Solano, he's decided that Johnny can manipulate Lucia into going home by making her a person of interest in that homicide that took place in Graceland Season 2 Episode 7.

I really feel for him because I think he really likes this girl, and to be quite honest, I think going to Mexico at this juncture is dangerous.

Another thing that seemed a little dangerous was Briggs' involvement with Kelly. And if those last few seconds of the episode are any indication, we have right to be concerned. When Kelly called, we had to know that Briggs' was going to end up at her side.

What I didn't see coming was Sid having tracked Briggs and inserting himself into the situation. Now his cover with the local PD could be blown. Not only that, but now he's had to implicated Kelly in a lie, and confess that he knew something about her late husband, which is probably even worse!

An additional situation that is bound to get worse? The relationship between Mike and Paige. It's been in a bit of a downward spiral only made worse by her insistence to find a way to get those girls out of the sex trafficking ring. I have to say, I'm with Paige on this one; get those girls out of there.

I am just wondering for how long Mike is going to continue to be willing to prey on the feelings of his friends to get his work done, even if it means he has to disregard their feelings completely.

So, do you think Briggs' transgressions are finally going to catch up with him?


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Sarah silva

Paige, Jakes, Briggs and Johnny are all hiding things from someone else in the house and if it keeps up things will not end well and then Mike will get the ramifications from the higher ups, which I will not like.
So once again Paige and Jakes are going against Mike and not listening to him, thinking they know best! I say this every week, Mike is the head of this investigation and he should be given respect! I agree with you Kate277! If Paige took the emotions out of it all she would see that Mike is doing his best!
The plane that Jakes went to get was not Mikes plan he wanted to use the tunnels. :)
I hope next season Paige, Jakes,Johnny or even Charlie are running point on a case and they get to deal with people not listening and going against everything they are told to do. Then they will realize how disrespectful they were being to Mike.
I think Mike made the right move to buy the girls, eventhough he can not set them free at this time, buying them will hopefully stop them from being sold and will also prevent a beating on Mike that happened to that guys brother.
Johnny, while he did listen to Mike and is taking Lucia to Mexico, he did tell Jakes to not reveal that he slept with Lucia. For some reason I think there is something off with Lucia, I may be way off base and she may really not want to go to Mexico because she is tired of her father and brother. However I think she does not want to go back there for other reasons.
I have thought for weeks that Briggs would fall Kelly and looks like I am right. I feel bad for Charlie. Briggs told her earlier in the episode she was the love of his life but then he sees Kelly while in bed with Charlie...HARSH.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

Mike is the head of the investigation but he has made alot of mistakes and he is new to all of this. Mike doesnt inspire respect and confidence, he isnt Briggs. Mike is going to get someone killed. If these werent seasoned agents who had to improvise, they would be dead already on his watch.


Well Mike is not wrong from his investigation point of view and really if Paige could look at unemotionally, she would agree with him. If they shut down that house, but not the whole operation, there is nothing stopping the Solanno gang from opening another house that they have no idea where it is. At least Mike (probably stupidly) is trying to make it up to Paige by inserting himself into the house.


Loved the dark direction this show is going. Each episode gets better and better. Jeff Eastin was right when it came to skin, and the character development, keep em comin

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