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Did Bill just lose yet another position at a hospital?

Emotions were at war and tensions were high on Masters of Sex Season 2 Episode 6.

Stopping Chemo - Masters of Sex

I read a comment on twitter that said Bill Masters is a victim of his own ego. I couldn't think of a better way to describe that man. His egotistical nature was on full display during his scene with the journalist. He even scoffed at the notion that she was implying he had a God complex. Well Bill, if the shoe fits...

It was disappointing to see Bill stoop to a level of using racial stereotypes and making up lies about his findings when he was never even allowed to use African American test subjects. Hendricks wants to move the world forward and he supports Bill doing that too, but not if it's going to perpetuate further racial tensions which he believes having varying race participants will.

So now Bill is out of job number 3 in however many months. How will Libby react? Right now Libby surely has a screw loose over her obsession with Coral and Robert. She took to stalking her and at one point left her baby alone in the house. 

You're staring at them. Like some Peeping Tom.

Bill [to Libby]

Honestly, I think Coral just got under Libby's skin when she implied Robert was her lover because she made suggestive comments about a passionate relationship that Coral clearly realizes that Libby and Bill don't have. In a way, it was Coral's way of mocking Libby after the whole lice incident.

And was it just me or was Libby extra emotional when Robert touched her leg? Maybe I'm reading into things, but this is a show about sex and I wouldn't be surprised if Libby was suppressing some thoughts of her own.

However, Bill and Libby were the B story this week. As were Betty and Helen. The star of this episode was the friendship between Virginia and Lillian DePaul. Lillian decided to stop her chemo treatments when it became apparent that she wasn't getting any better. Virginia couldn't accept this.

I didn't see her coming. I'm always so careful, you know, with people. She's my friend and I don't have a lot of those.


Virginia is a trained fighter and couldn't deal with Lillian giving up. Really we all know that Virginia just couldn't deal with the thought of losing the closest friend she's ever had. It's interesting that when Bill was comforting Virginia at the hotel, he told her "I know you."

Was it Bill's ego thinking he truly knows her or does Virginia just do a really good job of keeping secrets? I knew when Barry Watson was cast that he couldn't have just had a cameo role, but nonetheless was still shocked to see him at Virginia's house tonight. Bill certainly felt that way!

Were you shocked Virginia's had a secret boyfriend this whole time?


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Thanks for the review, Leigh . Another possible title for this episode may have been The Kiss .From the opening, so called study session, when Bill wants to kiss Virginia, and she reluctantly declines, and later when Bill is trying to console Virginia during her breakdown of the condition of De Paul ,and they share the very passionate kiss.I think Bill saw this as a confirmation that their so called study meeting were more about the heart, then the research. Betty and Hellen ' s kissing, looks to be the final straw for the marriage. Leigh, I am a little slow sometime but that is Sarah Silverman right? The kiss between Virginia and Lillian, was heartbreaking. I will miss her character, despite all she's been through, she's always came off as the strongest woman on this show, and I believe that she's been the only one that truly saw and called out Virginia, and her relationship with Bill.I am waiting to see how Virginia uses everything she learned from her, in regards to her life path from here.
I may be alone here, but I enjoyed watching Bill's life start crashing down around him. The sad part is that the only people who will probably suffer from all this is, Libby, and their son ,and Barry ' s character, who looks like yet another good guy who's about to have his heart broken by Virginia, and her feelings for Bill. I am constantly looking for some redeeming quality in Virginia character, but each week just when I almost get there, she manages to disappoint. Thanks again

Leigh r
@ reality adictt

Yes, it is Sarah Silverman! It feels off-putting to see her in a role that is serious when I'm so used to seeing her in comedy, but I do enjoy her. She is dating Michael Sheen (Bill) in real life.

@ Leigh Raines

Thanks Leigh for the info. Wasn't aware that she's also dating Michael. The girl has many sides

@ reality adictt

Redeeming quality in Virginia's character? Really? She is a divorced single mother who took a job where her boss basically has told her that she has to sleep with him to keep it. And in that they do fall for eachother but imagine being told that! She is trying her best to keep her emotions out of it and just isn't able to. But if you are looking for redeeming qualities look at the way she was with Lillian and how she took her to appointments and fought for her treatments etc. She was a very good friend to her and cared deeply for her. That should be one in my book.

@ Courtney

Sorry, I am not the best at getting across my thoughts in the written word. Your right, and that to me also was the last redeeming quality of Virginia. But now that she's gone I'm struggling to find anything left about her, that isn't fake or self centered. I looked forward to Virginia and De Paul interactions each week, and am really sorry to see her go so early in the season. Now we're back to Virginia interactions with Libby, with what appears as no remorse, even though Libby considers Virginia a good friend. And it looks like the new guy in Virginia life, will end up being hurt, just as the last guy that tried to show her and her children, love and respect.

@ reality adictt

I guess perception truly is in the eye of the beholder. While I admit I truly hate the emotional affair they are having because it and the physical are the worst kind of betrayal, I also see a ton of compassion, gentleness, caring and fighting for people that she does, while still trying to raise two kids alone with no money, have a job with no pay, a career with no credibility, and passion and incredible emotional smarts which CAUSED the study, that was relegated in theory by many to earning a fancy unearned title by opening her legs. The hurdles she has and has continued to face, the showing of class in spite of horrifically below the belt comments and the zero validation for something she literally helped put on the map, shows how strong perception can taint intent. Do I hate her betraying her friend Libby? Yes. Do I think she is a self centered vain user who is all about herself? Not even remotely. She is consumed with passion for helping people; everything she's doing IS for other people. The only thing she has done, for herself, is her friendship that became way more with Bill. And her unfortunate trying to find people to date to get a life to get her emotional focus off of Bill, because she needs to not have him be her life. She is like the Erin Brokovich of a ground breaking but taboo inciting form of medicine. Against a TON of obstacles that would have flattened most people, or had people get ugly in reaction to people's vile assumptions. She maintained class, went the extra FIVE miles while getting no credit, tons of winks, no pay, no validation, a whole lot of extremely lewd propositions and politically induced hurdles every step of the way. Without the emotional connection to the patients and the bureaucratic machinations and her own perspective's creativity added to the science? It doesn't exist. But she does seem to be leaving a trail of broken hearts around her; which is a shame.

@ fan

Very well written. I clearly can see a lot of what you have pointed out. I should maybe point out that I tend not to look at the show, as a semi historical account of the whole Master, Johnson story, and more of just a drama, based around sexual perception, decades ago. This is probably why I miss a lot of Virginia enduring moments. Actually I think Bill behavior, is even worse. Still miss a lot of the original characters and with the loss of De Paul, the show really needs a little more punch. Thanks for your informative comments.

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I'm yours and you're mine. That's enough for me.

Gene [to Betty]

Your lack of interest is rather liberating actually. I could likely say anything to you and you wouldn't blink. I was raised by vampires! I drive getaway cars in my spare time! I once had intercourse with a corpse!