Mistresses Review: A Taut, Tan, Toni Takedown

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Joss was getting married. Savi and Dom broke up . And April's ex-sexy-smoldering artist turned out to be an undercover FBI agent trying to get info on her ex-not-so-dead-husband.  

Yeah, things got complicated on Mistresses Season 2 Episode 11 but it was hard to complain when we got to see super sweet Scott standing there all wet and glistening in his low slung towel.

On that note, we'll start with Joss….Scott bought her a surprise engagement present. A brand new super hot Tesla. But Joss showed up on April's doorstep the next morning looking miserable. What's the problem?

Joss: He bought me a Tesla?
April: I think we have different definitions of the word problem.

No kidding. But Joss spent the last year trying to pull her life together and as she explained to April in this Mistresses quote

I am finally the independent woman that Destiny's Child wanted me to be.


Her old car may have been crappy but she bought it herself and she loved it. Problem is, she's already being seduced by the Tesla. Finally she headed to Scott to have the awkward money conversation. She's afraid that the one with the cash retains all the power and she'll loose herself once she becomes a Mrs. 

Joss decided she wants a prenup, making Scott chuckle, ah honey, don't that this the wrong way but you're broke. Eventually these two end up on the same page. We're thinking the low-slung towel helped Joss focus on Scott's most important assets. In the end they do their own prenup. Joss pays the phone and cable bill until death do they part, two kids are in their future, they each keep their last names and sex five nights a week. We're guessing the last rule might take a hit once the two kids come around but why burst their sexy little bubble while they're all smiles and not the least bit sleep deprived. 

The only downside…Harry looked completely decimated when he saw Joss' engagement ring. So much so that it led him to have table top sex with his crazy ex-super-model boss. What could go wrong there?

On to Savi, and it's hard to leave out the giant pillows and gift bags suddenly popping up to hide Alyssa Milano's obvious pregnancy. Thankfully April has an entire store full of props to help. 

Savi and Dom staged the great taut, tan, Toni takedown by staging a humiliating fight at the office. Afterwards, Toni tried to woo Savi as an ally in the make up a sexual harassment claim to become rich scheme because it's easier than making partner. 

Now the bad news…Dom decided to give Toni a second chance and let her keep her job. Someone should tell Dom that there's being the good guy, and then there's being an idiot. Does anyone believe that Toni won't find a way to cause trouble when they least expect it?

With Dom out of the picture for all of five minutes, Zack was back and sending Savi leather jackets and making dinner dates. It's just a gut feeling but I fear nothing good comes of this. 

Karen looked positively normal for almost an entire episode. Well, normal for Karen. Anna, her patient turned roommate headed back to Korea to reconnect with her parents thanks to Karen's advice. Karen felt so good about it she decided to quit being a psychiatrist! Apparently this is the first person she feels that she's truly helped. I'm sure all of her previous patients will be thrilled to hear that when they add up all of those billable hours on the good doctor's couch. 

Second twist, Jacob's got a new job…in Boston and he wants Karen to follow. Being that they've been dating for all of a hot minute, Karen wisely turned him down. Good thing to or she might have missed super hot Ben, the guy she had earthquake sex with at the hotel and then never hooked up with again. 

But one question…did he know her name was Karen or is that new?

Finally we get to April who couldn't quite wrap her mind around the fact that Daniel was wearing an FBI windbreaker for a reason. 

Apparently he set up their meet at the art show so that he could "forge a relationship" with her. Is that FBI speak for naked painting? Daniel certainly took going under cover seriouslyl. Not only did he lie to April and her kid while planting listening devices in her home, he's still got the nerve to swear his undying love. Oye. Thankfully April shows him the door.

That might work with Daniel, but not the rest of the Feds who threaten to freeze her bank accounts and put her in jail for committing insurance fraud. Oopsie. I guess in the heat of the moment, April forgot that tiny detail.

So what do you think TV Fanatics? Will April call the Feds and hand over the phone, or call Paul and give him a heads up?


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Sarah silva

I was happy that Karen finally made some smart choices. She helped Anna and encouraged her to go back home. She also realized being a therapist was not for her anymore. While I do like Jacob and wish he stayed she made the right decision to stay, but it was nice to see the girls offer up their full support if she decided to move.
I need to know what Ben has to tell Karen, he did not know her name or where she lived so that is a little fishy.
I love Scott, he is so hot and sweet and the whole prenup their way scene was great.
However let me say I did not like one bit that Harry was jealous when he saw Joss' ring and she told him he was engaged. That song that played during that scene about loving you from afar and then when Harry slept with restaurant chick because he was upset about Joss just made me mad. I really hope they do not fully go there. Joss better marry Scott.
While I am not a fan of Dom's I did love seeing him and Savi get revenge on Toni.
I really want Savi and Harry back together but her next love interest will be Zack.
I feel bad for both April and Daniel, I knew he was not married and the red head was his partner!. He really did fall for April. Yes at first he was doing his job and he could not tell her he was FBI and I hope now that she knows, that she can forgive him one day.
I also knew that the other FBI agent would threaten her and force her to keep helping them.
BTW: Alyssa has used props all season to hide her belly! :)

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@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

I completely agree about Joss and Harry. They can't go there! I feel as if the writers of the show are trying very hard to force this love triangle on us...Of course, Harry and Joss have amazing connection, and sure, they're both extremely atractive people but I still don't think there's anything sexual about their relationship. Joss finally found someone who made her fall in love and convinced her to monogamy and that someone is Scott!
As for the news that Ben has for Karen- if you're really interested, read the description of next two episodes released by network and everything becomes pretty clear.

@ kaitleen

Ladies, I agree! I was so angry after watching the show. Actually, I still am! I adore Scott and Joss! Let's hope they remain together... Harry free!

@ Yaya

Totally. Harry and Joss are like brother/sister. They better NOT ruin that.

@ svanscherpe

It's like writers can't just let a woman and a man be friends. I hope we go there with Dom and Savvi and Joss and Harry. Now that they are over, Savvi and Dom would make great friends. And Joss and Harry have the greatest chemistry ever, but there is NOTHING sexual about it. Nothing. When the actors do that weird staring at lips thing it doesn't work even a little. It feels wrong.

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Mistresses Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Savi, why are you wearing the depressed pony tail hair? What were you two just talking about?


Joss: He bought me a Tesla?
April: I think we have different definitions of the word problem.