Once Upon a Time Spoilers: A New Arrival, A Return to Evil and More

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We have new information on Once Upon a Time Season 4 (along with a new photo, below) and it comes from a very reliable source: ABC itself.

The network has come out with an extended synopsis for fresh fall episodes and it teases a return to the dark side for a fan favorite... a battle between light and dark for another key character... and the debut of a (handsome) new face.

We've highlighted seven key takeaways from the teaser here:

Frozen Sisters - Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 1
  1. FLASHING BACK: We will discover what happened to [Elsa], her sister Anna and Kristoff, and how and why Elsa became a prisoner of Rumplestiltskin.
  2. WELCOME (BACK) TO THE DARK SIDE: Now that Emma has brought back Robin Hood’s wife, Marian, and possibly sparked the end of Regina’s relationship with him, will she return to her old, evil ways and do everything in her power to get even.
  3. IS THE HONEYMOON OVER? Belle and Rumplestiltskin continue to be deeply in love with each other. But Rumple is hiding a secret from Belle - one that, if found out, could destroy their happiness: he continues to be the master of the dagger that calls upon him to be the Dark One.
  4. COMMITMENT ISSUES: Can Emma and Hook commit to one another, and can these two damaged people take their love to the next level?
  5. GUILT TRIPPED: Mary Margaret and David will still be "sad that they were not able to do this with Emma, instead helping her escape the curse when she was first born and not meeting her again until she was 28 years old.
  6. FORK IN HIS ROAD: Henry is very happy to have both of his mothers back in Storybrooke. But with biological mom Emma and paternal grandfather Rumplestiltskin’s blood running through his veins, he will be tested by both the light and the darkness.
  7. NOT SO MERRY: Will Scarlet, a former member of Robin Hood’s band of Merry Men, has traveled across many lands to make his way to Storybrooke. He finds himself intertwined in the goings-on in town for the first time as his mysterious past pushes him to an unknown future.

Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 1 airs on Sunday, September 28 at 8/7c.

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The train on Elsa's dress is supposed to start at the top of the dress and not under her armpits. They had it right when Elsa came out of the bottle in the barn and walked out.


I look forward to all!
But overall looking forward to Emma/Hook's journey, i adore them together - they bring out so much of each other, and Emma does still have issues which need to heal in way.
She's already had her first ball and first ballgown with Hook, and they both have their FIRSTS with each other, i cant wait to see if they have a first date.


1. I can't wait to see how rumple and Elsa paths crossed.
2. I love Regina and I absolutely understand why they brought Marian back, but what I don't understand is how. Technically Marian died giving birth to Roland if I recall correctly in season 2. Robin Hood broke into rumple's castle, then tortured by rumple, then set free by belle, and then finally my favorite part Marian dies. So how Marian end up in that jail cell protecting Snow White? But back who this is actually about: Regina is right " Good isn't born, it's made" but then so is evil. Old habits did hard. Regina is still on this journey and she's always going to be at war with herself, but I have faith that she will ultimately she'll choose good because she is motivated by love: love for Henry, and now her love for Robin.
3. Belle is naive and I both love and hate that about her because she is in love with Rumple and he's going to break her heart. I really hope she doesn't give up on him because he really loves her. Belle and Rumple asks the question: is love enough to change people?
4. They missed a lot of Emma's firsts and that hurts Emma and them, but if Emma and hook stick together or she ends up with someone knew she can help plan her first wedding. I think Snow and Charming should look on the bright side and treasure the time they have with her now before the next big bad comes along. Plus Emma and snow and charming should realize it doesn't matter how old you get you will always need your parents no matter what.
5. I guess when Henry starts spending time with grandpa rumple he's going to explore his inner dark side.
6. I was hoping Emma Rigby ( Red Queen) would be joining will but I guess not.

@ perfecto13gurll

I believe Belle convinced Rumple to give Robin Hood what he needed to save his wife so she did not die giving birth. I forget which episode in season 2 that was though. She was ordered to be killed by Regina and would have died if Emma and Hook had not brought her back.

@ Jennifer Marie Moore

I could have sweared she died anyway. There is more to that story.

@ perfecto13gurll

I will have to watch from the beginning, but there is another episode in which she is mentioned where Robin Hood says that she died when Roland was young. Not in child birth though.

@ perfecto13gurll

Emma and Hook have to end up together, i have liked them since the moment he understood her on that beanstalk, that was the set up. Love them. Im waiting to see more of Emma's past esp childhood just how much did her magic come and was there

@ gil

They say Emma and hook aren't meant to be forever.

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