Pretty Little Liars Review: In This Together

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At one point on Pretty Little Liars this week, Aria and Hanna make a particularly astute observation about the world of Rosewood:

Aria: I mean nobody tells you anything when you want to know it only when they feel like telling it.
Hanna: And then they only tell you enough to make you crazy to know more.

Granted, they are responding to Melissa's promise that Spencer would get the truth soon, but it really applies to all the fans of the show. It's getting to where I can't stand the crumbs of satisfaction the series gives us in the forms of half-truths and small revelations.

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 11 is actually a pretty slow wind-up for what's being advertised as a "deadly" finale. You would think with this much hype surrounding the end of Alison's first season back home that there'd be a little more excitement and a little less pointless digression (sorry, Caleb!).

After Hanna cleaned up her act in Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 10, she expected Caleb to do the same. Unfortunately, that hasn't been an easy thing for Caleb. And the resolution of Caleb's troubled time in Rosewood is unbelievably silly.

Sure, Ravenswood was billed as a supernatural show, but the Pretty Little Liars writers should have avoided trying to merge the crazy events of that draka with the (somewhat) reality based Rosewood. Plus, that plug for the Ouija movie was annoying!

Haleb deserves better!

Aside from Caleb's recounting of his time in Ravenswood, the rest of the hour consisted of the girls hemming and hawing about what to do about A, what to do about Ali (whether those two are the same person) or what to do about Melissa.

Aria has another clash with Mona that leaves her feeling more sympathetic to former A. Not exactly a high point in the evening either.

As usual, Emily was the only doing any real work towards figuring out what Alison is up to. Her work with Ezra uncovered an incriminating photo, but, as she smartly points out, Alison is very good at turning the truth around in her favor.

Spencer has some real family drama this week (yet again!), as she receives that video confession Melissa recorded last week. Apparently, Melissa thought Spencer killed Alison. Not such a stretch since Spencer once thought she did it too.

However, all evidence to the contrary, Melissa really cares for her boyfriend-stealing little sister and attempted to cover up Spencer's crime. Unfortunately, she ends up effectively killing Bethany Young by burying her alive.

Melissa's confession puts Spencer in a tight spot. Her sister is guilty of tampering with crime scene and possibly even murder. But who put Bethany in clothes exactly like Alison's?

Someone planned for Bethany to be stand-in for Alison. Could it have been Mrs. Di? Alison?

It makes Alison's little trip to see Cyrus an even stronger indication that she's A.

The girls need to figure something out soon since Lt. Tanner is quickly finding the connections between Bethany and the liars. And it looks like she might have convinced at least one of the girls to tell the truth. The obvious choice here is Alison, but could it be someone else? Or is this just a clever move on Tanner's part to force the girls to confess?

And what about Spencer? She has some evidence in her hands that could really save her and her friends, but only at the cost of her sister's freedom.

Should Spencer give Melissa's confession to Tanner?

Here is your first look at Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 12. Who will die?!?


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and your opening clueless bitching about only giving SMALL answers each episode..... that's what EVERY television show EVER MADE DOES, moron!
ESPECIALLY the mystery centric ones! jus UNREAL stupidity change the f'n reviewer already, TV Fanatic.
until you do, i'm DONE wasting my time grating
through this complete nonsense tripe every week


worst reviewer ever jeez you're beyond clueless


I'm completely with you on this episode Teresa. In interviews we were promised a really shocking reveal from Melissa in this episode and when we watched that video all i could think was "that's it?!?!?" I understand that she technically killed her by burying her alive but I was just unimpressed. I have theorized for awhile that she was the one who killed her but I think it would have been more interesting if she would have been the one who hit her too. Especially because we already know that Spencer wasn't the one who did it. This would have been a better reveal last season when Spencer wasn't sure whether or not she hit Ali/hit Bethany. As someone who didn't really watch Ravenswood (only could get through a few episodes) I didn't really care to have the resolution Caleb's Ravenswood this close to the finale. I also think it was a bad decision to bring the supernatural aspect of Ravenswood in PLL because PLL is grounded in reality. And then to have Hanna just have such a lack of a reaction to the information. As someone who is convinced Aria is A I found the scene with Mona very interesting. We still don't know exactly what Aria whispered to her and it was just weird to see what an effect Aria could have on her. Also when the girls were trying to figure out who wouldn't want them to go to the police Aria was the first person that came to mind. Besides Ali she is the only one who would be really directly effected by them coming clean. Also was I the only one who didn't understand why seeing that A had those pictures would stop them from telling the truth? Would they really get in that much trouble if the police found out they knew she was alive. They could say they thought they were protecting her. I doubt they would go to jail or anything. But no instead they let A and Ali continue to have all the power. The girls are being really stupid if they think Tanner was telling the truth about someone coming forward. That is a cliche tv/movie police move. I am hoping that next week really delivers.

Sarah silva

2.5 Teresa?
I liked this episode and gave it a better rating!
I am glad that we got more information from Caleb as to what happened in Ravenswood. The releasing of the souls in the jars was interesting and for those of us that watch Ravenswood it made sense. The writers did the best they could with the small amount of time that they had to give us closure on Ravenswood.
So I assume A was lurking outside the cabin?!?
Did Emily slip up when she said that Ali was A? Is she just so upset at Ali that she thinks she is A? Is Emily A and is trying to make everyone think it is Ali? I would like to believe that Hannah, Emily, Spencer and Aria are not A and I will stick with that. However when Emily called Ali, A it raised a bit of a red flag.
I like that Emily went to Ezra for help finding out who Cyrus is. That is another reason why Emily can't be A.
What did Aria say to Mona in the movie theater? That was a super creepy movie BTW.
I hope Emily and Paige get back together.
Melissa's confession seemed liked a bit of a let down, yes she inadvertently killed Bethany, however personally I was expecting something more shocking from her confession DVD.
I liked that Byron tried tp put Det. Tanner in her place. I think Tanner was lying when she said one of the girls is going to confess.

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I'm a little confused about the timeline with the whole Melissa burying someone dressed in Ali's clothes (Bethanny Young). We saw in the previous season that Ali was buried alive, then there were those scenes of her hand sticking out of the dirt and finally Ms. Grunwald had a vision and went to pull Ali out of the dirt. The hole was filled up to the top with dirt. So then... back to Melissa burying a girl dressed just like Ali and Melissa pushing her into the EMPTY hole. This had to be after Ali was pulled out because the police finds this Ali-impostor body in the hole. Unless Melissa dug a fresh hole in the ground? Can anyone clarify this timeline?

@ Trixx

Melissa saw Spencer walking with the shovel and then at some point after found Bethany. We know that Ali went back into the barn after Spencer returned to it and then she was hit after that. So Ali already had to be pulled out when melissa found Bethany. The grave was already dug when melissa found her so I would think whoever hit Bethany dug that hole. Idk what the odds are that someone completely unrelated to the Ali attack just happened to want to kill someone and bury them in the exact same spot but it's rosewood.

Sarah silva
@ Trixx

I have not ironed out all the details yet BUT I am sure Ali has a twin and that factors into all this somehow.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Aria: If I try to tell Mike that Mona isn't what he's looking for-
Emily: You won't be able to separate them with a crowbar.
Spencer: Colorful, Em. Graphic, but colorful.

Caleb will listen to him. Never underestimate the power of a good bromance.