Royal Pains Review: Get Back

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This week's installment was jam-packed.

Some events had lasting consequences, others we're still wondering about, but it all helped Royal Pains Season 6 Episode 10 to fly by.

From Russell's quest to regain Paige's trust, to Divya's attempts to strengthen and repair her relationships, it's becoming clear how the back end of Royal Pains Season 6 could shake out.

Let's start with what was probably the funniest part of the episode, which occurred as Russell tried to return all his questionably acquired treasures to their rightful owners. In the end, it led HankMed to their latest patient, who had "Airport Malaria." As if I needed another reason to be wary of the airport!

All that aside, the concept of getting something back trust was a recurring theme in this installment.

Others desperate to get something back? Jeremiah and Divya. Jeremiah, his relationship with Vivianna, and Divya her relationship with Jeremiah. They both sent counsel to help aid Vivianna, though it was Divya's who made it there in time to get Vivianna the help she needed at her immigration hearing.

But then that bombshell dropped. You know the one. The one where Vivianna hadn't been completely honest with Jeremiah and had been accepted to physical therapy school in Tulsa. I had to say I was a little disappointed. But you won't believe what my next thought was:

"So does this mean Jeremiah and Divya could technically be back on?"

More than that, I am pretty hurt for Jeremiah. He seemed to handle it well, but I wonder if he won't realize that Divya was the one who hired the attorney to help Vivianna and have a changed heart when she returns home. One can hope!

Yeah, I ship them in a ridiculous way. I don't know why. You can tell they really care about each other, even if they aren't the best at showing it. And when they do, it often doesn't play well. I have hope, though.

Want to know who I don't have any hope for? Ray. He really blew it almost getting Paige shot. Not that he could have known someone was about to shoot him, but his entanglements have always been a problem. Now it seems like it could put everything HankMed has in jeopardy.

And when HankMed needs her most, it looks like Divya may be stuck in Argentina for longer than she planned. I didn't think Lorena was a snake, but I have a feeling Divya will be more warty the next time someone asks her to come visit in their home country. If she ever gets out of Argentina, that is.

But even after all this, I still have to ask, have you ever heard of "Airport Malaria?"

At the same time, Hank accompanied Boris to Argentina to test someone for the genetic markers that plague Boris and his disease. Will it lead to a cure?


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I saw the grandmother wanting to keep Sashi coming from a mile away. As soon as I learned Hank and Boris were going to Argentina, I thought they're going to invite Divya and the baby along and then they won't be able to leave the country. But I have an Argentinian friend and she won't take her own children to visit her relatives because she's afraid that this very thing can happen. And it's not that her family there mean her family any harm, they just want the grandchildren close and know the laws there can prevent her from bringing her kids back to America.


Not sure I like Jay..him getting shot while Paige there is going to really have Evan upset...Divya was great doing the right thing..I would still like her and Jerimiah together..he's quirky but that's what makes him good..Divyas mom made a nasty turn..not liking it!!!


I am bummed that things look as if they aren't going to work out between Vivianna and Jeremiah. If she believes that she should have let Jeremiah know she was leaving - she knows that he was interested in her. Not to happy w/her on that decision. Jeremiah has a different type of personality, but he is a nice, caring person and deserves to be loved.
I can't imagine how Emma is going to explain that she took that picture of Hank? The consequences of unthinkingly posting that pic to a scandal sheet in a fit of anger are not going to be good for her.
Lastly, I can't believe that Paige was almost shot! Here's to the end of Hankmed's relationship with Ray. Ray is not going to go away easily.


Glad to see that Divya did good in helping Vivianna--kinda makes me wonder if Jeremiah will change his mind about her moving out. Sad though that Vivianna seems to be on her way out--poor Jeremiah. "I didn't think Lorena was a snake,..." Well you're a nicer person than me. Darn it--just when I was starting to like her character too. I guess I should have seen it coming when she suggested that Divya leave Sashi in Argentina. Meanwhile, if Rafa REALLY wanted to to see his daughter he'd take a break from skirt-chasing and get on a plane to the Hamptons. I'd also be curious to know if Argentina REALLY lets a non-custodial grandparent register a child of an absentee parent for a passport. Talk about "suspension of disbelief." Did you hear that "whoosh" sound when Emma asked Evan why he was calling her? That was the sound of his b@lls retreating back inside his body. Why didn't he just call her out and get it overwith? The ending made me laugh, though I know it wasn't supposed to. An attempted mob hit in the Hamptons? And judging from next week's trailer, some sort of Godfather-esque vengeful backlash? How melodramatic is this gonna get?

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