Suits Summer Finale Review: The Order of Things

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Rome is falling... hard.

And, in an unexpected turn of events, Suits Season 4 Episode 10 left us wondering what we'll come back to this winter: Pearson Specter or Pearson Specter LITT?!

A moment of rage like we've never seen Louis unleash before was the breath that sent the house of cards falling all around Donna and Jessica, and will likely extend to Mike and Harvey when Suits returns this winter.

I have to say it doesn't surprise me that they would pick this junction to address the issue; after all, it is the glue that has managed to hold Jessica, Harvey, Mike, Rachel and Donna together for so many seasons as they defended the secret and the firm. Now Louis will join this elite team of secret-keepers, due to circumstances beyond his control.

Despite this, I still didn't see it coming.

Unfortunately for Jessica, the consequences are the demand of the addition of his name to the door. It's the one thing that Jessica has managed to avoid, for one reason or another. However, used as blackmail, one wonders if it won't be in this moment that she is forced to comply.

Even more prudent to discuss is whether or not Louis would really want to have his name put on the door under these circumstances. Is he really ready to allow his reputation to be marked by something as ugly, even if only by those who were once closest to him?

Make no mistake, he has every intention of shutting Harvey, Mike and Donna out of his life. How hard was it for you to watch he and Donna fall out? He would cut Jessica out, too, if they had shared anything more than a professional relationship.

His idols and the people he unfailingly trusted have betrayed him in a way it seems nearly impossible for him to come back from. Yet come back he clearly intends to do - and with a vengeance, and with unassailable leverage.

The other awful thing about it is that Katrina tied her horse to the Louis cart, only to end up being fired by Jessica anyway (because I don't count an ultimatum of resign or fire you as legitimate options). But with Louis returning, will it open things up for Katrina's return?

One person we know won't be returning is Sheila. And you know what? Good riddance! The woman is an imbecile for not taking Louis back. And on stupid grounds at that! He was going to give up anything he could for her, but he deserves to have a life as well.

She should be grateful life brought Louis back her way. Needless to say, I will sleep well at night if she never shows her face again.

Probably my favorite thing about this episode, and a technique we should start calling the "Korsh special," was that in the end everything came back to Gillis industries, which is exactly where Suits Season 4 started. So brilliant.

I would try and tackle some other aspect of this episode, but since everything revolved around Lewis, even down to Mike's impromptu visit to Mr. Zane, what else could be said besides that Rick Hoffman is an amazing character who totally killed it?

See you this winter, Suits!

So, Suitors, will Jessica put Louis' name on the door?


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Mike handed Louis a clue about Harvard by asking about the key - he knew Louis would figure it out and he felt like he owed it to Louis to get is job back because Louis did the same for him. There were clues to this with Harvey's line about Mike caring about people. Louis will return to PS and Mike will know about the key so Louis will know what Mike did for him. Now Louis and Mike are the two with something to hide as both have done something illegal. They also saved each other. This will give a new dynamic to their relationship. Loving S4.


Stop watching. Boring, Four season only about fake harvard graduate and office romance.


I saw this scenario coming 30 minutes into the episode. I kept saying, "This is it...he is going to figure it out, because Mike is giving up clues." Anyone who works for the firm - or wants to - is going to have the same problem if they learn Mike's secret: they can be accused of having known about that secret the whole time. This is Jessica's golden ticket to freedom from Louis! If I was Jessica I would use the Harvey-Gun strategy. "When someone points a gun at your face, you pull out a bigger one, or you take the gun...or you do one of 1,000 other things." ~Harvey Specter When Jessica threatened to expose Mike, he immediately reminded her that she might have to share a cell with him for knowing about his secret the entire time - which she didn't. Mike's bluff gave Jessica something to think about, and she is now in position to free herself from the prospect of Louis hurting the firm through exposure. Jessica should tell Louis that she can prove that Louis has known about Mike the entire time, and that any efforts to blackmail her into a named partnership will backfire on him, because he's now in the boat with the rest, regardless! She should give him the finger as he walks out, and dare him to go to the authorities. Jessica is strong, and she has never backed down from Louis. The real threat to topple the firm will ultimately come from an outsider: Daniel Hardman, Robert Zane or Travis Tanner.

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@ Run

I think, Jessica will not put Louis' name on the door with reasons you specified and he will mention Mike's lack of degree to either Hardman, Zane or Tanner , my most likely guess at this moment being Zane as it adds more drama. Zane is then torn between reporting Mike and the Rachel-Mike connection and so it goes!

@ Lillian

That could be it, but I think they are moving towards something serious, like a murder plot. Remember that Zane was a classmate of Daniel Hardman's, and they are friends. If Zane is in that mix, Hardman could also be. And nobody wants the firm taken down more than Daniel Hardman. Travis Tanner would be secobd in line, because Harvey has public ally embarrassed him twice now! People probably don't view him in the same light. He's Lex Luthor to Harvey's Superman, and Mike's secret is the Kryptonite he needs. Robert Zane taking down the firm would be a little problematic, because he would risk sending Rachel to prison. As quid pro quo for the firm promising a job to her as it's first non-Harvard law grad, Rachel signed an affidavit (falsely) admitting that she knew about Mije the entire time. She's the only person against whom the authorities have hard proof of guilt. Zane eventually finds out, but the real danger is in Hardman and Tanner, and they worked together to try to send Harvey to prison once before during the Folsom Foods case. Mike and Harvey figured it out at the last minute, while they were getting stoned, remember? Monica sues the firm for harassment, Zane reps Foksom Foods, and Tanner accuses Harvey and Donna of spoliation of evidence (memo planted by Hardman, Tanner brings suit).

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Eludium q36

Clearly, this and the prior episodes were leading to Louis' suicide but the writers feinted that and gave us Louis the Machiavellian. Also, given his medical history, the stress of those final moments could drop him down; otherwise, next season starts off with Jessica responding "Oh hell no!" In any case, please, please more legal drama and less Mike-and-Rachel playing house.

@ Eludium Q36

Totally agree about wanting more legal drama and less Mike - Rachel house thing. I don't want Suits to become some boring romance drama.


I'm kind of depressed about this episode.Louis has become a completely different person from this experience, and he's no longer the kind-hearted, gentle soul who could still kick ass. He's jaded. I'm also not happy about Jessica someone needs to take her down a peg or two. Standing by your principles is one thing, but being cold isn't required.


is litt seriously stupid enough to believe he'll get his dream of name partner through blackmailing the very people he idolized standing toe to toe with? has he already forgotten he colluded with forstman behind everybody's back and that the mess he's in is of his own making? will harvey even think for a second before going for him when he realizes mike's the leverage.does he realize he becomes twice as guilty as mike the moment he accepts the job?for knowing the secret and collusion and the very leverage puts him back where he started,some genuis harvard grad he is.
the best louis can hope to achieve is both him and mike rotting in jail. even though its hard to imagine people taking him seriously after he's been convicted in a day with evidence both harvey and jessica know all about.

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Harvard doesn't grant Order of the Coif.

Eludium q36
@ manwithdog

Show's creator was interviewed and noted it's an actually award at Harvard.


First off, fantastic episode, every actor played their parts perfectly.
Loved the dinner scene between Mike and Harvey. I was ROFL over their bathroom break talk. Made my night.
I knew that key was going to do something, as the key was talked about twice in one episode but didn't make the connection until Louis's blowup. So now everybody knows about Mike's secret except Katrina (who I fully expect will be back once Litt goes up on the wall) and I wonder if she will be the one that brings the house of cards down a year from now.
One good thing is we won't have to wait to long for winter, I'd expect 4 month hiatus to see how this blows out.


You're forgetting a few people: Daniel Hardman, Robert Zane, Travis Tanner, and Edward Darby. And lest you also forget the dean who expelled Mike during undergrad right before he was about to transfer to Harvard as a junior. Mike sold a test to that dean's daughter, and he thinks Mike is scum for costing him his job!

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From what we've seen thats the only way he's ever going to get his name on the door. Jessica didn't like him before he put the firm in jeopardy let alone after.

@ Shogunreaper

Is it that Jessica does not like him or just as she stated when he wanted his name there as his reward that she feels he is not (yet) ready to be a "Name Partner"? That "yet" is important. It is the difference between her feeling about him not being qualified or just not ready.

Sarah silva

First off, why the actors on Suits and the show itself never get any Emmy nominations is beyond me!
In the span of one episode I go from feeling bad for Louis to being mad at him! He as so mean to Donna!
Also does Louis not realize that if Jessica were ever to be escorted out of the firm in handcuffs for hiring Mike then he would be right behind her for his deal with Forstman. You can believe that if Louis ever reveals anything about Mike she will make sure it is known about Louis and Forstman.
However I think Louis just used Mike and Harvard to get his name on the wall.
If Jessica actually does hire him back and puts his name on the wall, I do not know why Louis would want to work at a firm where he has no friends or allies (especially with what he said to Donna and Katrina being fried). I guess being name partner is all that matters to Louis. So now we will get the Seasons 1 and 2 Louis that I did not like.
I really liked he Harvey and Mike scene at the restaurant.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

Jessica might not agree at all saying if he puts her behind bars, she will put him right there next to her ( metaphorically) for colluding with forstman

@ Lillian

She can also accuse him of knowing about Mike the entire time. She can mention the Harvard Trivia game, the fight song, the request for Mike's Harvard Law transcript, his affair with Sheila, and his discussions with the Harvard Law professor Mike had supposedly cheated for an "A". If she doesn't play it that way immediately, Harvey and Mike will - when they find out! Whether he realizes it or not, he's on the hook whether she gives him that named partnership or not. His name isn't going on that door. One note: he asked that his name be listed third...BEHIND Harvey's. Did anyone else catch that? As long as he's blackmailing people with what he thinks are the big guns, why not say "Pierson Litt Specter" instead of "Pierson Specter Litt"? He has always wanted to be placed ahead of or above Harvey just for once in his life. That makes me think he may just be toying with her. He may just want to continue blackmailing the firm for named partner money and watching them squirm, but keep his name off of the door so he won't go down with the firm if they get caught. He can be paid as a "consultant" who is no longer with the firm, and kick back in the Hamptons.

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