Television Stars in 2014: Who Makes What?

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As previously detailed, production on The Big Bang Theory Season 8 was briefly delayed this month as the studio and the cast negotiated new contracts.

In the end, Kaley Cuoco and company signed on for $1 million per episode. Not shabby!

But are these sitcom stars now the highest paid actors and actresses on TV? How does their salary compare to other noteworthy names on the small screen?

Flip through the following photo gallery to have that question answered and ask yourself: Man, why didn't I go into television?!?

Tatiana Maslany
Tatiana makes $50,000 per episode of Orphan Black for an annual salary of $500,000.

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You forget that Tatianna Maslay plays *at least* five different characters every episode, so if you were to compare with others (which you are) you would have to divide by 5 to level the field... In conclusion, compared to the other "highest paid" actors, she gets next to nothing...