The Real Housewives of Orange County: Watch Season 9 Episode 19 Online

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After a season of fighting, fighting, yelling, more fighting, vodka, and champs, the REAL reason we all watch shows in The Real Housewives franchise is here:

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 19, aka THE REUNION (Part 1).

Tonight the women joined Andy Cohen on the couches and he let them go at it, guiding the discussion along the way.

Is Tamra Barney really the cause for all the trouble we've seen this season? What DOES "gay" look like, Vicki Gunvalson? Does Terry Dubrow REALLY hate construction workers? 

And then there are all the times Shannon bristled when someone brought up her drinking. Yikes!

You should probably watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online to see it all for yourself.

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what is with Heathers lips. are they for real? did Terry, the famous plastic surgern fix them so they look like the perfect set of lips? I think they distract from her otherwise pretty face. I don't remember her lips looking like that before.


I don't think Shannon drinks anymore than the others. And these womens cheeks crack me up, especially heathers last nite. And the haircut was terrible too. Or wig. Hiding something for that to happen such as botched. Trashy tamra found Shannon's weak spot about David being hot and kept hurting Shannon so watch out Shannon. Heather needs her champs, a lot of secrets in the Dubrows house. Everything terry and heather said was just bull and made up to try to look better and it didn't work except for Andy. Heather and terry thought they had it until Shannon and David stepped into the show. The dubrows can't handle anyone except lower class like trashy tamra. And she just follows em up their butts. They can't fool anyone educated. But look out Shannon, trashy tamra will get to u through David. She showed it in her eyes when she kept saying David is a flirt and hot. I'm sure Eddie is a bore by now. Why do u think vicki said she would rather have tamra on her good side. Shannon, your why Vicki can speak against trashy tamra last nite. Vicki's love for her children is real. Wonder about tamra? Shannon do not trust so easily. We all knew the debrows were jealous of u and David. Thank goodness they made fools of themselves. I had never heard of heather under any name as an actress or terry until oc. Lol. And secrets are full in their home. Trashy tamra is on the hunt. So be careful. You and David are smart ppl. But trash smart is what me n mrs trashy tamra are and the debrows. I rem vicki warning about trasy tamra. And trashy tamra warning about Vicki. Shannon. Watch out. You have made these housewives this season. Be careful next season girl. I'm proud of you. You showed them all so far. I hope David stood by you as it showed. Trashy tamra will do anything. So will the dubrows. Feel sorry vicki has to pay don. That's bad. He wasn't innocent. If trashy tamra calls how she does her own family love, think what she does to others. Terry blaming Vicki for his stupid ways. Lol. Bet he blames Paul at work. Shannon you go girl and don't trust them.